London Shops and Businesses 1838-1840





2 National Life Assurance Society.


3 Sir C. Price, bart. Marryat, Colman & Price, Bankers.

4 RIDGWAY, SYDNEY, and Co. Tea Importers.

6 MALLOUGH, E. Hosier and Outfitter.

7 Middleton, Pencil and Dressing Case Manufacturer.


8 STANDARD OF ENGLAND Fire and Life Assurance Company.

9 Forbes, Forbes, and Co. East India Agents.


12 Atkinson, Messrs. Surgeons

13 CUMMING, J. Hat Manufacturer.

13 BRIDGMAN and KING, Tea Dealers.


14 BARLOW, J. Furnishing Ironmonger.

15 HODGSON, Mrs. Milliner.

16 Peyton and Co. Boot Makers.

17 CHAPPLE and Co. Trunk Manufacturers.

18 Cooper and Co. Watch and Clock Makers.

19 STORY, T. Glass and Staffordshire Warehouseman.

20 WILLIAMS, John, Tailor.

20 Simmons and Co. Straw Plat Manufacturers. Gcr


21 BENNETT and CO. Wholesale Tea Dealers.

22 Wilford, C. Boot and Shoe Manufacturer.

23 MARROT, W. J. Wire Worker.

24 Ruddick and Co. Tobacconists.


25 Wilson, E. Jun. Bookseller and Publisher.

25 Manner, J. Portrait Painter.

25 Knight, Steam Packet Office.

26 SCARLET, T. Ham Warehouse.

27 Carpenter and Co. Outfitters.

28 TOLKIEN, H. Music Seller and Publisher.

29 Edwards, W. Chemist and Druggist.

30 MATTHEW, D. and H. Brush Manufacturers, and Warehousemen.

31 Fisher and Co. Tailors and Outfitters.

32 LAW, NICHOLL, and PELLATT Wine and Spirit Merchants.


33 EVANS, Stove Grate Manufacturer, and Furnishing Ironmonger, and at 40 Ludgate Hill.

34 MOORE, S. and CO. Woollen-drapers.

35 ROBERTSON, S. Confectioner.

36 GREEN, D. General Furnishing Ironmonger.

37 WEBB, W. and SONS, Wine and Brandy Merchants

37 Rowly, Dr. Physician.

38 Arnold, J. Toy and Fancy Dealer.

39 Wrench and Sons, Seed Merchants.

40 GENERAL ANNUITY and Endowment Association.

40 SEWELL and WHOLEY, Wholesale Grocers.

40 SAMUEL, M. Tailor and Draper.


41 Mountcastle, Hatter.

42 Game, W. Swan Tavern.

43 NASH, C. (late Woodhouse) Chemist and Druggist.

44 STONE and BRYER, Drapers and Haberdashers.

45 LYON, JOHN, Boot and Shoe Maker.

46 DEANE, G. and T. Wholesale and Retail Hardwaremen, Furnishing and General Ironmongers.


47 DAVIDSON, G. Rope, Line and Twine Manufacturer.


49 FOSSICK, G. Umbrella Maker.

50 HALL, ENGLISH, and GUTCH, Pin, Needle, and Fish Hook Makers.

51 WASS, R. Manufacturer of the Celebrated White Almond Soap.

52 ALBERT, J. Tailor and Draper.

53 Smith, W. Surgeon.

54 Winstanley, J. Hosiery and Outfitting Warehouse.

55 Gooch, E. F. Stationer.

56 Dixon, Biscuit Baker.

57 Daniel. H. and Co. Hat Manufacturers.

58 Harper and Joyce, Patent Stove Makers.

59 Atkinson, J. Manufacturer of Marquees, &c.

60 Wilcoxon, Ralph, Boot Maker.


61 Hannen, J. and Co. Wine Merchants


63 Harris, W. Optician and Globe Maker.

64 POTTINGER and SONS, Tailors.

65 Wickenden, T. Wax and Tallow Chandlers.

66 Bain, W. White Bear Hotel, Wine & Spirit Vaults.

67 68 BEVINGTON, T. Fur Warehouse.

69 Hughes, J. Carpet and Rug Warehouse.

70 London and Havre Steam Packet Company.

71 LONDON and WESTMINSTER Commercial Tea Company.

Smith, W. Cutler and Dressing Case Maker.


73 Dakin, T. Chemist and Druggist.

74 Irish and Sons, Saddlers and Harness Makers. Seamens, Hospital Society.

75 Neeley, W. Commercial Advertising Office.

76 MASSEY, F. and E. Patent Lever Watch Manufacturers. United Insurance Office for Shipping. Life and Health.

77 SCOTTISH Amicable Life Assurance Office. LITTLEJOHN, T. and SONS. Agents for Howqua's Teas.

78 SCOTTISH Union Assurance Corporation.

79 Shaw, B. Engraver and Printer.


COVENTRY, JOHN, Engraver and Printer.

80 HAMILTON, D. Tailor and Draper.


82 YORK and NORTH of ENGLAND, Fire and Life Assurance Company.



83 Saunderson and Co. Discount Brokers.


85 STOCQUELER J. H. and Co. East India Army,Colonial and General Agents.




2 South, Mr. T. F. Surgeon.

3 Clark, Mr.

4 Eastern Counties Railway Company.

5 Waring & Moline Consignees of Guinness Co's Stout.

Field, Mr. First Floor.

Chadwick, Mr. Second Floor.

6 Licenced Victuallers and General Fire and Life Assurance Company.



1 Bouts and Ellis, Leather Warehouse. Laird, J. W. Fancy Stationer.

2 CHAPMAN, J. and CO. Merchants.

3 HALL, J. and S. Outfitters.

4 MECHI, Inventor of the Magic Strop.

5 GOWLAND, F. Watch Manufacturer.

6 Wilmott, J. Seedsman and Florist. Alexander and Co. Stationer and Publisher.


7 ALLEN, W. H. & CO. Booksellers, Stationers, &c.

8 PARBURY, and Co. Oriental Herald Office.

9 Black Boy and Camel Booking Office, Allison, J.

10 REID, D. Fancy Biscuit Baker.

11 Prince, J. and Co. Outfitters and Slop Sellers.,


21 SAMUEL, H. Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.

22 Wix and Sons, Oilmen.

24 Simpson, William, Tailor and Draper.

25 Dodd, P. G. Jeweller and Miniature Painter


Collins, E. Confectioner.

27 Watson, F. A. Pens, Quills, &c.

28 Wheeler and Dupein, Auctioneers.

29 SPEARING, G. Dyer and Scourer.

30 Fraser, H. W. Alexander, and Co. Merchants.

31 Minerva Printing Office.

32 33 Newman, A. K. and Co. Publishers.

34 Kenington, T. Oil and Color Merchants.

35 Edinburgh and London Steam Shipping Company.

36 Fisher, E. Carver and Gilder.

37 HULSE, R. and CO. Chemists and Druggists.

38 Jackson, J. and W. Slop Sellers.


42 LOCKER, H. W. Cutler.

43 Garland, J. Wine Merchant.

44 HOE, RICHARD, Carpenter.

45 Hobson, J Ale and Porter Merchant.

46 Gostling, W and Co. Ironmongers.

47 Bourne, J. Boot Maker.

48 Mosely, E. Watch Maker, and Tobacconist.



50 Pichard, W. D. Oilman.

51 Ross, R. Cock Tavern Booking Office.


53 Rowland, C. Watch and Clock Manufacturer.

54 Shuter, Joseph, Fruiter.

55 Perring, William, Baker.

56 SAUNDERS & CHALMERS, Woollen-drapers.

57 Mullions, William, Auctioneer.

58 59 Moses, Myers and Co. Bristle Merchants.

60 Hill, J. Operative Chemist.

61 Humphreys, Charles, Surveyor.

62 Batts, William, Glove Manufacturer.

63 Andrade, S. Furrier.


64 Fasker and Pound, Trunk Makers.

65 Jackson, H. and Sons, Boot Makers.


66 Mayers, H. Looking Glass Frame Manufacturer.

67 HONNER, THOMAS, Tailor and Draper.

68 Foster, G. Stationer and Bookseller.

68 Grey, J. T. Goldsmith.

69 CROSBY & VELENTINE, Importers of Toys.

69 Blissett, Isaac, Gun Smith.

70 Brown, Thomas, Tailor and Draper.

71 Thurnell, W. Upholsterer and Cabinet Maker.


72 Jordan, A. Straw and Chip Hat Manufacturer.

74 Thomas, Thomas, Confectioner.


76 Meshin, George, Cutler.

77 Abrahams, H. Silversmith.

78 Dutton, F. G. Ironmonger.

79 YOLE, W. Practical Optician.

80 Hood, Charles, Bull's Head.

81 Pound and Fasker, Trunk Makers.

82 Brown and Co. Oilmen.

83 Fitch, Thomas, Cheesemonger.

84 Turner, J. Music Warehouse.


86 Wade, W. J. Carver and Gilder.

87 Edwards, J. Ham and Beef Shop.

89 Dentin, Robert, Paper Stainer.

90 COLWELL, HENRY, Truss Maker

91 Pallatt, Thomas, Scale Maker.

92 Cross, E. H. Engraver and Printer.

93 Phillips, L. Boot Maker.

94 Swatman, Robert, Coffee House.

95 Mc Dowall, Printer.

96 Rice and Sons, Cheesemongers.

98 Fitch, T. and Co. Wholesale Cheesemongers.

99 Osmond, R. and S. Dyers.

100 Edmonds, H. Saddler.

101 Alexander, J. Manufacturer of Musical Instruments.

102 Walkenshaw and Co. Merchants.

103 JONES, T. Decorative Painter.

104 Hails, J. C. Fancy Stationer.

105 Huggings, W. J. Marine Painter.

106 Crawley, F. S. Modeler.


110 Rolfe, John, Tailor.

112 Crichton, John, Optician.

113 Brock, Hair, Cutter.

114 Muddell, J. A. Silversmith.

115 Merrett, Mr. Surgeon.

116 Massey, B. Silversmith.


117 Vandome and Co. Scale Makers.

118 Noble, R. and Co. Tailors and Drapers.

119 Appleton, J. Hercules

120 121 Everington, G. Hosiery and Warehouse.

122 Porch, J. King's Arms Inn.

123 Hill, J. Cook and Confection.

124 Venison, H. Perfumer and Hair Cutter.

125 Wilt, J. Wine and Spirit Merchant.

126 and 127 Davis and Co. Oilman

128 Boucher and Co. Potters and Glassmen.

Ship Tavern, Whitelock, H.

130 Payne, W. Trunk Maker.



133 Ward, C. Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.

134 Welch, J. D. Merchant.

135 136 St. George Steam Packet Company.

137 Wright, J. Boarding House.

138 Fertile, Joseph, Accountant.

139 Simpson, H. Tailor and Draper.

140 Shuttleworth and Stamper, Chemists and Druggists.

141 Mitchell, Thomas.

142 Griffin and Co. Silversmiths.

143 Nightengale, George, Carver and Gilder.

144 Glover, Shelly and Carter, Goldsmiths.

144˝. Kersby, Hughs, and Thomas, Solicitors

145 Ellice, Kinnear and Co. Merchants.

146 147 WELLSFORD, W. Tailor and Draper.

147 Whiteworth and Gilbie, Merchants.

148 Gilbert, W. Mathematical Instrument Maker.

149 Ager and Fisher, Hair Cutters.

150 151 Bull Inn, J. Taylor.

152 CORSER, R. and CO. Grocer.

153 Robinson and Brown, Silversmiths.

155 Johnson, E. Trunk Maker.

156 Cole, Thomas. Stationer.

157 Mona, J. W. and Co. Navigation Warehouse.

158 Maine and Co. Floor Cloth Manufacturer.


81 Aldred and Co. Woollen-drapers.

42 Allman, Thomas, Bookseller

104 Anderson, John, Wine Vaults.

115 Appleton and Gibson, Surgeons.

24 25 28 Anderson and Co. Distiller.

31 Burchett, William, Shoe Mart.

38 Barnard, Samuel, Tailor, &c.

44 Burt, Arabella, Straw-hat Manufacturer

50 Barker, Abraham, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

51 Bidmead, M. C. General Outfitter.

52 Bidmead, M. C. Hosiers and Glovers.

74 BARDWELL, and CO. Woollen-drapers.

77 Button, Confectioner.

79 Boyle, Linen-draper.

105 Byerley, T. Chemist, and Druggist.

114 BATTERSHELL, T. G. Tea and Coffee-Warehouse.

128 BIDDLE, William, Fishmonger.

122 Browning, Robert, Black Bull Inn.

139 BRETT, HENRY, Old Furnival's Inn, and Manufacturer of Brett's Improved Brandy, (see the Vignette, in the second division of Holborn).

123 Bunyer, William, Old Bell Inn.

18 CROSS, JOSEPH, Printer, Publisher, and Map Seller.

20 Carter, Elizabeth, Barnard's Inn, Coffee House.

41 Cox, Richard, Haberdasher.

45 Cottle, Samuel, Auctioneer, Appraiser, and Wine Agent.

73 COLSTON, and CO Woollen-drapers, and Manchester Warehousemen.

78 Cooke, Dealer in Game and Poultry.

89 CATO and SONS, Wire-workers.

90˝ Clay, Steel Pen Manufacturer.

97 Corbett, Robert, Baker.

125 Cottrell, Last and Boot-tree Maker.

22 Dinsdale, Tobacconist.

23 Dale, Surgeon.

58 Darton and Clarke, Booksellers.

80 DICKENS, R. Chemist and Druggist.

90 DAVIS, Tea Warehouse.

120 Davis, M. L. Wine Vaults.

126 Davis, Robert, Surgeon.

40 Dawson, Robert, Perfumer.

128 Durrant, Coffee House.

131 Davy, Robert, Hair Dresser.

27 Emmett, Pin. Needle, and Cutlery Warehouse.

39 EDWARDS, JOHN, Tea Dealer, and Grocer.

90˝ Evans, Printer.

