The Lunar Module Familiarization Guide is a combination of several documents which include detailed diagrams of the interior of the final flight model of the Lunar Module, the instrumentation, a fold-out of the instrument panels, maps and plan views of the vehicle, diagrams of the main onboard systems and more. Comes with a DVD.

The DVD consists of three completely uncut interviews with the crew of Apollo 11. These interviews were conducted while the crew were at NASA headquarters just days before departing for the moon. The audio and film of these interviews have never been combined together or aired uncut. The audio from these interviews was provided by the interviewer who had stored the tapes for 40 years. Apogee Books combined them with pristine first generation prints of the NASA footage shot the same day to create these unique historical documents. Now is your chance to see and hear the crew tell about their upcoming historic mission in their own words.

Lunar Module Orientation Guide

Comes with DVD!

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ISBN 9781926837048


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