Apollo 11: "The Flight to land the First Man on the Moon"

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Apollo 11: "The Flight to land the First Man on the Moon"
2-DVD Plus Book Set Comes complete with the Pocket Space Guide Apollo 11 First Men on the Moon

       When Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins undertook man’s first voyage to the moon they were equipped with three cameras to record the historic proceedings. A 70mm Hasselblad still-camera, a Maurer 16mm movie camera and a low resolution black and white television camera.

       Exclusive to this DVD, for the very first time, hear the LM onboard voice recorder of Neil Armstrong during the landing. This extra sound loop is exclusive to Apogee Books.

For observers on Earth we were only able to see the ghostly black and white television images in real time as events unfolded. Now for the first time the color movie film has been converted from its original multiple frame rates and synchronized with the audio transmissions. Combined with the still images and the television footage this extraordinary moment in history can now be viewed in a way never before possible: From two camera angles simultaneously in real-time!

The full moonwalk as well as the complete footage of the landing of the lunar module Eagle, complete with the audio synchronized to the picture.

Bonus: includes historic still images and the remainder of the color film footage shot during the mission of Apollo 11. All in full screen color.

“This is without a doubt the most unusual, and amazing rendition of man’s first moon landing ever made.”

“I feel like I’ve seen it for the first time!” George Abbey. Head Johnson Space Center (Ret)

“That is a real piece of work!” Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 astronaut.

DVD is NTSC Region 0

[The DVD in this set was previously released in the Apollo 11 NASA Mission Reports Volume 3 ]

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