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Moon Rush
Improving life On Earth with the Moon's Resources
by Dennis Wingo

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If by some magic process humanity was able to go to the stars tomorrow and find habitable worlds we would probably want to design a society based upon modern technology. We can't do this but we can look at our Earthbound society and think about how to redesign it so that it will work better. It is like a giant game of the SIMS but in the real world. This book examines how the exploration of space, specifically a commercial base on the Moon and Mars would transform our economies on the Earth as surely as the discovery of the New World transformed the old world of Europe. From Platinum Group Metals for fuel cells, manufacturing high tech metals and robots to the building of a fusion reactor, the Moon holds great promise for a high tech manufacturing future.

This book takes a look and imagines how
a world with such resources could be designed for our future.


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