90˝ Egleton, Bookbinder.

106 Elly, J. Brazier.

1 Elly, John, Ironmonger, (General Post Office)

Hatton Garden

35 FOUNTAIN, CHARLES, Importer of Cigars.

94 Fearon, H.B. Wine and Spirit merchant.

99 Farren, Blue Lion.

37 Gilpin, W. Woollen-draper.

121 Gifford, A. K. Tobacconist.

138 Graham and Co. Chemists and Druggists.

34 Hadland, Thomas, Porkman.

35 Hastrick, Henry, Flageolet Manufactory.

46 Hall, Joseph, Tailor.

48 Hearder, J. E. Shoe Warehouse.

49 Hampson, Richard, Mercer.

75 HEREPATH and CO. Hatters.

85 Henry, Corn Dealer.

106 HOWELL, HENRY. Tailor and Draper.

30 Jones. W. S. Optician.

29 JEFFERY, T. Tailor and Draper.

14 Kent. A. Chemist and Druggist.

47 Kendcll, J. G. Stationer.

68 Leach, Varnish Manufacturer.

69 Lloyd, Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers.

84 Lowe, Wine Vaults.

100 Lamb, W. Woollen Warehouse.

65 Morton and Co., Carpet Warehouse.

62 MEEKING, C. Linen-draper.

111 MEEKING, C. Woollen-draper.

124 Mears, William, Wheel Brush-maker.

113 Mager, Thomas, Poulterer,

36 Nicholls, Miss, Cupper, (private door).

88 Norman, Harriet, Wine Vaults.

87 Parry and Baseley, Wholesale Cheesemongers.

129 Perrin, Henry, Silversmith, and Salesman.

43 PRYOR, J. S. and H. Umbrella-makers.

59 Patin C. Vyse, Straw Hat Warehouse.

103 Parr, Miss, Servants' Register Office.

119 Player, Samuel, Coffee House.

116) Powell, Henry. (Successor to Tringham and

117) Son, Confectioners.

101 Rich, Thomas, Hatter, (2d Post Box).

132 REID, W. Tobacconist.

133 RIDLER, V. Bell and Crown Hotel.

71 Salisbury, Edmund, Tailor.

67 Skinner, Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.

15 STEBBING and CLEMOW, West of England Cloth Establishment.

21 SCHOFIELD, J. Tea Dealer. &c.

36 Spratswill, W. Tailor and Draper.

90 ˝ Sheen, Gas Fitter

96 Spiller, Edmund, Wine Vaults.

98 Spiller, J. H. Oil-man

102 SPILLER, C. C. Stationer, and Account-book Manufacturer.

127 SMITH and CO., Seedsmen, Corn and Coal Merchants.

19 Si mmonds, J. L. Silversmith, &c.

123 Staley, Joshua, Old Bell Tap.

16 Taylor and Son, Hatters.

17 TAYLOR, E. and T. Oil and Italian Warehouse.

76 Thornhill and Co., Brush Manufactory.

86 Tile, B. M. Oil-man.

82 Verge. Baker.

53 WOOLLAT and SON, Linen-drapers.

55) WATSON, J. and CO, Drapers, and Furniture

56) Printers.

57 Wade, J. and Son. Tailors.

83 Way, Tea and Coffee Warehouse.

93 Woollet, Rowe, and Clay, Woollen-drapers.

91 Worrall, Seth, Eating House.

95 Wilson and Son, Boot and Shoe Warehouse.

112 WORCESTER, G. Hosier, Glover, and Outfitter.

118 Wray, M.O. Chemist,&c.


87 Noaks and Co. Chemists and Druggists.


1 Swaine and Co. Distillers and Importer of Foreign Wines and Spirits.

2 Broughton, Swan Inn.

Rogers, Cheesemonger.

3 Fisher and Son, Drapers.

4 CROSSLEY, J. and R. Cheese mongers.

5 Smith, John, Hatter.

6 Carr, J. S. Grocer.

7 Davis, Boot and Shoe Maker.


168 Hayes. Henry, Engraver and Jeweller.

169 Ratcliffe. White Horse Tavern.

170 Saunders and Woolley, Decorators to the Queen.


171 HOLMES, J. and J. Shawl Merchants.

172 Colman, John, Lace man.

172 Farey, Jas. Josier and Glover.

Archbishop Tennison's Chapel.

173 (see 171)

174 Grignon, Peter. Chemist and Druggist.

175 (see 171)

176 STOREY, JAMES, Goldsmith and Jeweller.

177 Waugh, George, and Co. Chemists to the Queen

178 GEOGHEGAN and CO. Irish Linen, and Damask Warehouse.

179 Mitchell. James, Hosier, and Glover.

180 WATKINS and ASKHAM, Tailors and Habit Makers.

181 Shipley, John, Saddler.

182 Carbonell and Co. Wine Merchants.

183 Grigg, William Bookseller, and Stationer.

Crown Yard.

184 Owen, Benjamin, Tailor.

185 THORN, PETER. Whip Manufacturer.

186 WILKS, JOSEPH, Sewing Cotton. and Lace Thread Manufacturer. to her Majesty, to the Queen Adelaide, and her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent.

187 Box, R. D. Boot and Shoe Maker.

187 Newell, Murray, & Patmore, Mesdames, Milliners.

188 HEWETT, ED. JAS. Cook and Confectioner.

189 Denham, A. Engraver, Printer and Stationer.

Two-penny Post Office.

190 Phillips, Brothers, Glass and Lamp Manufacturers to the Royal Family

191 Ackerman. Rudolph, Print-seller.


192 GEORGE and BRADLEY, Silk Mercers.

193 Lonsdale. Ralph, and Co. Hosiers to Her Majesty.

194 Johnson. Augustus. Wine. and Spirit Merchant.

195 LEWIS and ALLENBY, Silk and Shawl Warehouse and at 63. Conduit-street.

196 Smith, Richard, China and Glass Warehouse.

197 (see 195)

198 Clift, Charles, Linen-draper.

199 Dawson, Mrs. Parisian Corset Maker.

200 Brownley and White, Furnishing Ironmongers.

201 CRAMER.J. B. and CO. Music and Musical Instrument Warehouse.


202 GOTTO. A. Importer of Foreign Needle Work and Fancy Trimming Manufacturer.

203 Hughs, Thomas. General Outfitting Warehouse.

204 CUFF and BROADHURST. Gold and Silversmiths

205 Michell. W. and R. Mercers and Drapers.

206 GRAHAM and CO., Ladies' and Gentlemens' Ready-made Linen Warehouse.


207 Shepherd, Samuel, Envelope Manufacturer.

207 Haynes, Mrs. Milliner.

208 Smith and Bosbery, Linen-drapers.

209 Cosmorama.

210 Beard, George. Confectioner.

210 Wells and Hart, Upholsterers.

210 Wild. Map Publisher.

211 WILLIAMS, T. India and British Shawl Warehouse.

211 Heywood, the Misses. Dealers in British Lace.

212 Gregory, C. Carpet and Furniture Warehouse.

213 (see 211)

214 DALTON and CO. Silk Mercers and Linen-drapers.

215 Fraser, J. Bookseller and Publisher.

215 Charlton, Miss Milliner and Dress Maker.

216 Houbigant, Chardin, Perfumer. and Glover.

217 Jay. William C. Shawl Warehouse.

218 VERREY. CHARLES Swiss Confectioner.

219 Bailliere, Foreign Bookseller and Publisher.

220 Savory, Moore, and Co. Chemists and Druggists.

221 Cook, Charles. Furrier.

221 YULE, ANDREW, Jeweller, and Inventor of the Moldavian Gold.


222 JUPP and SON. Hatters to the Queen.


223 East, John, Foreign and British Lacemen.

223 Philips, Brothers, Glass Manufacturers.

224 URLING, G. F. and CO. Lacemen to Her Majesty.

225 Nicholls, Thomas, Tailor.

226 PEARSON, J. Furrier. (from Wolf's, Haymarket).

227 SHERER, G. F. French Clock and Watch Maker.

227 Reid, Thomas. Bread and Biscuit Baker.


228 HALSTAFF. W. and CO. Writing and Dressing-case Manufacturers.

229 Peachy, J. Smiths, and Furnishing Ironmonger.

230 Andrew and Co. Tea Dealers &c.

231 MILLS, Mrs. French Corset, Stay and Belt Maker.

232 Dickins, Smith, and Stevens, Linen-drapers and Silk Mercers.

233 Johnston, George, Furrier.

Hanover District Chapel.

234 Wheeler and Ablett. Hosiers, and Glovers. Mosely, Surgeon and Dentist.

235 Viner. C. and E. Watch and Clock Makers.

236 LAMBERT and BROWN, Gold Lace men, and Embroiderers.

237 DISON and CO. Foreign and British Lacemen to Her Majesty.


238 (see 240)

239 Pritchard, John, Hat Manufacturer.

240 ALLISON, and EDWARDS, Silk Mercers, Linen-drapers. Dealers in Foreign and British Wool Shawls, &c.

241 Fisher. George. Boot Maker.

242 RAILTON and PEASCOD, Mercers, Drapers, Haberdashers. and Lacemen.

243 Pett, J. Wholesale and Retail Perfumer.

244 BOURNE and SON, Furriers.


245 Judd. William, Boot Maker.

246 COOK. CHARLES. Furrier.

247 SIMPSON and CO. Foreign and British Shawl and Cloak Warehouse.

248 Templeman, John, Bookseller and Stationer.

248 Johnston. George, Furrier.

249 (see 247)

250 Turrill,John,Dressing-case Manufacturer.

251 Lebas. Madame. Milliner.

252 Trimnell, E. Fringe and Carpet Manufacturer.

254 Hoyle. Mrs. Milliner and Dress Maker.

254 Barttelot, Hair-cutter and Perfumer.

256 HODGE and LOWMAN. (Argyle House.) Linen-drapers.

258 (see 256)

260 (see 256)

262 Dutton, W. H. Boot Maker.

264 Aldridge, W. H. T. Music Seller and Publisher.

266 SIMPSON. JOHN, Flute, and Flageolet Manufacturer.




1 Rev. Dr. Cotton.

2 Mences, Misses, A. and E. Magazin de Modes. Archer, Miss, Establishment for Young Ladies. Tylor, Henry & Jos. Braziers and Brass Founders.

NEW MARKET. (Part of Newgate Market.)

3 Bradly. T. Wholesale Cheesemonger.


4 Empty.

5 Desmoulins,Daniel, Wholesale Cheesemonger.

5 Chatting, E. Hatter.

6 Hutton, T, Fringe, Lace and Gimp Manufacturer.

7 Sparke and Co. Wine and Brandy Merchants.

8 SMITH. SON. and WILLIS, Printers and Stationers.

9 Hanson, Watch Maker.

Rainger, , Frederic, Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.


10 Worley, Robert, Provision Agent.

11 Newman, Thomas, Oilman and Dealer in Hops.

12 Malcott, E. and J. Stone Masons.

13 Taylor and Son, Salesmen.

14 FOX, JOHN, Upholsterer and Cabinet Maker.

15 Ashmore and Prichard. Brush Manufacturers.

16 Westwood. R. and Sons. Chemists.

17 WHITE, THOM AS, Salutation Tavern.

18 Cole. Thomas, Carpet Warehouse.

19 Bew, H. Pin, Needle. and Fish-hook Manufacturer.

20 Bowles. George, Salesman.

ROSE STREET, Leading to Newgate Market.

21 Dean and Hatton. Salesmen.

22 Worley.. Robert. National Coffee House.

23 Jennings. John, Salesman.

24 Rudd, William. Wine Vaults.

25 Curtis. W I. Salesman.

25 Saunders. John, Publisher.


Puzey, S. Wine Merchant.

26 Willson, R. Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.

27 Cross, James, Wax and Tallow Chandler.

28 M ills. Walter, Boot Maker.

29 SHERWOOD, JOHN, Cheesemonger.


30 Gardiner and Co. lronmongers.

31 Starkey and Crimps, Wholesale Stationers.

32 Peppercorn, Edward, Chemist and Druggist.

33 SURRIDGE, RICHARD. Boot and Shoe Depot.

35 Prichard and Son Brush Makers.

36 Lea and Co. Carpet Manufacturers.

37 Blandstone, W. J. Broad Silk Manufacturer.

38 Fisher, Son, and Jackson. Printers and Publishers.

39 Buss, William C. Fancy Baker.

41 Hinton, A, King's Head Tavern and Hotel.


HOWELL, THOMAS, Dolly's Beef Steak House.

42 Takush,Samuel, and Co. Furriers.

43 Mould. J. and Cu. Wholesale Cheesemongers.

99 Creer, Charles, Manufacturing Cutler.

44 Peek, Music Engraver.

45 Gillman and Lucas, Warehousemen.

46 Hatton and Co. Warehousemen. Skin, F. W.

47 Ridley, Samuel, Upholsterer's Warehouseman.

48 Hart and Lewellin, Woollen Warehouse.

49 Bowles and Gardiner, Wholesale Stationers.

50 Cox, B. and Co. Wholesale Cheesemongers.


51 Lund, C. Wholesale and Retail Grocer.

51 Hay, Mr. Surgeon Sc.

52 53 Black and Son, Worsted Manufacturers.



No. 26 WILLIAMS, Post Office Coffee House.

