Apogee DVD's

  Apollo 12 40th Anniversary DVD  

A unique film lasting nearly two hours of the mission of Apollo 12 as told by the crew. Filmed immediately after their return to Earth.

  Dr. Teller's Very Large Bomb  

       As Los Alamos scientists race to deliver the first atomic bomb, Edward Teller is working on something even bigger...

  Apollo 11 DVD Book set: "The Flight to Land the First Man on the Moon"  

       Created on this double disc DVD set, for the very first time, hear the LM onboard voice recorder of Neil Armstrong during the first moon landing.

       Now for the first time the color movie film has been converted from its original multiple frame rates and synchronized with the audio transmissions. Combined with the still images and the television footage this extraordinary moment in history can now be viewed in a way never before possible: From two camera angles simultaneously in real-time!

       The full moonwalk as well as the complete footage of the landing of the lunar module Eagle, complete with the audio synchronized, sub titles and a LM attitude animation.

  Apollo 12 DVD Book set: Exploring the Moon  

       The real test for the crew of Apollo 12 was not to see if they could get to the moon, but to see if they could get to an exact place on the moon. Their target was in an area known as the Ocean Of Storms. On November 14 1969 the crew of Apollo 12 blasted off to their place in history. Not only would Conrad and Bean become the third and fourth men to walk on the moon but they would land the lunar module Intrepid within 600 feet of their designated target. Waiting for them was the unmanned space probe Surveyor 3 which had soft-landed in April 1967.

This double disc DVD set captures the historic mission and NASA’s ongoing quest for scientific exploration of the moon.

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  Project Apollo DVD: The Test Project  

       For many people the Apollo program stands as the greatest scientific and engineering achievement in history, yet the moon landings are only a small fraction of the story.

Before Neil & Buzz could take their first famous steps, the engineers and scientists flew over 20 Apollo spacecraft atop a variety of launch vehicles.

This DVD includes extremely rare footage of the Apollo 6 Lunar Test Article during assembly in the VAB, footage of the "missing" Apollo missions "2TV1" with Joe Engle, Joe Kerwin and Vance Brand and footage of the "LTA8"

There is a Lunar Module test mission held in the giant vacuum chambers in Houston with moon walker Jim Irwin and Grumman test pilot Gerry Gibbons. And finally highlights of the Apollo 4 mission, the first launch of a Saturn V. All from low generation NASA film. (All footage is silent).

  The Einstein Theory of Relativity  

       For most of the last hundred years Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has symbolized the pinnacle of human conception. Thanks mostly to a journalist who couldn’t be bothered to investigate his story; most people were led to believe that the famous theory was only comprehensible to a handful of brilliant physicists. Nothing could be further from the truth, but back when this book was written this intimidating baggage had already been placed aboard Einstein’s wagon. The author, Garrett Putnam Serviss, was a popularizer of science and astronomy for the Hearst newspaper group. He wrote many excellent books and magazine articles and so, as you will see in Fadman’s introduction, he was the obvious choice to put together this companion piece for the proposed movie of the same name.

  Rocket Science  

       Rocket Science takes an inspired look at the history of space exploration. Through personal interviews, never-before-seen film footage, and classified tours of top-secret facilities. Rocket Science investigates the most exciting moments in the race to reach space. Some of science's most significant breakthroughs are highlighted... everything from building the first rockets, to Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier and Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Colorful commentary and personal anecdotes from the people who influenced and shaped space flight add a captivating element of human drama to this unique series. Just a few of the exclusive interviews include: Walter Cronkite, Chuck Yeager, Scott Crossfield, James Lovell, Frank Borman, Gene Cernan, Wally Schirra and Gene Krantz. Rocket Science also visits a variety of locations where groundbreaking research and advancements in aerospace technology took place. These include the legendary Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the facility responsible for developing the first American satellite and most of the later planetary space probes; Lovelace Clinic, the training and testing ground for NASA astronauts; and Edwards Air Force Base, the site where the sound barrier was first broken.

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