Dennis Wingo

Book: Moon Rush
ISBN 1-894959-10-8

Scott Sullivan

Dennis Wingo is a 22-year veteran of the computer, academic, and space communities. He worked for early computer pioneers in the development of local area networks which eventually led to innovations such as DSL.

He was also an integral force in the use of commercial systems for use in space and flew the first Macintosh on the Space Shuttle as experiment controller.

Dennis received his degree in Engineering Physics at the University of Alabama in Huntsville where he won honors for his academic publications and for his unique approach to small satellite development.

Dennis is the Founder & President of SkyCorp Incorporated and has developed a patented approach to the development of highly capable spacecraft manufactured on orbit on the Space Shuttle or International Space Station. SkyCorp has also qualified payloads for flight to the space station via the Russian Soyuz vehicle.

Dennis Wingo







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