66 Watkins, Thomas, Umbrella Manufacturer.

67 Devas, T. Son, and Hanson, Warehousemen.

68 Langdon, Lewis, Engraver, &c .

69 Smallfield and Son, Booksellers.
69 Smallfield, George, Printer.

71 BURBRIDGE, T. Hair Cutter, and Wig Maker.

72 Gottheimers and Co. 's Foreign Warehouse, Importers of Clocks, Watches, Musical Boxes, and Fancy Goods.

73 Evans A. Cut Glass and China Warehouse.

74 DODSON,T. Needle Maker and Cutler.

75 Pymar, W. Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.


77 Mackenzie and Harting Fringe and Tassel Manufacturers.

78 Francombe, George, Plate Warehouse.

79 Ridge, Milburn, and Co. Silk Warehouse.

80 Duggan and Co. Hat Manufacturers.


81 Young, Henry, Tea Dealer and Grocer.

82 Dowling, John, Bookseller.


83 Eagleton, E. and Co. Grocers.

84 Groocock, W. Family Hotel.

90 Fleming, Joseph, Silversmith Sc.

91 Emerson, T. Carpet Manufacturer.

92 Watkins, Surgeon Sc.


93 Boyer, James, Tea Dealer and Grocer.

94 Patrick. John, Oil Factor.

95 Cobham's Coffee House.

96 Sharp, S. Blue Manufacturer.

97 Hayward, J. P. Painter.

98 Hardcastle, John, Boot Maker.

99 Smith, T. Upholsterers, Trimming Manufacturer.

101 Wood, Boot Maker.

102 Dove, H. Window Holland Warehouse.

103 PALMER, EDWARD, Operative Chemist.

105 FENN, J. Mechanical Tool and File Manufacturer.

106 China Tea Company.


114 EVANS, J. Toy Warehouse.

115 Bradbee, G. W. Fringe and Fancy Trimming Manufacturer.

116 Hamper, W. Hosier and Glover.

117 TWO PENNY POST OFFICE. Notley, H. E. Confectioner.

118 APPLEYARD, H. Magpie and Stump.

119 Humphreys, W. C. Solicitor. Rough, Thomas, Print Seller.

Davis, William, Boot and Shoe Warehouse.

120 Wiggins, Richard, Saddler.

121 GREEN, J. Bookseller and Publisher.

122 EDWARDS, F. Co. Tailors, Drapers, Hosiers, and General Outfitters.

123 Blacket, W. S. Tailor and Draper.

124 BUCK, J. Saw. File, and Tool Manufacturer.

125 Robson, James, Fringe Manufacturer.

126 Cornish and Co. Booksellers.




1 Albion Insurance Office.

2 Rich, George, Venison Dealer, and Confectioner.

3 4 Baker, T. and J. Linen Drapers.

5 JONES and CO. Glass Manufacturers to her Majesty.

6 BATES, T. C. Musical Instrument Manufacturer.

7 Isherwood, Robert, Boot and Shoe Maker.

8 Empty.

10 PARRY, J. and T. Linen-drapers, Silk-mercers, and Shawl Dealers.

9 WICKING, MATTHEW, Silk-mercer.

10 Mall., Monsieur, Dentist. (Private door.

11 FINCH and CO. Oil and Italian Warehouse.


12 Bishop, J. Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturer.

13 Hilditch, G. R. and J. Silk Manufacturers.

14 Wilkinson, W. and C. Upholsterers.

15 16 17 HARVEY, SON, and CO. Linen-drapers and Silk-mercers.

18 FULLER, HENRY, Silversmith, Jeweller, and Watch Maker.

18 Croft, Richard, Foreign and British Lacemen.


19 Quelle, Christopher, Furrier.

20 Kitching Viret, Linen-drapers and Silk-mercers.

21 Gould and Son, Hat Manufacturers.

22 MORRIS and PHILLIPSON, Chemists and Druggists, Wholesale and Retail.

22 Ponten, Surgeon.

23 PEARCE, THOMAS, Lamp and Lustre Manufacturer, and Oil Merchant. Magazin de Variete.

24 Lovegrove, and Son. London Coffee House.

25 Stocking, Henry, Bookseller and Stationer.

25 Todd, and Co. Straw Bonnet Manufacturers.

26 Marriott, F. Furnishing Ironmonger and Smith.


28 Garratt, Arthur, Umbrella Manufacturer.

29-30 Barnicott, J. and R. Linen and Woollen-drapers.

31 Dutton, Samuel, Hat Manufacturer.

31 Mercier, Mons. Hamiltonian Institution.

32 Rundell, Bridge and Co. Goldsmiths and Jewellers.


33 Morrison and Denning, Goldsmiths.

34 Faeirs, H. H. Jeweller, &c.

35 Isherwood and Son, Paper Hangers, &c.

36 Teversham and Co. Cheesemongers.

37 Graham, Francis, Grocer.

BELLE SAUVAGE Hotel, Tavern, and Coach Establishment.

38 Bushnell, David, Cook and Confectioner.

39 SPARROW, GEORGE, Dealer in Tea, &c.

40 Evans, Jeremiah, Furnishing Ironmonger, and at 33 King William-street, London Bridge.

41 BOYLE and EASTHOPE, Decorators, Carvers, Gilders,

42 Brown and Co. Irish Linen Agents.

43 Lamb, Edward, Jeweller, and Silversmith.

44 Williams, R. Parasol and Umbrella Manufacturer.

45 YOUENS and CO. Tea Dealers.

46 BARRACLOUGH, Importer of Havannah Cigars.

47 Feaver and Crucknell, Woollen Warehousemen.

48 FLINT, EBENEZER, Hosier and General Outfitter.


1 Peeke, Rodger, Ludgate Cloth Hall.

2 Clarke, David Thomas, Lace Warehouse.


3 West, Thomas, Jeweller and Goldsmith.

4 Tewart and Co. Woollen Warehousemen.

5 Eyles, Edward, and Co. Silk-mercers.

6 Eyles, Edward, and Co. Lace Merchants. Warehousemen

7 CLOW, JOSEPH, Silk-mercer.

8 Unoccupied.

10 EVERINGTON and GRAHAM, India Shawl Warehouse.

11 PLUMMER, and CO. British and Foreign Fancy Depot.

12 PEARCE, THOMAS, Francy Warehouseman.

13-14 Coombs, T. M. Linen, Cotton, and Silk Warehouse.


15-16 ELLIS, WYNN, Silk- mercer. &c.

17 See Nos. 1 2 St. Paul's Church-yard.

18 Jones, Timothy, Goldsmith and Jeweller.

19 Willey, Richard, Linen-draper and Silk-mercer.

1-2 St. Paul's Church-yard, Ellis and Everington, Warehousemen.

21 Harris, John, Bookseller and Publisher.

22 Knight, Charles, and Co. Publishers.

23 THORN, HENRY, Manufacturer of Hosiery.

24 Walton, Christopher, Goldsmith, and Silversmith.

25 Payne, Repository for English and Foreign Toys.

26 Lambert, Daniel, Kings Head Tavern.

27 MC'RAE and EVANS, Milliners &c.

28 Farrance, James, Cook and Confectioner.


29 CHAMPION, MARY, Lace and Millinery Warehouse.

30 VYSE, CHARLES, Manufacturer of English and Foreign Straws.

31 SUN TAVERN, Jane Twal lin.

32 Samuel, Jeweller, &c.

33 GOLDING, PETER, Boot Maker.

24 Brown, W. Drawn Bonnet Manufacturer.

34 Burt, T. Straw and Tuscan Bonnet Manufacturer.

35 Morris, Engraver, &c.


36 Holding, Charles, Surgeon and Accoucheur.

37 Coulborn, Joseph, Boot Maker.

38 Heap, and Co. Drapers and Tailors.

39 FELLOWS, BENJAMIN, Bookseller and Publisher.

40 Empty.

41 Algar and Co. Albata Warehouse.



1 Moore and Co. Army Accoutrement Manufacturers,

2 Griffiths, Thomas, Hatter.

3 FALKNER, Music Seller, and Publisher

4 Poulton, George, Fishmonger.

5 STARKEY, Gold and Silver Laceman.

6 Lloyd and Co. Hosiers, Glovers, and Shirt Makers.

7 Gaylord, Chesterford, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

8 Webb, John, Upholsterer and Cabinet Maker.

9 BOWMAN, FREDERICK, Dealer in Bramah's Locks, Pens, and Manufacturer of Desks and Dressing Cases, &c.

10 Marshall, J. H. Wine and Spirit Merchant.



12 EDGE, THOMAS, Lamp and Chandelier Manufacturer.

12 Pons, Madame, Milliner, &c.

13 Gilbert and Goatly, Boot Makers.

13 Yates, Picture Dealer.

14 Carpenter, James, Bookseller and Publisher.

15 Hookham, Thomas, Bookseller and Librarian.

16 Higgins and Son, Hosiers, Glovers and Shirt Makers.

17 LYLE, J. Purveyor of Coffee to the Royal Family.

17 SMALLWOOD, E. Alexandrian Institution, New Public Subscription British and Foreign Literary Association.

18 WILSON, WELLMAN, and WILSON, Tailors.

19 20 LAPWORTH and RILEY, Carpet Manufacturers to her Majesty and the Royal Family.


