Heavy Metal V2:
The Eighties
ISBN 9781894959315

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The Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal


by Martin Popoff

       "I want to be the guy who puts back into print the bands all the other rock anthologies strip out when their careers are deemed too unimportant. Nobody cares?! I care!" ... Martin Popoff

       "The Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal" was a 540 page mammoth of a book crammed with 3700 reviews of metal albums through the decades. It elicited tons of discussion, including dozens of reviews and close to 70 fan evaluations at the book's Amazon page and counting. Now it is being split in three and, along the way, more than doubled in size and scope.

       The long-awaited and most-requested The Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal - Volume 2: The Eighties is Martin's most ambitious undertaking since the legendary original volume.

       Martin stuffs the pages full of reviews and recollections of hundred upon hundreds of rarities and monster catalogues from '80s bands not covered in the seminal original tome. As well, many of the original reviews get complete overhauls as Martin re-evaluates the classics and adds trivia tidbits that make these records come to life. Come join Martin's look at metal's golden decade and check out dozens of bands and hundreds of albums you won't see covered in any other rock anthology. This indeed is the book that brings back to the printed page, long-lost acts that rocked hard for their times, bands that built the foundation for the mountainous heavy metal sound of today.

Praise for The Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal:
Excellent! It's one of the very few guides that gets under the skin of the music and interprets what was in
the mind of its creators. - Bruce Dickinson

Martin has the most thorough knowledge of heavy metal of anybody I've ever met. - Dee Snider

Very well researched. There are people in there I've never heard of and I'm supposed to be in the business. Good book, well thought out, well reviewed, very well researched, as I say. Anybody directed towards that kind of music would not do worse than to get a copy. - Lemmy - Motorhead

It was refreshing to see Martin's enthusiasm for sort of the less popular Zeppelin albums. Cheery reading. - John Paul Jones

450 pages,
6” X 9” - Trade Paper
Includes Bonus CD
(An exclusive CD sampler of Underground Metal Anthems provided by
the legendary 
Metal Blade Records)



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