The often overlooked missions of Skylab, ASTP and the Shuttle categorically receive the recognition they have long deserved. Live TV From Orbit presents the planning and development of the TV systems used on those flights and summarizes the TV coverage during the respective missions.

Engineers and planners involved with NASA, Westinghouse and RCA help complement the detailed analysis of just how much effort went into bringing some of the most important historical video from Earth Orbit to the everyday person’s living-room.

Using the internal memos and status reports as its foundation, this book digs deep to uncover the story which unfolded behind the cameras.

Unlike the days of Apollo, NASA had to fight against the growing apathy of the general public, and despite this hurdle, managed to deliver many iconic moments in outer space with a glorious clarity which had never been seen before. Having set the benchmark high for the lunar missions, NASA planners had to push it higher to win the hearts and minds of potential viewers.

Live TV From Orbit

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Dwight Steven-Boniecki Dwight Steven-Boniecki is the 2011 AWA Taylor Award-winning author of “Live TV From the Moon” who returns with a second and intensely researched analysis of NASA’s work in developing TV for the post-Apollo missions. Relying on unprecedented assistance from many of the engineers who work for the divisions which created the TV equipment used in outer space, Dwight Steven-Boniecki continues detailing the huge effort which brought live images from earth orbit into our living rooms.

Having worked in the television industry in Australia, the United States, Great Britain and Germany for a total of nearly 25 years, his professional qualifications help complement his understanding of the pioneering television achievements of the U.S. space program. An avid space historian, he also places a great amount of detail in presenting the story with the respect it rightfully deserves, but is often unfairly denied.

He is married and lives with his wife in Cologne, Germany, working with Medien Gruppe RTL Deutschland. He regularly dazzles his work colleagues with his unusual knowledge of all things NASA television camera related. In his spare time enjoys assuming the virtual controls of Lockheed-Martin’s Prepar3d flight simulator, listening to classic rock (the Beach Boys and Harry Nilsson especially), and watching a wide variety of feature films.