21 Stanley, George, Auctioneer.

22 Tickler and Co. Silk-mercers and Lacemen.

23 WEBB, CHARLES, Gold and Silver Lacemen.

24 ATKINSON. JAMES. and EDWARD, Wholesale and Retail Perfumers.


25 Call, (Sir W. P. bart.) Martin, and Co. Bankers.

26 Lonsdale, Christopher. Music Library.

27 EBER and CO. Booksellers and Librarians.

28 Brooks and Hedger, Surveyors and Land Agents

29 TOSSELL (late Cracknell) Breeches Maker.

30 CHAPMAN & MOORE, Hatters to the Queen.

31 BINNIE and RICHARDSON, Tailors.

32 Mansfield, Charles, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

33 Mitchell, John, Bookseller and Publisher.


34 BLOOR and CO. China Manufacturers.

35 WATSON, WOOD and BELL, Carpet and Rug Manufacturers.

36 Solomon, E. Optician

36 Charden, A. Perfumer.

37 Bullock, B. H. Wine Merchant.

37 WESTON and SPRAGUE, Tailors.

39 Wallace, Thomas, Butcher.

40 Steward, Purveyor of Milk and Cream.

40 Hood, Thomas, Hatter.

41 Smyth, Surgeon.

41 Richardson, John, Cheesemonger.

42 Andrews, Samuel, Tea and Coffee Dealer.

43 Powell and Co. Coach Builders.

44 Whitfield, (late Cullum.) Butterman.

45 Othen, Venison Dealer.

46 Simpson, Bread and Biscuit Baker.



1 TRUEFITT, FRANCIS, by Special Appointment, Perfumer, and Court Head Dresser to Her Majesty.

2 Capon, William. Hatter.

3 Dixey, G. and C. Opticians to the Queen.

4 Hay, John, Tailor.

5 WALKER, J. and CO. Tailors and Breeches Makers to Her Majesty's Household.

6 Isherwood, John, Decorator and Upholsterer.

7 Roberts, Keturah, Perfumer.

8 Styles, Henry Thomas, Tobacconist.

8 Sherrard, Surgeon.

9 Brookes, Book and Print Publisher.

9 Lawrence, George, Dressing Case Maker.

10 Grierson, Charles, Gun Maker.

11 Hilhouse, Charles, Hosier, Hatter, and Glover.

12 Hilhouse, M. Child Bed Linen Warehouse.

13 Harrison, John, Boot Maker.

13 Smith, Ann, Milliner.

13 Woollatt, Dealer in Curiosities.

14 Reynauld, J. B. Silk-mercer.

15 Allcrott, Music Seller.

16 LONG'S HOTEL, Markwell. W. J. Wine Merchant, and at No. 11, Grafton street.


17 Hancock, Thomas, Goldsmith and Jeweller.

18 Scott, G. and C. Wine Merchants (Steven's Hotel. )

19 Saunderson, Joseph, Tailor.

20 Redmayne, Giles. Silk mercer.

21 Grieve, William, Ladies Shoe Manufacturer.

22 Cooper, T. Umbrella & Parasol Manufacturer.

23 Dr. Culverwell's Bathing Establishment.

23 Cooper, James, Tailor and Mercer.

23 Ince, Thomas, Wine Merchant.

23 WATTON, G. H. Tobacconist.


24 CADBURY and SON, Buttermen and Cheese-mongers,

25 THOMPSON, ADAM, Watch and Clock Maker.

149 LAMBE, A. B. Mineral Water Warehouse.

150 Grove, John and Christopher, Fishmongers.

151 Lancaster, Charles, Gun Maker.

152 Osmond and Simpson., Woollen-drapers.


153 Thomas, F. L. and J. W. Goldsmiths and Jewellers.

154 MERRINGTON and CO. Linen-drapers.

155 CHAMBERLAIN, WALTER, and CO. Worcester Porcelain Manufacturers.

156 Storr and Mortimer, Jewellers and Silversmiths.

157 Jarvis, Madamoiselle, Milliner.

157 Storey and Robinson, Tailors.

158 Delcroix and Co. Perfumers.

158 Duchoy, Madame.

159 Wilson, John, and Sons, Linen Warehouse.

160 Royal Naval Club.

161 HUGHTON, W. Stationer. Bookseller, News Agent, and Writing Case Manufacturer.

162 Bertram and Sons, Wine Merchants.

163 PAYNE, W. Watch and Clock Maker.

164 Kent and Bull, Linen-drapers and Warehousemen.


165 Barnes, John, Wig Maker, and Hair Cutter.

165 Warne, Thomas, Antigropelo Manufacturer.

166 BALDRY, W. C. Mercer and Woollen-draper.

167 Andrews, Bookseller, Stationer, and Librarian.

168 Barnett, T. Esq.

169 Chaplain, Mrs. Clarenden Hotel.

170 BISHOP, W. Gold and Silversmith, and Agent to Westley Richards, Gun Manufacturer.

171 Fraser, Branwell, and Co. Tailors.

172 Dinneford, Charles, Chemist and Druggist.


1 Cook, John, Hosier.

2 Blissett, W. Hat and Cap Manufacturer.


3 Moon, William, Tobacconist.

4 Moon, William, Watch and Clock Maker.

5 Stephens, T. Parasol and Umbrella Manufacturer.

6 Bumpus, Thomas, Bookseller.


8 Wilson, George, Surgeon.

9 Lomax, James, Wholesale Jeweller.

10 Allen, W. J. Hosier, Glover, and Shirt Maker.

11 MUNRO and MAY, Musical Instrument Sellers.

12 EVANS, M. E. Carpet and Bedding Warehouse, and at Nos. 1 and 4 Castle-street.

139 BRETT and CO. Manufacturers of Brett's Improved Brandy. Furnival's Inn Coffee House, and Hotel.

142 STEFFENONI and Co. Emporium for British and Foreign Cabinet Furniture.

143 PENN, J. C. the Cordwainers' Arms, Boot and Shoe Maker.

144 Maclachlan, P. Bread and Biscuit Baker.

145 APPLEFORD, William, Tailor and Draper.

146 Dymond, and Co. Operative Chemists.


147 BARRATT, D. Tea and Coffee Dealer, and Manufacturer of the Improved Coffee Roasting Machine.

148 GILLINGWATER, J. Slaughterer of Bears, and Importer of Bears Grease.

149 HOLMES, A. Importer of Foreign Snuffs and Cigars.



1 Billing, Stationer.

2 Marshall, A. Carver, Gilder, and Print Seller.

3 Murphy, J. Furnishing Ironmonger and Cutler.

4 Macpherson, Francis, Bookseller.

5 Davies, Thomas, Silversmith and Jeweller.

6 Blofield and Co. Cutlers and Razor Makers.

7 Newman, W. Hat and Cap Maker.


8 Heath, F. Toy Warehouse.

9 Stone, Edward, Stay Maker.


10 Duncombe, John, Bookseller and Publisher.

11 Ward, William, Hat Manufacturer.

12 Day, William, Stationer and Bookseller.

13 Blissett, William, Hatter.

14 Hall, Richard, Coffee House.

15 Hird, Christopher, Carpenter and Undertaker.

16 Bell. Joseph. Confectioner.

17 Muir, George, Stay Maker.

17 Tagg, E. and J. Jewellers.

20 Osborn, John, Confectioner.

21 Wilkinson and Thornhill, Milliners.

23 Elphee, John, Ham Dealer.

24 Gugeri, Flower and Feather Manufacturer.

25 Lyall, G. Horse Shoe and Magpie Wine Vaults.

26 Smith, William, Hosier.

27 Morgan, William, Hosier and Glover.

28 29 James and Co. Linen-drapers,Silk-mercers, &c.


2 Tilby, Oil and Italian Warehouse.

3 Archer, John, Flour Factor and Baker.


4 COCK, J. D. Stationer and Account Book Manufacturer.

5 LOCHHEAD, China and Glass Manufacturer.

6 Prosser, John, Shell Fishmonger.

7 Newton, Ann, Pastry Cook.

8 Clayton, John, Butcher.

9 Laver , J. Fire Escape Rope, Boot, & Hoble Maker.

10 Arnett. H. Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.

11 BELL, JOSEPH, Cook and Confectioner.

12 Lancaster, and Co. Woollen Warehouse.

13 ECKSTEIN and SON, Ironmongers, and Kitchen Range Manufacturers.

14 CHAPPLE, W. Trunk Maker, and Undertaker.

16 Payne, W. Toy Warehouse.

17 Lee, F. W. Tailor and Draper.

18 Haslip, Cutler and Dressing Case Maker.

19 20 21 Hilton, Gray's Inn Coffee House.


23 HENEKEY, G. and Co. Wine Merchants.

24 Dawson, Francis, Perfumer.

25 Castle Tavern.

26 27 HOOPER, J. and SON, Wholesale Confectioners and Lozenge Manufacturers.

28 Brown, A. Violin, Violin cello and Guitar Maker.

29 Tucker, T. Coach and Horses Wine Vaults.

30 Jewell. Charles, Shell Fishmonger.

31 Barugh and Wingrave, Oil and Colourmen. .

32 Frewin, Edward, Cheesemonger.

33 Barker, E. the Six Cans and Crown.

34 Arnold, T. W. Ham and Tongue Warehouse.


34 KING, W. Pawnbroker and Silversmith.

35 Reynolds, P. Goldsmith, and Dealer in Medals.

36 Braggs, R. Gun and Pistol Manufacturer.

37 Smith and Co. Tailors.

38 Matthews, W. and R. Wholesale Stationers.

39 Gurney and Co. Wine Merchants.


40 HARRIS, A.6 Co. Wholesale Fur Manufacturers.

41 HUMPHREYS, J. B. Crown Coffee House.

42 Cotterell, and Co. Window Blind Manufacturers.

43 Stevens, T. late Clark, Gun Maker.

43 Witt, Dentist.

44 Scare, Engraver and Bookbinders' Tool Cutter.

305 Emerson, R. Carpet Warehouse.

306 Down, Henry Sydney, Hatter.

307 THOMPSON and CO. Brush and Mat Manufacturers, and also of the Rypophagon Super-essential Shaving Soap.

307 HARRIS and KING, Woollen-drapers and Fancy Warehousemen.

308 Richardson, J. Bartholomew Dining Rooms.

309 Luckhurst, John, Chemist and Druggist.

310 Webb, J. Bread and Biscuit Baker.


311 Brown, S. Linen-draper and Mercer.

312 Simons, W. Laceman.

313 Graves, Richard, Tailor and Draper.

314 SPENCER, RICHARD, Bookseller, Stationer, and Circulating Library.

315 Waterman, W. Chancery Coffee House.

316 Reilly, Joseph, Gun Maker.

317 Young, W. H. late Slaughter, Tailor and Draper.

318 NICHOLSON, W. Carpet Manufacturer and Furniture Printer.

319 320 NEWINGTON and CO. Glass and China Warehouse.

321 BLISSETT, JOHN, Gun Maker.

322 Griffith, and Son, Whip Manufacturers.

323 HUNT, W. Tea Dealer and Wine Merchant.

324 325 HARDWICK and FORD, Silk-mercers and Shawlmen.


326 Shetland, H. W. Chemist and Druggist.

327 SMITH, W. Hosier and Outfitter.


26 WINFIELD and SIMS, Camp Equipage Warehouse, R. N. Hayes, Agent.

27 Bann, Boot Maker.

28 Mori and Lavenu, Music Sellers.

29 Boone, Bookseller.

30 Charters and Co. Coach and Harness Makers.

31 Allason, Bookseller and Stationer.

32 Hook, J. Ladies Shoe Maker.

33 Doll man, Boot Maker.

34 Cripps, T. Black Horse Yard.

35 RIGGE, BROCKBANK and RIGGE. Perfumers to the Royal Family.

36 KIRBY, Thomas, Oilman and Fish Sauce Warehouse

37 Edlin, Toy Warehouse and Fancy Brush Maker.

38 Wand, C. Pastry Cook to the Queen.

39 Adam and Co. Fruiterers.

40 Mayer, Veterinary Surgeon.

41 Oliver, Charles, Music Seller.

42 Allen, Tailor.

43 Richardson, Cutler & Dressing Case Manufacturer.

44 Hedges and Son, Boot Makers.

45 Page, Ladies Shoe Maker.

46 RODWELL, Bookseller.


47 PRATT, S. and T. Importers of Antique Furniture, Armour, &c.

48 BREWSTER, Peruke Maker, and Perfumer to the Royal Family.

49 Kennedy. Stationer, and Dressing-case Maker.

50 CHAPPELL, Music Seller, to Her Majesty.

51 Haines, Poulterer.

52 Clarke, H. Linen-Draper.

53 Duggin, Hat Maker.

54 Guthrie and Son, Tailors.

55 HUGH JAMES, Tailor.

56 Rimell Licensed to Let Horses for Hire.

57 Gattie and Pierce, Perfumers.

58 59 Turners, Goldsmiths to the Royal Family.

60 Williams, W. Hatter.

61 Booker, Bookseller.

62 Perigal and Duterreau, Watch and Clock Makers.

63 FRAZER and WOOD, Oilmen. &c.


64 Hughes, O. H. and Co. Hosiers and Glovers.

65 La bee, Estate and Auction Office.

66 Buckland, Silk Mercers.

67 Johnstone, Jupe, and Co. Patentees of the Circular Dining Tables.

68 Taylor, George, Tailor.

69 Gossling and Egley, Booksellers.

70 BARNES, Hatter, and East India Warehouse.

71 BLOUNT, Arnold, Silk-mercer.

72 Perry, G. and Co. Lustre Makers to the Queen.

73 Phillips, Auctioneer.

74 HUNTLY, Seal and Copper Plate Engraver.

75 Turner, Thomas, Stationer, &c


76 FISHER, Chemist and Druggist.

77 Owen, Fruiterer and Purveyor to Her Majesty.

78 TOMLINSON and Co. Shirt Makers.

79 Hook, Hatter.

80 ARROWSMITH, H. W. & A. (late Henderson) Decorators, Upholders and Gilders to Her Majesty.

Smith. Mr. H.S. Artist.

81 Ball, and Son, Oilman. &c.

82 Smith and Potter, Silk Mercers.

83 PAUL, Furrier.

84 Dann, Johnson, and Co. Teamen and Grocers.

85 Clement and Co. Depot des Modes

86 Boyer, Pearl Wax Light Depot.


87 Marks, P. and Co. Fruiterers.

88 Morant, G. and Son, Interior Decorators.

89 Mayhew and White, Hat Manufacturers.

90 Jarratt and Woodhouse, Hatters.

91 Hodgkinson and Co. Linen Drapers

92 Hoadley, Carriage Builder.

93 Wells, Tailor, &c.

94 Blenheim Hotel, John Bennett


95 OWEN, India Shawl Warehouse.

96 Boyd, A. Furnishing Ironmonger.

97 Davis and Son, Wine and Brandy Merchants.

98 Burnand, G. C. Carriage Builder.

99 Turner and Shepherd, Seedsmen and Florists.

100 Strachan, Saddler and Harness Maker.

101 Green Man Tavern, John Chorley Clarke.

102 KEENE, C. and Co. Drapers and Rosters.

103 EMANUEL and TOWN, Manufacturers of Buhl to Her Majesty.

104 Francis, Upholsterer and Cabinet Maker.

105 Summers, Manufacturer of Stoves, &c.

106 Kingsbury. Cutler and Dress-case Maker.

107 Hardwick and Son, Silk Mercers.

108 HALSTED, Bookseller and Stationer.

108 Basilwood, Wine Merchant.

109 Challoner, Laceman.

110 Giblett, W. Butcher, Purveyor to Her Majesty.


111 BAKER, H. and Co. Hosiers, In.

112 Furnis and Son, Hatters and Silk Mercers.

113 Cooper and Batchelor Linen-drapers.

114 Dickinson, Publisher and Print Seller.

115 Scaife, A. and Co. Tailors and Habit Makers.

116 117 Smyths, Perfumers.


119 SZARKA, & CO. Furriers.

120 Griffith and Pearson Tailors.

121 KENNETH, J. Fishmonger.

122 Hodges, Wine and Spirit Vaults.


123 PRATT, S. and H. Trunk and Camp Equipage Warehouse.

124 Hudson and Falconer, Tailors.

125 Milne, Carriage Builder.

126 PRESTON and SON, Tailors.

127 Andre, Hatter.

128 FLETCHER, H. and C. Military Tailors.

129 Daniel, China and Glass Warehouse. V.,


130 Rateau and Co. Dyers and Scourers.

130 CORR, J. Boot and Shoe Maker.

131 Beale, Shirt Maker, en.

132 Brown, Italian Warehouse.

133 BROCKELL and SON, Shirt Makers

134 EVANS, R. and J. E, Grocers.

135 Armor, John, Wine and Brandy Merchants.

136 Moore. J. Breeches Maker.

137 Smith and Son, Carvers and Gilders. Henry Sadler's Livery Stables.

138 Smethurst, Lamp Manufacturer.

139 TURNER, Appraiser, and Cabinet Maker.

140 Mills, R. Musical Circulating Library.

134 DEAN, Boot and Shoe Maker.

142 Spain and Cork, Coach Maker.

136 SAVORY and MOORE, Chemists to the Royal Family.

137 Thornhill, Cutler to Her Majesty.

145 Fearon, H. B. Wine Merchant.

146 Duer, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

147 GLENTON and CHAPMAN, Furnishing Ironmongers, &c .

148 Hart, Embroidery Depot.



1 Child and Co. Bankers.

2 PREEDY, Hatter.


3 Clack, Laceman.


7 BUTTERWORTH, Law Bookseller & Publisher.

Dicks, Coffee House, Hotel, and Tavern.

9 Dunn and Duncan, Wholesale Stationers.

Legal and General Life Assurance Office

13 14 JOHNS, R. and Co. Ladies' Ready Made Linen Warehouse.

Rainbow Tavern, Coles.

15 Groom, Confectioner.

17 HONEY and SKELTON. Hair Cutters &c.

19 20 Gosling and Sharp, Bankers.

21 SPEARE, Laceman.

22 23 Bax, Umbrella and Parasol Maker.

24 LUND, W. Cutler and Dressing Case Maker.

25 Dean, J. Turner.

27 Painter, Glover, &c.

29 Colk,Chemist.

30 Whiteaves, Watch and Clock Maker.

31 Harrison, Toy Warehouse.

32 Highly, Bookseller.


33 Barker, Country Newspaper Office.

37 Hoar and Co. Bankers.

184 Shepherd, Bread and Biscuit Baker.


185 Cane, Furnishing Ironmonger. Sausages.

186 Williams, E. Eton Book Warehouse.


Law Life Assurance, Established, 1823.


