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Apollo 12 Special 40th Anniversary DVD

ISBN 9781897421048


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Apollo 12 Special 40th Anniversary DVD
Including unique interview footage with the crew of Apollo 12.
Created by Robert Godwin

In November 1969 the crew of Apollo 12 made the first ever pinpoint landing on the moon. Their target was the landing site of the Surveyor 3 robot lander which had been sent there nearly months earlier. Commander Pete Conrad was able to land within a hundred feet of his desired landing spot thanks to an entirely new approach and flight plan. Having accomplished this perfect landing he and his crew mate Alan Bean set about conducting the first real exploration of the lunar surface. Whereas Armstrong and Aldrin had never strayed more than a couple of hundred feet from the lunar module, Bean and Conrad walked until the spacecraft was out of sight over the horizon. The collected documented samples for the first time, and also set up the first complete Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package. Meanwhile, Captain Richard Gordon remained in lunar orbit, taking hundreds of pictures of the moon from close proximity in an effort to identify future landing sites for humans.

On their return to Earth the crew of Apollo 12 underwent their debriefing before facing off with the world press corps. Because the colour television camera had failed early in their moonwalk the press and public were particularly keen to see the colour film and slides taken during the mission. On December 12th 1969 the crew assembled in Houston to answer questions and describe their adventure using all of the materials they had brought back from the moon.

This press conference was filmed and recorded but for over 40 years the two sources have never been combined and seen in their uncut pristine format. Nor has the crew's presentation ever been seen because it was not recorded by the cameramen. Now for the first time this historic event has been restored, and where necessary, reconstructed from a multitude of different source materials.

Now is your chance to see and hear the mission of Apollo 12, the second landing of humans on the moon, as told by the men who flew the flight while memory was yet still green...

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