The 70s - The Hits and the Trivia
ISBN 9781926592244


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The 70s - The Hits and the Trivia
Ted Yates

It's all here in one incredible book featuring almost 2,000 hits including music trivia and fascinating facts throughout the 70ís.

In the pages between every incredible and memorable year, you will see unique features and lists about the hits and artists of the 70's.

The 70ís lists are compiled from various sources and influences. The ranking of the 70ís lists is based on a combination of chart success on Billboard Pop Charts, RPM (Canada) charts and U.K. charts.

There was so much variety and so many genres of music popular during the 70's. We had Pop Rock, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Soul/R & B, Glam Rock, Pop Country, Disco and more!

Rediscover the hits of the 70's, from all the big hits to the almost forgotten, including lots of One Hit Wonders, Novelty Hits and surprises too!

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