187 Button, Pastry Cook and Confectioner.

188 Waller, Bookseller.

189 Calvert, Brush Maker and Turner.

190 Praed W. and Co. Bankers.

190 North, Simpson, Graham, and Co. Tea Ware-

191 Barker, Surgeon and Dentist.

192 Hodgson, Auctioneer.


193 ADAMS and EDE, Robe Makers.

194 Richards and Co. Law Booksellers.

198 Pullan, Pastry Cook.

199 Smith, Chemist.

200 MOSS, Hair Cutter and Perfumer.

Cock Tavern W. Colnett.


202 Prosser, Oyster Rooms.

203 PENN and CO. Boot and Shoe Warehouse.

204 Ustonson, Fishing Rod, and Tackle Manufacturer


205 LOWDEN, Chemist.

207 Baker, Importer of Cigars and Snuff.



201 Jones, Manufacturer of the Self -Acting Coffee Pot.

202 Graves, H. Tailor and Draper.

203 Underwood, Hatter.


211 Noble, Engraver and Jeweller.

212 Moody, Tailor and Draper.

213 Norman, G. Coffee House, Tavern and Hotel.


216 TWINING. RICHARD, GEORGE. JOHN. and ADLARD and RICHARD. Bankers. Do. Tea Dealers.

217 Snow and Paul, Sir S. B. bart. Bankers.

220 Rickett, Hosier and Shirt Maker.

221 Evans, Hosier and Shirt Maker.

222 Davy, Hair Cutter, Wig, and Scalp Maker.


223 224 BENTON, EDWARD, Silversmiths and Gun Makers.

225 CRAWFORD, T. Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturer.


226 LANE, W. Temple Bar Tea Warehouse.

227 COLLINS, Glass Enameller to the Queen.

228 Kerslake, Boot and Shoe Maker.

229 PROUT, Bush and Comb Maker, and Patent Medicine Warehouse.

230 MANBY, Oil and Colourman.

231 Cording, J. C. Glover and Silk Hosier.


232 Cording, Watch Maker and Jeweller.

233 Smith, Jeweller and Seal Engraver.

234 Button, Confectioner.

235 Dicken, Chemist and Druggist.


238 Creed, Fishmonger.

239 CANTIS, Vendor of Hams, Tongues and German

240 Jackson, Stationer.

241 Henshaw, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

242 Hughes, Alamode Beef House.

243 Skinner, H. Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.

243˝ Jackson, Silver and Plated Manufacturer.

244 Larnders and Co. Blacking Manufacturers.

245 Hutchins, Henry,Strand Coffee House.

1 Evan, Thomas, Linen-draper.


247 Younger, Auctioneer, Appraiser & House Agent. house.

248 Wilkinson, Chemist & Druggist.

249 NORTON, Brace Maker &c.

250 SPOONER, Cheesemonger.


251 March, Furnishing Ironmonger.

252 Mott, Goldsmith & Jeweller.

253 WILSON, JOHN, Floor Cloth Manufacturer.

9 Wassell, Joseph, Pawnbroker.

10 London Parcel Delivery Company.

11 Balding, Baker.

12 Everitt (Charles Parkes) Wines & Spirit Merchant.

13 Nicholas, Tobacconist.

14 HINTON. J. Boot Maker.



243 Robins, Timber Yard.

244 Benton, Pawnbroker.

245 Phipps, Saddler.

246 Bowden. W. (late Down.) Hatter.

247 HUGHES, Elastic Stock Maker.

248 White, Hosier.

249 Coxhead, Bookseller.

250 Toms, Coffee House. Wells, Desk Maker. Perry, Iron Hurdle Maker.

252 Kettle, Bookseller.

253 Weaver, Dining Rooms.

254 London Fire Establishment.

255 Marchant, Oilman.

256 Blackwell, Stag' s Head.

257 Chace, Basket Maker.

258 Hodge, Ham and Beef Shop.

259 Bray and Co. Auction Rooms.

260 Hanson, Watch Maker.

261 Pearse and Guerrier, Carpenters.

263 Pope and Co. Drapers.

264 Freeman, Draper.

265 Waight, Bookseller.

266 WHITE, Mill Manufacturer.

268 Elliott, Optician.

269 Robinson, Draper.

270 Peters, George and Blue Boar.

271 272 BAILEY, D. and E. Ironmongers.

273 ELEMENT, COLLINS and KNIGHT Carpet Warehouse.

274 SPRIGG and CO. Leather Warehouse.

276 Belcher, Ready-Made Linen Warehouse.

277 Hall, Hosier



280 Comni, Looking Glass Maker.

281 Robin Hood Tavern, Farrer and Penrose, Tailors. Evans, Dealer in Curiosities, Barber, Butcher.

283 Heartwell, Hosier.

284 Hall, Silversmith.

285 HOWELL, Draper

286 POPPY, Silk-me rcer .

287 EVERRETT, Tailor.

288 Neal, Upholder.

289 Samuel, Lapidary.

290 BERNASCONI, Trunk Maker.

291 BOWSER, Ladies' Shoe Maker.

292 TUCK, Tailor.

294 295 Graham, Carpet Manufacturer.

296 BABB, Milliner

297 OLIVER, Family Linen Draper.

300 Corbyn, Chemist.

301 Mew and Burge, Mercers.

302 Day and Smith, Grocers.

303 COLSON, Milliner.

304 Godwin, Silversmith.

45 PURDAY, Music Warehouse .

46 TELFER, Warehouse for Ready-made Linen, Hosiery, Gloves, Stocks &c. Two Penny Post Office.

47 Priestly, Bookseller.

48 Finer and Nowland. Watch Makers.

49 STARBUCK, (late Turner) Trunk Maker.


50 Harris, Optician.

51 HUNTLEY, Stay Maker.

52 Speyer and Price, Tailors.

52˝ RUSK, Shoe Maker.

53 Reeve, Plate Glass Factor.

54 Nettleford, Ironmonger.

55 56 Morris Upholsterer.

57 Andrews, bland-in-Hand Tavern.


58 Tate, Baker

59 Weale, Architectural Library.

60 Clarke, Paper Hanger.

61 Handford and Davies, Tea Dealers.

62 Elmes, Hair Dresser.

62 Hannah, Oilman.

63 WARR, Stationer.


64 Heath, Hatter.

65 STEEL, Shoe Maker.

66 Lovett, Cheesemonger.

67 Bath, Cork Cutter.

68 Barkley, Fringe Maker.

69 Cant, Clog Maker.

70 Mason and Son, Woollen Drapers.

71 Clarkson, Grocer.


72 Hobson, Red Lion

73 Turnbull, Fishmonger.

74 Harris, Taylor and Draper.

75 Hill and Son Silversmiths.

77 78 Hopkinson, Coach Builder.

79 BRUGGER, Clock Maker.

80 Ride, Corn Dealer.

81 Greyhound Livery Stables.


83 HALLETT, Hardwood Turner.

84 Cox Bookseller.

85 Baldock, Bookseller.

86 Rainsford, Bookseller.

87 Burtt, York Arms. Priestly, Dress Maker.

88 Howard, Pastry Cook.

89 CLAUDET and HOUGHTON, Glass Dealers.

90 Hugh, Surgeon.

91 Adelaide Coffee House.

92 Bull and Anchor

93 Walter, Pawnbroker.

94 Beauchamp, British Plate Manufacturer.

95 SPARROW, Tea Dealer.

96 ATKINSON, Woollen Draper.

97 DAY and MARTIN, Blacking Manufacturers.

98 JONES, Shoe Maker.

99 VINALL and Son, Tailors.

12. REGENT STREET, DIVISION III from New Burlington Street, to Circus, Piccadilly

QUADRANT, Western side.

45 Thomas and Co. Outfitters.

45 Wayte, Charles, Furrier.

47 49 Swan and Edgar, Drapers.

51 PARKER, D. Tailor.

53 Stocken, Charles, Dressing Case Maker.

55 Sandland and Crane, Hosiers and Shirt Makers.

57 Treacher, Bonnet Maker.


61 Moss, Emanuel, Fruiterer and Tobacconist.

63 GAFFIN, E. Statuary.


65 FIELD, JOHN, Bookseller.

67 Ferraro. Peter, Carver and Gilder.

69 Peachey, J. Japan Ware & Stove Grate Manufacturer,

71 Stronitharm and Jefferd, Wine Merchants.

73 Underdown, Robert, Hatter.

75 Brown, Jospeh, Wax Chandler.

77 WILKINSON, THOMAS, Ironmonger.


81 Spire, Joseph, Tobacconist.


83 Denman, Thomas, Statuary.

83 Tucker, W. Dealer in Natural Curiosities.

85 HARRIS, R. Furrier.

87 WOLF, B. Naval and Military Tailor.

89 Hetherington and Co. Lamp Manufacturers.

91 Holland, Ellen, Statuary.

91 Lipscombe and Co. Filter Manufacturers.

93 Lipscombe, Mrs. Stay Maker.

95 Duff and Lee, Wine Merchants.

95 CONSTABLE, J. Silversmith.

97 SIMPSON and LONDON, Tailors.


99 Wilcoxon, R. Boot and Shoe Warehouse.

99 GROSJEAN, Frederick, Tailor and Draper.

101 Gingell, Boot Maker.

103 Rombach, Joseph, Clock Maker.

105 MANGEON, Madame, Importer of Snuff, &c.

107 FAULKNER and MAY, Gloves and Hosiers.

109 Nichol, Walter, Woollen-draper.

111 MICHIE.J Laceman;

113 Johnson and Co. Hatters.


REGENT STREET, Western side.

115 COLLINS, J. Silversmith and Gun Maker.

115 Newman, Mrs. Bonnet Maker.

119 Taylor, W. Grocer and Tea Dealer.

119 Lock, James, Woollen-draper.

121 Scott, Robert, Hatter.

123 Erratt, Stephen, Tailor.

123 Charbonnier, French Shoe Warehouse.

125 Vining, R. Cutler and Dressing Case Maker.

127 Fox and Stanton, Woollen-drapers.

129 Crawford and Co. Wine Merchants.

131 ISAACS, S. Dealer in Jewellery and Bronzes.


133 Watkins, Thomas, Trimming Seller.

133 Thomas, Samuel, Tobacconist.

135 Ashley, G. Banker.

137 Stock, Robert, Tailor.

139 Ivyleaf , J. Hat Manufacturer.

141 GEEVES, THOMAS, Bookseller.

143 ATKINSON and CROOKES, Tailors.

145 JACOBS, A. Umbrella Manufacturer.

147 Asser, Louis, Dealer in China and Glass.

149 Gill, S. Oil and Italian Warehouse.

151 Taylor, George, Tailor.


153 Wilson, Robert, Cheesemonger.

155 Butler, James, Grocer and Tea Dealer.

157 Aubert and Kalftenberger, Watch Makers.

159 Vincent, J. and C. Bit and Spur Makers.

161 Senior, William, Stationer.

163 Gardner, James, Map Publisher.

165 Batterson, A. C. and S. Hosiers and Glovers.

167 Willey, William, Tailor.

167 Eyre, William, and Co. Hosiers.

QUADRANT, Eastern side.

52 Higham, India Rubber Depot.

59 Parry and Son, Wollen-drapers.

58 Desfontaines, Fancy Repository.

60 BARBE, C. Musical Instrument Maker.

62 Whitehouse, J. (late Brown, ) Milliner.

64 Stephens, A. Milliner and Bonnet Maker.

66 Churchman, G. Milliner and Bonnet Maker.

68 Tremain, Maria, Milliner and Bonnet Maker.

70 Courtier and Greening, Tailors.

72 Langley, Henry, Milliner.

72 Deen, Miss, Milliner.

74 Barnett and Co. Milliners.

76 Fosset C. Stock and Brace Maker.

76 SMITH, R. Tobacconist.

78 BRADY and PACKER, Seal Engravers.

80 JONES, ROWLAND, India Outfitter.

82 Griffiths, John, Milliner.

84 Sewers, W. Trunk & Camp Equipage Manufacturer.

84 DAVIS, A. Tobacconist.

86 Chickell, George, Shawl Warehouse.

88 Edwards, Hugh, Woollen-draper.

90 Hetherington and Co. Cut Glass Manufacturers.

92 ROWLANDS, W. and T. Silversmiths.


96 Stubbs, Joseph, Blind Maker.

98 FOSSETT, Mrs. Stay Maker.

98 CARD, W. Flute Manufacturer.

100 Jennings, J. L. Hair Dresser.

102 Newman, Philip, Tailor.

104 Barclay, George, Furrier and Hatter.


REGENT STREET. Eastern side.

106 Glen, Baker.

108 WATKINS, ZACKARIAH, Trimming Seller.

110 ASH and LEWIN, Woollen-drapers.

112 GREEN, E. Tailor.

114 115 118 HITCHCOCK, W. Draper and Mercer.

