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Collectors Guide Publishing Inc., was created in 1984 by Robert Godwin. By 1990 CGP was one of North America’s foremost rock music book publishers. The company went from strength to strength and published books about some of rock’s greatest artists such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and many others.

In 1998 we created the imprint Apogee Books when astronaut Buzz Aldrin asked if Rob could produce a special commemorative book for the 30th anniversary of the flight of Apollo 8. With some advice from space writer Andy Chaikin, the Apogee Books space series was born.

In 2020 we published the 100th title in the Apogee Books space series. Rob has had the good fortune to work under contract with NASA, the Canadian Space Agency, Energia, IMAX, the European Space Agency, the Japanese Space Agency, Boeing, Lockheed, the X Prize Foundation, The Mars Society, the National Space Society, the Space Studies Institute, the Space Frontier Foundation, and the British Interplanetary Society. His series of books have included contributions by astronauts, engineers, scientists, Hollywood A-listers, artists and animators.

Almost all of Apogee Books include unique DVDs and CDs and many include stories and materials unavailable elsewhere. The series has been sold in over 60 countries.

The Apogee space series won the Space Frontier Foundation’s “Best Presentation of Space” award and in 2007 the International Astronomical Union's Committee for Small Body Nomenclature approved the naming of a main belt asteroid after Robert and his brother Richard Godwin for their efforts in documenting space history and raising public awareness about Near Earth Objects. "4252 Godwin" is an absolute magnitude 12.7 minor planet discovered in 1985.

The company’s main office and warehouse is located in Burlington Ontario Canada. All International and U.S. shipments are from New York by US Postal Service. Buy with confidence, we've been around for 38 years!

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