Heavy Metal Vol 4:
The '00s
ISBN 9781896592206


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The Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal

VOLUME 4: THE '00s

by Martin Popoff

       A tribute to heavy metal, this volume highlights the albums and bands of the 2000s. With thousands of reviews that cover every heavy metal release to date in the 21st century, the articulate and aggressive opinions offered will shake up music loverís choices for favorite bands. As an added treat, an audio CD provides samples of the groups metal heads know and love and those that they have never heard before. This is no punches pulled, full-on mosh reviewing from two of metalís most famous journalists.

Praise for The Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal:
Excellent! It's one of the very few guides that gets under the skin of the music and interprets what was in
the mind of its creators. - Bruce Dickinson

Martin has the most thorough knowledge of heavy metal of anybody I've ever met. - Dee Snider

Very well researched. There are people in there I've never heard of and I'm supposed to be in the business. Good book, well thought out, well reviewed, very well researched, as I say. Anybody directed towards that kind of music would not do worse than to get a copy. - Lemmy - Motorhead

It was refreshing to see Martin's enthusiasm for sort of the less popular Zeppelin albums. Cheery reading. - John Paul Jones

450 pages,
6” X 9” - Trade Paper
Includes Bonus CD. An exclusive CD sampler of Underground Metal Anthems provided by the legendary Metal Blade Records

The Sampler includes:
1. "Daimonos" - Behemoth
2. "Valhall Awaits Me" - Amon Amarth
3. "Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult" - Goatwhore
4. "Swallow The Spikes" - God Dethroned
5. "Warsaw Rising" - Hail of Bullets
6. "Deathexplosion" - The Crown
7. "L'Aeroport" - Winter Solstice
8. "Fury Within" - Hate Eternal
9. "The Burning Halo" - Psyopus
10. "94 Hours" - As I Lay Dying
11. "Alone I Stand in Fires" - Disillusion
12. "A Vulgar Picture" - The Black Dahlia Murder
13. "Only Tools And Corpses" - Gorerotted
14. "Disconnected Part 2" - Fates Warning


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