120 CATCHPOLE and WILLIAMS, Silversmiths.

122 Newman, J. Philosophical Instrument Maker.

124 Warwick, Engraver and Jeweller.

126 White, George, Tailor.

128 LEWIS, FREDERICK, Jeweller.

128 Lefebre, Dealer in French Goods.

130 Stones, and Co. Woollen-drapers.

132 Gage, W. Importer of Foreign Wines.

134 Jennens and Co. Button Manufacturers.

136 FORRER, ANTONI, Artiste en Cheveux.

138 NELSON, J. Furrier

140 FRANKS, R. H. Hatter.

144 Stephens and Blackwell, Drapers.

146 Tidmarch and Durkin, Drapers.

148 Dadley, John, Boot Maker.

150 Lodge, John, Hosier and Outfitter.

152 Manning, R. Importer of Foreign Goods.

154 Vickery, W. Dealer in Glass.


156 JACOB, F. W. Medicated Pomatum Warehouse.

158 Swan and Barker, Milliners and Dress Makers.

158 Pickford and Co. Carriers.

160 GOSNELL, JOHN, and CO. Perfumers to the Royal Family.

162 Luff, Mrs. and Miss, Milliners.

164 Jackson, Misses, Juvenile Warehouse.

166 Gass and Co. Goldsmiths and Jewellers.

168 Hays, Henry, Engraver and Lithographer


1 Soloman and Soloman, Tailors.

2 FIELD, I. and W. H. Profile Painters, and Jewellers.

3 BARTON, Hosier, Shirt Maker, and Tailor.

4 STARKIE, Chemist & Druggist. (See Vignette.)


5 Kell, Wax and Tallow Chandler.

6 Handlord, Trunk Maker.

7 Handford,Dressing Case Maker.

8 Crabtree, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

9 Beardmore, Hatter.

10 Thomas, Goldsmith and Jeweller.


11 New. Bookseller.


13 Greves, Hosier and Glover.

14 Edmonds, Jeweller and Watch Maker.

15 Ashley and Co. Tea Dealers.

16 Flower, and Rogers, Dealers in Foreign Wines.

17 WATTS. Chemist.

18 Mail and Steam Packet Office.

19 Bawtell, Boot Maker.

20 Marshall, W. Tea Dealer and Grocer.


22 Allen, Trunk Maker.

23 YEATES, Ham and Tongue Warehouse.


25 Smith, Joseph, Tobacconist.

26 Pritchett. E. and C. Outfitters

27 Silvester and Co. Engravers.


28 Philips, Tailor and Woollen-draper.

30 WARREN'S Blacking Manufactory.

31 ROAKE VARTY, Booksellers and Stationers.


32 DRURY, Silversmith and Sword Cutler.

33 Davis. J. A. Brush Manufacturer.

33˝ Perkins, Ladies' Boot Maker.


35 Lowther Bazzar.

36 Gillott, Tailor.

37 Taylor, J. and W. Patent Truss Makers.

38 Smith, Silversmith.


39 Vaughan, Silversmith and Pawnbroker.


41 Pedley, Confectioner.

95 Gurney, Wine Vaults.

46 Read, J. Trunk Maker.

47 A rnould. J. Bookseller.

48 Harris, Web Manufacturer.

49 BEWLAY. Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.

49 MIDELEY, Chemist and Druggist.

50 Crichton, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

50 Johnson, W. Watch and Clock Maker.


51 Jones, Jones, and Radcliffe, Surgeons.

52 Cheek. Fishing Rod and Tackle Manufacturer.

53 SOLOMAN, H. Refiner & Dealer in Foreign Coins.

54 Forrest, Dealer in Curiosities.

55 Simpson, Cutler and Surgical Instrument Maker.

56 Golding, J. Oil and Italian Warehouse.

57 Stunt, Boot Maker.



61 VARNHAM, ARTHUR Stationer.

62 WEISS & SON Cutlers and Surgical Instrument Makers.

63 MINIER, ADAMS, and NASH, Seedsmen.

63 WILLIAMS, Linen Draper and Mercer.

64 HARVEY, DENTON, and CO. Gold and Silversmiths.


65 Bourchier, Fur Warehouse.

67 Beck, Henderson, and Co. Seedsmen.

68 Barron, H. Painter and Decorator.


415 WHITE, W. Dealer in Tobacco and Snuff.

416 Wymer, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

417 Scott, J. Colourman and Dye Manufacturer.

418 Galon, and Co. Hatters.


419 Miller. Cheesemonger and Butterman.

420 West, Hardwareman.

421 Leigh and Son Map Publisher.

423 WEBB, Tailor and Outfitter.


424 Ward, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

425 Hatchard, Draper and Silk Mercer.

426 REBBINGTON Stationer.


427 CALDWELL, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

428 Giles, Surgeon and Chemist.

429 Westminster Life and British Fire Office.


430 Martin and Holmes, Drapers.

431 Doughty. Cutler and Dressing Case Maker


433 Stobbs, Mrs. Stay Maker.

434 Tiffin, Ancient and Modern Print Seller.

435 Eve and Phythian, Tea Dealers and Grocers.

436 Barron and Son, Ironmongers.

437 Ehrhart, Confectioner.


438 Richards, Silversmith and Dressing Case Maker.

439 Smith & Co. Importer of Chinese Goods.

440 LEE, Bookseller and Stationer.

441 Johnson, Furrier.

442 Peters, Milliner and Dress Maker.

443 STRAKER Bookseller.

444 Spencer, and Co. Picture Dealers.

445 Parker. J . W. Publisher.

446 Antrobus, Sir E. and Co. Bankers.

447 KENDALL and SONS, the Civet Cat Bazaar.

448 DRY. Silversmith and Jeweller.





Dowling, Auctioneer and Valuer.

450 Valpy, A. Clerical and School Agency Office.

450 Smith, Tailor.

451 Massey, Grocer.

452 Golden Cross Hotel and Tavern Coach Office.

453 Gardner, Dealer in Lamps and Oils.

454 Wyld, Geographer to the Queen.

455 Hawley, Geneva Watch and Clock Maker.

456 Simpson, W B. House Painter.

457 Gawan, Patent Truss Maker.

Morley's Hotel.


1 SAMS, Royal Subscription Library.

1 Palmer, G. Dressing Case Maker.

2 Hance, Hatter.

3 BERRY, G. Grocer. The Coffee Mill.

3 WEIGALL, Engraver to the Queen.

4 Crellin and Co. Tailors.

5 Imperial Fire and Life Office.

6 Lock, I. G. Hatter.

7 Adam, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

8 GIDDY, Chemist.

9 Slater and Son.

St. James' s Bazaar.


15 PIKE, Breeches Maker.

16 Caterer and Son, Hatters.

17 Herries, Farquhar, Davidson, and Co. Bankers.

18 WILLIS and CO. Tailors.

19 Brumby, Glass Manufacturer.

20 Nugee, Tailor.

21 Nicholls and Housley, Silk Mercers

22 Lewis, Silversmith and Jeweller.


23 BRIGG, Walking Stick Maker and Hair Dresser.

24 Welch and Gwynne, Print Sellers.

25 Garcia, Fruiterer.

26 Jones, Charles, Gun Maker. Bromley's Auction Rooms.

27 Banting, W. Upholder and Cabinet Maker.

28 Boodle's Club House.

29 Hummel and Co. Hosiers and Shirt Makers.

30 Bryant, Picture Dealer.

31 Dodd, Tailor.

32 McClary, H. J. Librarian and Stationer. Angelo's School of Arms.

33 WALKER, G. Tailor and Habit Maker.

34 Mortimer, T. I. Gun and Pistol Manufacturer.

35 EVANS. I. and F. Hatter and Hosier.


36 THOMAS, Boot Maker.

36 ELEY, Patent Wire Cartridge Warehouse.

38 White's Club House.

39 Moore and Co Hatters.

40 Hogg, E. Military and Naval Tailor.

91 McDOWALL, Watch and Clock Maker. York Chambers.

42 Barclay. Furrier and Hatter.


Hoby, Boot Maker.

The Guard's Club House

Crockford's Club House.

53 Crockford. Esq.

54 Bond's Club House.


55 Richards, Chemist.

56 GURNEY, J. and CO. Tailors.

57 58 Symon's Hotel.

59 60 Ellis's Hotel.

Brook's Club House.


61 Payn, R. Wine Importer.

Grary, Mrs. Magasin de Nouveautes.

62 Lauriere J. Jeweller,

63 FENTON, F. H. Fenton's Hotel.



65 Pulford, Tailor

66 Wilkinson, Tailor.

67 PHILP & WHICKER, Cutlers, and Surgeons' Instrument Makers.


67 Robertson, French Bread and Biscuit Baker.

68 Johnson, H. Sword Cutler

Arthur's Club House.

71 Haynes.


72 SMITH and CO. Fruiterers.

73 Halpin, Tailor and Breeches Maker.


76 Boss, Gun Maker.

76 BIDNEY, MISS, Honiton Lace Manufacturer to Her Majesty,

77 MOORE, C. Gun Manufacturer.

77˝ Morgan, Esq.

78 STRONG, O. and W.O. Hatters.

79 Mimpriss, Jeweller.

80 Willis, J. and W. Thatched House Tavern.

81 Harrison, Tobacconist.

82 Martin, J. Tailor.

83 Page, Wig Maker.

84 Fisher, Hosier and Glover.

85 Albion Club House.

86 Cary, G. and J. Map and Globe Publishers.

87 Graham's Club House.

ST. JAMES'S HOTEL, C. G. ENGLISH. (See the Engraving.)

88 Percival, Military Instrument Maker.



41 John Bull Office.

42 Sibert, Tailor.

43 Saunders and Henning, Law Booksellers,

44 Alexander, Pastrycook.

95 Ecklord, Carver and Gilder.

46 Bailey, Hatter.

47 Lees and lnnes, Mercers and Drapers.

49 Waller. F Stationer and Print Seller.

50 DODSON, Cutler and Needle Maker,

51 BAX, Umbrella Maker.

52 Howard, Surgeon Dentist.

53 Laurie. R. Map Publisher.

55 Aarons and Co. Furriers.

55 Burton, E. Tobacconist.

56 57 Fellows, R. T. Green Draggon Wine Vaults.

58 Halksworth Watch Maker and Seal Engraver.

59 PIGOT and CO. National Directory Office and Map Publishers.

60 Howes and Hart, India Shawl Warehouse.

61 HYDE, G. and CO. Stationers. &c.

62 Parris, J. Windsor Soap Maker.


63 YEOLAND, Milliner and Dress-Maker.

64 Bolt in Tun Coach Office and Hotel.

65 Cockerel] and Stockwell, Boot Makers.

66 Barker, Retail Wine and Spirit Merchant.

67 DIXON, Manifold Letter Writer Manufacturer.


68 Lowe, J. Hatter.

68 Hunter, Chemist.

69 PERKINS, BACON and PETCH, Bank Note Engravers.

69 Chaffin, J. Glass and Lamp Manufacturer.

70 Lynn, Oyster and Shell Fishmonger.


72 Sunday Times Office.

73 Lee, Jeweller.

SAMUEL, B. Lapidary and Jeweller.

74 THREDDER, J. Hatter.

75 Grant, Watch Maker.

76 Whitehead, and Co. Engravers.

77 Hoppe, Boot and Ladies' Shoe Maker.

78 Swift, Tailor.

79 Hanson, Silversmith and Cutler.

80 VARLEY & SON, Jewellers and Seal Engravers.

81 Grafton, Watch Maker

81 Crutchley, Map Seller and Publisher.


82 DAVENPORTS, Glass & China Manufacturers.

83 WEST, Optician.

85 Mattress, Hair Cutter. (Two Penny Post Office).

85 George, W. Music Seller.

86 Tilt, Publisher and Print Seller.

88 FOX, F. Italian, Oil, and Fish Sauce Warehouse.

89 Marriott, Ironmonger to Her Majesty.

90 Jenks, T. Upholsterer.

91 lnne, S. J. Grocer and Tea Dealer.

92 SWAIN, Tailor.

93 Lewns, Milliner.

94 Sangster, W . and J. Umbrella and Whip Makers.

95 Old Bell Tavern.

96 Hemsley, Baby Linen Warehouse.

97 DOUDNEY, G. D. Metropolitan British and Foreign Clothing Establishment.


98 Willows, Fishmonger.

99 Crown Tavern, C. R. Terrill.

100 Fair, W. Boot and Shoe Maker.

101 PROCTER, Snuff and Cigar Warehouse.

102 Baddeley, Boot and Shoe Maker.

104 Waithman,& Co. Drapers and Shawl Warehouse.

105 Hebblewhite, Draper.

106 CURRY, and Co. Tobacconists.

107 Smith, Colourman.

108 WILLIAMSON, Hosier and Shirt Maker.

109 Herring, Upholsterer and Auctioneer.

110 Farr, Grocer and Tea Dealer.

111 Hodgson, Bookseller.


112 Hodson, S. J. Publisher.

113 Smith, William, Publisher.

114 Gray, George, Pawnbroker and Silversmith.


115 Reynolds, R. Engraver, Printer, and Stationer.

116 Marriott, Cook and Confectioner.

117 Deacon, Oyster and Shell Fish Warehouse.

118 Whitting, Ham Dealer.

119 Smithson, J. Free Mason's Chop House.

120 HARDEN, Goldsmith and Jeweller.

122 Atkinson, Outfitter.

125 Stephens, Tailor, and Draper.

126 Cutler, Boot and Shoe Maker.

127 Morning Advertiser Office.

128 Nason, W. Chemist.


130 BURBRIDGE and HEALY Ironmongers.

131 SOUTER, School Library.

132 Sheffield, H. and E. Booksellers.

134 Dobbs and Co. Artist's Repository.

135 Clark, Cricket and Fishing Tackle Manufacturer.


Vizetelley and Co. Fancy Stationers.

136 Troughton and Simms, Opticians.

137 DODSON, Bookseller.

138 BUNDY, Trunk and Dressing Case Maker.

139 Weekly Dispatch Office.

140 Davis, W. Poulterer.

141 Gye, Frederick, Wine Importer.

142 West, C. Kings and Key Booking Office.

143 Bartholomew, Glover and Shirt Maker.

144 Sutton, W. Cutler and Jeweller.

145 PHILLIPS, Metal and Wood Letter Depot.


146 Taylor, Snuff Maker and Tobacconist.

147 Carvalho, Bookseller.

148 Dutton, Clock and Watch Maker.

149 MORRELL, H. Pen and Quill Manufacturer.


150 LAYTON, C. and E. Stationers and Engravers.

151 DALBY, S. Boot and Shoe Mart.


152 NOBLE, W. and J. Seedsmen and Florists.

153 SHARP, & CO. Proprietors of the Royal British Cerates and Liniment.

155 Fige's Portugal Family Hotel.

158 Nutt, D. Foreign Bookseller.

159 Seaton, Hosier and Outfitter.

160 Walton, Importer of Foreign Fancy Goods.

161 Ryley, Bookseller and Stationer.

162 Smith, T. and Co. Wine and Brandy Importers.

163 Hedges and Scott, Importers of Wines and Spirits.

164 HARDING, W. Anderton's Hotel.

166 Crown Newspaper Office.


167 Watson, Baker.

168 Bradford, Surgeon and Apothecary.

169 Seely, Bookseller and Publisher.


170 Woolfitt, Cabinet Maker.

171 CHARLES, J. Tailor and Draper.

172 Seely and Burnside, Publishers.

173 Barritt, Wholesale Bible Warehouse.

174 Hogg, Glover and Hosier.


175 Heath, Truss Maker.

176 Shepherd, Confectioner.

177 178 Moore, Peell's Coffee House.

