Ted Yates

Author of: The 60s Hits and The Trivia

Author of: The 70s Hits and The Trivia
Ted Yates  

Ted's passion for the hits of the 60's began as a teenager in the most exciting decade of music. Those 45 rpm singles he played on a regular record player grew into a lifelong career in radio, playing the hits that were new then and 'timeless’ now.
· Ted Yates has been an on air radio broadcaster for over 35 continuous years and is one of Canada's foremost authorities/experts on the hits and artists of the 60's.
· He is the Morning Show Host, Music Director and Program Director of Canada's Number One Oldies Station, 1150 CKOC a 50,000 watt station that has been broadcasting since 1922 and is the oldest radio station in all of Canada..
· Aside from his daily Morning Show host duties, Ted also writes and hosts the daily features, 'The Rock and Roll Minute', 'Fascinating Facts About Your Favourites' and 'Lookin' Back'.
· Ted has interviewed hundreds of music artists of the 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond.
· The 60's... we had it all, The Beatles, Elvis, Beach Boys, Hendrix, C.C.R., The Four Seasons, Motown/Soul, Folk, girl groups , One Hit Wonders and everything else that filled our ears in the decade that saw more changes musically than any other decade in music history.


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