In the sequel to his acclaimed book 2001 The Lost Science, Author and engineer Adam Johnson now brings together an analysis of the complex facets of space history and film history which went into the making of Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece motion picture 2001: A Space Odyssey.

In 2001 The Lost Science Volume 2 the reader is introduced to the scientists, influences and designs which predated Kubrick's film. He also brings fans of this most influential film more of the rare blueprints, photographs and artifacts from the collection of the late Frederick I Ordway III.

What reviewers had to say about Volume 1 of 2001: The Lost Science

"(a) wonderful, fun and fact-filled volume" Leonard David

".... the book turns into a must-have - the level of detail revealed in the pages makes it possible, perhaps for the first time, to make a truly accurate scale model." Mat Irvine - Veteran BBC visual effects designer

"...the most detailed reference book on the movie so far." Scale Model News

2001 The Lost Science

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Adam Johnson Adam Johnson whose last appearance marked the release of his amazing book, 2001: The Lost Science, is back with a follow-up book to premiere at WonderFest 2016 on June 4. Adam is an aerospace engineer and scholar of science-fiction. He worked very closely with the late Frederick I. Ordway III, science advisor on 2001: A Space Odyssey, to research the material amassed by Ordway during his lifetime. Adam has given many lectures and radio interviews about 2001 and Frederick Ordway.