179 HOOPER, S. and G. Stationers and Printers.


180 Mickham, W P. Tobacconist.

181 Mc' Lean, Carver and Gilder.

183 Purchas, St. Dunstan's Shades.



251 Day, Thomas, Hatter.

253 Price & Co. Patentees of the Cocoa Nut Candles. Hall, J. Hatter.

255 MULLAR and CO. Manufacturers from Berlin.

257 NUNN, and CO. Leghorn, Tuscan, Chip, and Straw Hat Manufacturers, by Appointment to Her Majesty.

259 NUN, MARTIN, Juvenile Depot


259 WHITE, MADAME, Magazin De Modes.

261 DURHAM, R. Cutler.

263 PARKER, Mrs. Milliner.

265 NIVOLEY, A. L. Importer of Fancy Articles.

267 CAUSSE, A. Hair Cutter.

Watts, Lace Warehouse.

268 Jones, Lace Warehouse.

269 Song', J. Italian Confectioner.

270 BRIDGE, Mr. Chemist.

271 Brown, W. Castle Tavern.


272 Gould, Mrs. Stay-maker.

273 Thornton, Madame, Milliner.

274 Hatton and Co. Linen-drapers.


275 Burgess, Mrs. Tailor

276 Hallett, Mrs. Lace Warehouse.

277 Foulger, James.

278 Coxhead, Mrs. Collar Maker.

279 HIGHAM, Mrs. Agent for Dr. Hull's Supporters and Trusses.

280 Allsop, Mrs. Corset-maker.

281 Rochard, Mr. Artist.

282 COURT, Mr. Chemist.

283 PEARSE, Mrs. Magazin Des Modes.

284 OGILVY'S Pommade De Vine.

285 HALLIDAY, J. Juvenile Warehouse.

286 Glasspool, John, Shoe Maker.

287 Smith, Mrs. Magazine de Modes.


288 BIGOT, MADAMOISELLE, Magazin De Modes.

288 SIMON LEON, Soienes Nouveautes.

289 Bosworth, R. Importer of Foreign Wines.



292 HUBERT, C. (late Lesauruer) Boot Maker.

293 Very, Mrs. (late Lemon) Milliner.

294 Huntly, Mrs. Stay-maker.

296 Rogers, Mr. Dentist.

298 Pugh, Mr. Tailor.

300 Worledge, Thomas, Stay-maker.


302 Knock, Mrs. Bookseller.

309 Allen, Mr. Milliner.

306 Ingleby, Mr. Gent.

308 HALL, J. S. Boot Maker.



311 Turner, J. and L. Veterinary Surgeons.


313 Ward, James, Baker.

314 WEALE and TAYLOR, Child Bed and Ready Made Linen Warehouse.

315 Thomas, Thomas, Tailor.

316 DAY, Mrs. Milliner.

317 Ram, Mrs. Milliner.

318 Percival, Mrs.

319 EAST and BULGIN, Librarians.

320 Welch, Mrs.

322 Bellingham & Bird, Lamp and China Warehouse.

324 Nasmyth, Misses, Artists.

326 Hewett, Miss, Milliner.

328 Payne and Son, Tea Dealers.



1 Morel, Dentist

2 Bigg and Son, Dentists.

3 MARKS & CO. Coach & Harness Manufactory.

14 Duffin, Mr. Surgeon.

15 Lucas, Mr. Gent.



1 Strongitharm, Engraver to her Majesty.

2 Cooper and Sons, Silk-mercers.

3 Rivingtons, Booksellers.

4 POPE and CO. Hosiers.

5 Asylum Life Office.

2˝ General Advertising Office.

2 Club Chambers Association.

7 Palladium Life Assurance Society.

8 United Kingdom Life Assurance Company.

9 London and Westminster Branch Bank.

10 Smith, D. and Son, Land surveyors.


11 Ming worth, Colonial Society.


12 The Clarence Club.

13 Royal Naval, Military, & East India Life Assurance Company.

14 Halton and Sons, Tailors.

15 Captain Martin.

16 Woodfall, Tailor.


1 WARREN, W. J. Warren's Hotel,

2 The Junior United Service Club.

3 Hopkinson, Barton, and Co. Bankers.

4 LUCK. KENT, and CO. Turkey Carpet Warehouse. Carlton Chambers.

5 HOWELL and CO. Jewellers.

6 JONES, J. Tailor.

7 HOWELL and Co. Perfumers.

8 Ryalls & Co. Publishers of the Conservative Portraits.

8 Carlton Chambers.

9 HOWELL, and Co. Drapers.

10 London Assurance Corporation.

11 Gladstone and Co. Wine Merchants.


HATCH, (late Borsley) Boot Maker. Carlton Chambers.

Fuller and Saltwell, Solicitors.

12 SEGUIN, Librarian and Music Seller.

13 Jennings, Milliner.

Cook, Tailor.

14 McPHAIL'S, New Gold Depot.

14 McDOWALL, Boot Maker to his late Majesty Rainy, Mr. Auctioneer.


16 Payne, W. Carlton Hotel.

16 FRIBOURG, EVANS, Tobacconist.

17 SUFFELL. German and French Warehouse.

18 MORTLOCK, China Warehouse.


20 CURRIE, N. J. Army and Navy Warehouse.

21 Horticultural Society.

22 YEARN, S. G. Jeweller.

23 Linney, Navy and Army Tailor.


24 CARPENTER and WESTLEY, Opticians.

25 Finden and Green, Architects.

26 Price, Mrs. Milliner.

27 The Strangers' Club House.

28 Hill, (late Monzani,) Music Warehouse.

29 Hill and Williamson, Flower & Glove Warehouse.

30 PALMER, JOHN, Hair Cutter. (See Vignette.)

31 STEVENS, late COBBE,Chemist and Druggist.

32 PONSONBY and SON, Carvers and Gilders to Her Majesty the Queen. (See Vignette, and Engraving.)

33 Ross, A. and Co. Opticians.

34 Chaplin, Universal Office for Mails and Coaches.

35 READ, J. Instrument Maker to her Majesty.

36 Chaplin, see 34, left hand side

37 General Steam Navigation Company.


38 Launders, Breeches Maker.

39 Swan and Edgar, Linen Drapers.

40 Bull and Mouth Western Coach Office.

41 Coach, Mail, and Railway Office.

42 Coleby, George, Tobacconist.

43 NOCK, S. Gun Maker.

44 Drewett, Ann, Circulating Library.

44 Smith, Chemist and Druggist.

45 Wayte, C. Furrier and Robe Maker.

45 Thomas & Co. Outfitters, Hosiers, and Glovers.

46,48 BICKNELL, R J. and Co. London Cloth Establishment.



1 TURNER, Furnishing Undertaker.

2 Morgan and Co. Wholesale Stationers.

3 Ward, Fruiterer.

9 Fleet Prison, Brown, Governor.

15 Howell, Fruiterer.

16 Crow, George, Wine Vaults.


17 BUTLER, D. Undertaker.

18 Willis, V. Swan.


19 Brett, Lamp Glass Manufacturer.

20 Butler, private house.

21 Hubbard, Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.

22 Winfield's Coffee and Reading Rooms. Wheatsheaf Yard.

23 Botten, C. Gas Meter Manufacturer.

24 Snoswell, hiusical Clock and Watch Manufacturer.

25 Blomfield, Rose Inn.

Mousell, Seal Engraver.

26 Bullen, F. Surgeon and Apothecary.

27 West London Savings Bank. Fire Station, No. 6.


28 Gillingham, Crown and Anchor.

29 City Coffee and Chop House.

30 BETHELL, Furnishing Undertaker. Brazier's Buildings.

31 BUTLER, C. Furnishing Undertaker.

32 Hope Coffee House.

33 Spark, R. Potatoe Warehouse.


34 Powell's Wine Vaults.

35 Bedford and Sons, Furnishing Undertakers.

36 Franks, W. Plumber and Glazier.


8 Gurney, J. Wine Vaults.

7 Mardon, J. Bookseller.

6 Salmon's Universal Medicine Warehouse.

5 WALKER, Wine Merchant.

4 General Benefit and Life assurance Society. Hughes, Miss, Dancing Academy.

3 Dinsdale. Roster and Glover.

2 Smith, K. Wine and Spirit Merchant.

1 Hodson, G. Tailors Trimming Warehouse.



43 Boyle, Linen-draper, Farringdon House.

44 HOUGHTON, Britannia Nail Warehouse. (See the Vignette.)

45 Ayres, Hatter.

46 Brown and Sons, Medical Glass Warehouse.

47 Vivian, Wine Vaults.

48 Rogers, Cheesemonger.

49 Simpson, Hosier and Laceman

50 Edwards, Tea Warehouse.

51 52

53 Lee, J. Butcher.

56 Vivian, John, Angel Inn

56 Eagle Coffee House, Mrs. Riley

57 Biss, S. Glass Dealer.

58 Hayes, W. S. Silversmith, and Salesman.

59 Ingerfield, Michael, Fruiterer. Entrance to the Butcher's Market.

60 Emms, John James, the Mail Coach.

61 Bilton, Hatter.

62 Harrison, Stay Maker and Milliner.

63 Cameron, David. Silversmith and Jeweller.

64 Rowed and Co. Medicine Warehouse.

65 Dunn, Surgeon.

66 ACTON, Oilman and Two Penny Post Office. Entrance Gate to Farringdon Vegetable Market

67 Brown, Baker.

68 DODD, Tea Dealer.

71 Farringdon Coffee and Reading Rooms

72 BROOKS, JOHN, Stationer.

73 BAKER, Wholesale and Retain Hardwareman.


75 Nettleton, Brazier.

76 Farringdon Dining Rooms.

77 Comfort and Son, Butchers

78 Fleming. Pawnbroker.

79 Jolly, C. Foreign Fruit Warehouse.

80 Gurney, Wine Vaults.

81 Niblett, Pawnbroker.

82 Druce, Butcher.


83 84 Walters and Lovejoy, Auctioneers.

85 Josolyne, Baker

86 Lavell and Co. Pork Butchers.

87 Weller, W. Cheesemonger.

Weller, W. Toy Shop.

88 Hopkins, W . Butcher.

89 Smith, Candle Manufacturer.

90 MOORES and SON, Ham Merchants.


91 BILLING, Account Book Manufacturer Stationer, & c.

92 Hutchinson, Chemist and Surgeon.


94 Blanchard, J. L. Tobacconist.

95 BARCLAY and SONS, Medicine Warehouse.

96 ROSE, Mrs. Silversmith.

97 Cutler, Corn Chandler.

98 HEBBLEWHITE, Linen and Woollen-draper.


69 DAFT and SON, Hot House Builders.


71 LLOYD and CO. Hatters.

72 NORTON. Hosier and Glover.


73 WIDDOWSON and VEAL, (late Salter,) Silversmiths. (See Vignette.)


75 Hawley and Co. Goldsmiths and Watch Makers.



77 Brooks, Wax and Tallow Chandler.


78 FENTUM, M. A. Opera Office.

79 HOPPE, Stationer & Account Book Manufacturer.

80 Wilkinson, W. H. Hatter.

81 HEARNE, Bookseller.

82 GEDDES, T. and CO. Tailors.

83 Simpson, J. Wine and Spirit Merchant.

84 Arnold and Dent, Chronometer Makers.


85 PERRING, Hat Maker.

86 Lane and Billing, Trunk Makers.

87 Osmond, Coffee and Chop House.

88 Trowton, Boot and Shoe Maker.


89 MASSEY, E. Watch & Thermometer Manufacturer.

90 SHERRARD, J. Artist and Picture Dealer.

91 UPTON, Finsbury Dining Rooms.


92 Taylor, Perfumer.

93 Syret, Fancy Biscuit Baker.

95 Tollit, Gold and Jeweller.

94 PORTER and LACK, Stock, Shirt, and Collar Makers.

96 ACKERMANN and CO. Repository of Arts.

98 CLARKE, Hosier and Glover

99 100 Stanmers, Gold and Silversmith

101 102 RIES, Grand Cigar Divan.

103 Godfrey, Embroiderer.

103 Knight, Tobacconist.


104 GIFFORD, Chemist.

105 YANDALL and CO. Tailors.

106 DYTE and SON, Stationers to Her Majesty.

107 BURGESS, Old Italian & Fish Sauce Warehouse.


108 COCHRAN, J. Bookseller.

109 Moore, W. Tea Dealer and Grocer.

110 Brooks, Window Glass Merchant.

111 MIERS, Maker of Miniature Frames Or-molu.

112 The Sun Newspaper Office.

113 Lewis, Writing Master.

114 Irving, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

122 Gosling, Confectioner.


125 RICHARDS and CO. Hatters.

126 Hetherington, Bookseller.

127 The Globe Office for Advertisements.

128 Roberts and Co. Tea Warehouse.

129 Brown, Tobacconist.

130 Baddeley, Boot and Shoe Maker.


135 Thompson, Dyer and Scourer.

136 Froom, W. Carver and Gilder.

137 Cobbet, Bookseller & Publisher of the Champion.


138 Acklam, Watch Maker and Masonic Jeweller.

139 Pedley, Soda Water and Ginger Beer Manufacturer.

141 Cadell, Thomas. Bookseller.

142 Wright, J. Wine and Spirit Merchant, 'Turks Head.



344 Elliot, G. Painter, Plumber,and Glazier.

345 The Courier Newspaper Office.


346 Walker, A. and Co. Drapers.


351 Poland, P. and Co. Furriers.

352 Meaden, Bookseller.

353 Day, W. Patent Trunk Maker.

354 Spillman, Wine and Spirit Establishment.


355 Hanes, Music Seller

356 Renshaw, Bookseller and Publisher.

357 Knight, Fishmonger.

358 Willoughby, Hatter.

359 Down, H. (late D. and J.) Hatters.


366 Palser, Print Seller.

366 Weekly True Sun Office.

367 Deville, Brass Founder and Gas Fitter.


368 Barratt, Picture Frame Maker.

369 Scott, Chemist.

370 Bennett, Pastry Cook and Confectioner.

371 HUNT, S. and CO. Tobacconists.

Exeter Hall.

