Russia In Space is a unique attempt to visualize space explorationıs future through the eyes of Russian space engineers and to describe that nationıs plans in space. Based on actual documents, rather than on guesswork, it is the first comprehensive illustrated book dedicated to the Russian vision for the future of manned spaceflight from the dawn of manned spaceflight until today. Lavishly illustrated with images of unparalleled artistic quality and technical accuracy, Russia In Space:

- puts the development of the Russian manned spacecraft into political and historical context;

- uniquely describes the future of space exploration through the eyes of Russian space engineers and planners;

- introduces hitherto unrevealed systems developed for the Russian space program;

- describes past events and future plans in the historical context of the fall and rise of the Russian space program.

Russia In Space

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316 pages colour/soft back

ISBN 9781926837253

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Anatoly Zak Anatoly Zak is a writer and illustrator specialized in the history of space exploration. Native of Russia, he attended School of Journalism at Moscow State University. Upon moving to the United States, he earned journalism degree from Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications. He is a publisher of, an online resource for news, historical information, photography and artwork on space exploration in the former USSR.

Zak also contributed reporting, illustrations and commentary on space to BBC, the Air & Space Smithsonian, CNN and many other magazines, books and online publications around the world.

Back in Moscow, he worked as a contributing editor for the Astronomy and Cosmonautics series of Moscow Polytech Society and later as an aviation and space reporter for the Nezavisimaya Gazeta, the first independent daily in Russia. He visited all leading Russian space centers including Baikonur Cosmodrome and interviewed many legendary personalities in the Soviet space program, including Boris Chertok and Alexei Leonov.