373 Lewis, P. National Boot and Shoe Magazine.

374 Cattaneo and Co. Carvers and Gliders.



376 Teale, Stay Maker.

377 Spooner, Print seller.

378 Lyons, Paper Hanger.

379 Crambrook, Gold and Silversmith.


380 Salle, Printseller.

389 EVANS, Arti st.

390 Welch, late Davy, Surgeon.

391 Simpson, Confectioner.

392 KNIGHT, Cheesemonger.

393 Galon and Richards, Hatters.

395 SHENSTON, (Successor to Payne,) Scale Maker.

397 Capper and Gray, Grocers.

399 Schmalcalder, C. Optician.

400 Usherwood, Silversmith.

401 STODART, Cutler.


402 Mils, J. C. and .1. Cigar Importer.

403 MURRAY, Transparent Blind Manufacturer.

404 Warren, Butcher.


405 Atkins, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Queen's Head.

406 Chapman, Chemist

407 FISHER, Italian Warehouse.


408 Lander, Belt and Garter Maker.

409 Watling, Newsman.

409 Rickie, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

410 Salter, T. Wine Vaults, Hampshire Hog.

The Adelphi Theatre

412 Batt, George, Seedsman.

413 Price, Fishmonger.


85 SPARROW, Tea Dealer. (See the Vignette.)

100 Langridge's Livery and Bait Stabler

101 Cole, J. Chemist and Druggist.

102 BOOTH, JOHN, Candle Manufacturer.

103 Mullins & Co. Leather Pipe Manufacturers.

104 Brown, Bookseller.

106 Lister, C. Woollen-draper.

107 Draper W. and T. Leather Merchants.

109 WALKER and CO. Upholsterers.

110 Taylor, W. Hosier.

111 Paul, J. F. Fishmonger.

112 Butterfield and Co. Oil Merchants.

112 Alexander. J. Biscuit Baker.

113 Gay, W. Brush Maker.

114 Hillas, G. L. Surgeon.

115 Tatham, G. Cabinet Maker.

116 GOSBELL, H. Stationer.


117 Kettle, S. Bookseller.

118 White, W. Wine Merchant.

119 Earnshaw, T. Chronometer Maker.

120 Adlard, F. Hatter.


121 Berry and Read, Linen-drapers.

122 Richards, J. Upholsterer.

123 Dimock and Co. Linen-drapers.

124 Ives, E. Upholsterer.

125 HARRIS, ROBERT, Upholsterer.

126 Adnani, Joseph, Oil and Colorman.


126 Parker, J. Working Optician.

127 TUCKER, W. H. Crown and Sheet Window Glass Warehouse.

128 Grove, J. Tailor.

128 BAZZONI, A. English and Foreign Toy Warehouse.

129 Gee, Wine Merchant.

130 Whight, D. Biscuit Baker.

131 Neighbour. G. Oilman.

132 Fosdrek, King's Arms Tavern.

133 Spencer, W. Bedding Warehouse.

135 Barker, Pawnbroker.


136 Harris, Wine Merchant.

137 Faulkner, Upholsterer.

138 Willis, J. W. Hatter.

139 BROOKE, E. Furnishing Ironmonger.

140 Ridley, H. Leather Cutter.

141 NODES, G. Bookseller.

142 Hartshorn, Wine Merchant.

143 Priestly, R. Bookseller.


144 Baxter. G. Chemist.

145 VARDY and CO. Beer Engine Manufacturers.

146 ROGERS, J. Wine and Spirit Merchant.

147 EASTON, G. Bread and Biscuit Baker.

148 HARRIS, J. Gas Fitter.

148 Ballinger, Confectioner.

149 Morgan, Leather Cutter.

150 Jones, R. Tin Plate Warehouse.

151 George, P. Coffee House.

152 Williams, Wine Vaults.

153 WOOLLEY & SABINE, Playing Card Makers.


185 Jones, D. Pawnbroker.

186 Park and Co. Hosiers and Glovers.

187 Smale, T. Dealer in Ivory.

188 BOWLES, J. Stationer.

189 Henesey, Wood Merchant.

190 Atkinson. J. Trimming Seller.

190˝ Fendon, Smith in General.

191 Tritsehler, German Clock Maker.

192 Harrott, C. Tobacconist.

193 Smith, Bookseller.

194 Novra, G. Toy Warehouse.

195 Chandler, J. Brush Maker.

196 Lincoln, H. C. Organ Builder.

197 Smith and Co. Hosiers.



199 Brown, S. Warehouseman.

200 Cubitt, Carpenter and Builder.

201 Davie, J. Watch Maker.

202 Clerk, W. Lithographic Printing Office.

203 Fish, P. Boot and Shoe Warehouse.

204 Pritebett, W Cabinet Maker.

205 Hart, G. Hatter.

206 Vinter. Cheesemonger, and Grocer.


207 Anderson, W. Baker.

208 Bishop, B. Brush Maker.

209 Weale, A. R. Southampton Tea Warehouse.

210 Scoles and King, Coach Builders.

211 Bullock, Auctioneer.

212 Adams, T. and Co. Umbrella Makers.

213, 214 London and Westminster Bank.

215 Toovey, T. Coffin Maker.

217 Long, R. Veterinary Instrument Maker.

218 Tepid and Cold Swimming Baths.

219 Bradford, Wine Merchant.

220 BENTLY, W. G. Perfumer.

221 TURTILL, ROBERT, Saddlery and Harness Manufactory.


223 THORN, A. Oil and Italian Warehouse.

224 ADLARD, F. Tailor and Draper.

225 Boustred, W. Biscuit Baker.

226 Healy and Co. Blacking Manufacturers.

227, 228 HOWITT. M. Warehouseman.

229 Witherington. Medical Hall.

230 Stone. M. and S. Tea Dealers and Grocers.

231 Hamley, W. Toy Warehouse.


232 Page, S. Furnishing Undertaker.

233 Parker, W. Gun Maker.

234 BENTLY, Window Sill and Door Plate Manufacturer.

235 Newman, J. Bookseller.

236 Behrens, J. Working Jeweller.

237 RADCLYFFE, E. Carver and Gilder

238 CARTER, J. Seedsman and Florist.

239 Blott, Baker.

240 KNIGHT, CHALLEN, and SON. Tailors.


242 WESTON, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

242 Watts and Co. Sole Consignees for Davis and Strangman's Irish Stores.


DE VER , Confectioner, 60, Cornhill, (corner of Gracechurch-street.) (See the Vignette.)

1 HICKLING, Furnishing Ironmonger.

2 SPINK and SON, Goldsmiths and Jewellers.


3 Vardon and Son, Ironmongers.

4 Belle, J. Tea Dealer and Grocer,

5 WAYTE, Confectioner.



7,8 Wilford, Boot and Shoe Mart.

9 DAVIS and SON, Boots, Shoes, and Leather for Exportation.

10 BEYNON and STOCKER, Tobacco and Snuff Makers.

11 LAURIE, Naptha Lamp Warehouse.

11 Fagg, Union Office.

12 Orchart, Bread and Biscuit Baker.


13 TERRY, G rasshoppe r Tavern and Dining Rooms.

14 Jordan, Tailor.

15 Nutt, Wine Vaults.

16 PALLISTER, Cross Keys Inn, & General Coach Office.

17 GRANT, Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.

17 GRANT, Oyster Warehouse, and General Booking Office.


18 Hoare, Frame Maker, Carver and Gilder.

19 Arnold's Ham Shop.

19 Parkins, Tailor.

19 Phillips, Engraver, Stationer and Seal Engraver.

20 PRYOR, Silversmith, Jeweller and Cutler

21 Gladwell, Carver and Gilder.

22 English, Surgeon.

23 MEDWIN, Boot Maker.

66 WILMOTT and Co. City Oil, Pickle, and Sauce Warehouse.

67 RITCHIE, Hat Maker.

67 Stephens, Bookseller.

67 Iman, Tobacconist.

68 Stuckey, Outfitter.

99 CAPPER & SON, Linen-Drapers to the Queen.

71 and Son, Ironmongers.

72 Cheslett, Outfitting Warehouse.

73 Weston.

74 Bull & Mouth Royal Mail & General Coach Office.

75 Shipman, Tailor and Draper.

76 Harford, Orange Merchant.


77 LILLWALL and POOLE, Cheesemongers.

78 GOULD, Carver and Gilder, Wholesale & Retail.

79 HOWELL, Lacenian.


80 RIGBY. E. and C. Brush Makers.

81 ORD and CO. Cheesemongers.


82 Pugh, Surgeon.

83 KNIGHT and SONS, Tea Dealers and Grocers.

84 CHAPLIN, Spread Eagle Inn, and Family Hotel.

85 Harrold, Outfitter.

86 Holms, Pewter Platter.

87 Wilson and Son, Hatters

88 WILSON. Wine Vaults, Half Moon Booking Office.


89 Ashcomb, Chemist and Druggist.

90 Sapwell, Confectioner.

91 Edmiston, Tailor .

92 COLE, Hat Maker.

93 Edmiston, Outfitting Warehouse.

94,95 DAY and CO. Oil, Pickle, and Sauce Warehouse.

96 Lamb and Son, Printsellers and Frame Makers.

97 Huggins, Family Mourning Warehouse.

98 Shearman and Briggs, Hat Manufacturers.


Main, Bath, & Reed, Patent Floor Cloth Manufactory

Paine, Hat Manufacturer.

2 Waterworth, G. and W. Comb Manufacturers.

3 Hoff mann, Confectioner

4˝ Hornby, Wine Merchant.

4th P Mon , W H. Brick Agent.

5 Hopkins, Bookseller.

6 Pearce, Wine and Spirit Vaults.

7 Aires and Son, Boot and Shoe Mart.

9 Baring, Brothers.

10 WARD, Shirt Maker.

11 DAY and SON, Auctioneers and Valuers.

12 Janson, W. H. and Co. Tailors.

13 Colonial Bank.

14 Glass & Co. Wholesale & Family Tea Warehouse.


16 British Asphaltum, and Patent Coal Company.


117 Richards, Wood and Co. Iron Merchants.

118 Firmer, J. P. Leather and Hide Factor.

119,120 ROSS and SON'S Saloon for Cutting Hair, under the Patronage of His late Majesty.


122 Barry, Stationer.

123 Bleaden and Co. London Tavern.

124 Barns and Co.

125 Costeker, Puckle, and Costeker, Woollen-drapers.


16 Coventry Street, facing the Haymarket,

W. P. and E. DUDDEN, London Cloth Establishment. (See the Engraving.)

1 BAIN, J. Bookseller.

2 SNOWDEN, Chemist and Druggist.


3 Payne, G. Italian Warehouse.

4 Coleman. W. Cutler.

5 CRUIKSHANK, Hair Cutter and Perfumer.

6 MACKINTOSH. Army Saddler.

7 LANG, Gun Maker. Haymarket Theatre.

8 WHITE. W. Chemist and Druggist.

9 Cafe de L'Europe, Tavern and Hotel.

10 Cawthorn and Co. Wine Merchants.

11 Bouverie and Co. Bankers.

12 Newman, G. Liquor Merchant.


18 Lowdnes, G. and W. Trunk Makers.

19 SKIDMORE, Medical and General Glass Manufacturer.

20 WILLIAMS, THOMAS. Boot Maker.

21 Valle, F. Italian Warehouse.

22 Morgan, W. F. Blue Posts.

23 Baron, W. Shell Fishmonger.

24 WEBB, RICHARD. Wine Merchant.

24 Brumby, Bookseller.


25 Garrard, Silversmith.

26 M'LEAN, Print Seller and Publisher.

27 Hudson, W. B. and Son, Chemist s and Druggists.

28 Adams and Co. Coach Makers.

29 Smith, J. Chemist and Druggist.


30 HUNT and COLLINS, Tailors and Breeches Makers.

31,32 Breeknell & Turner, Wax & Tallow Chandlers.

33 Burgeois, F. Perfumer.

34 FRIBOURG and TREYER, Tobacconists.

35 Binnington, Chemist and Druggist.

36 Grant, W. Watch Maker.


38 LAST, J. Trunk Maker.

38 HEMMIN, Tailor and Draper.

39 Fidkin, C. Tailor.

40 Quinn, Shell Fishmonger.

41 Biggs, G. Hope Coffee House.

42 Carter, James, Crown and Thistle.

43 Mann, Boot and Shoe Maker.

44 Adams, W. Tobacconist.

45 Wooldridge Surgeon.


46 Adamson, Black Horse.

48˝ Russell, Fishmonger.

48 Poncon, Francais Hotel.


49 Scott, Mrs. Basket Maker.


51 Wright, H. and W. Booksellers.

52 Osborne, The Grapes.

53 Bruce, J. Boot and Shoe Maker.

54 Watson, Baker.

56 Underwood, General Steam Packet Office.

56 Underwood, Cutler.


57 Adams, W. S. Ironmonger.

58 Knuppell, Mrs. Paris Hotel.

59 BOND, Mrs. Blue Post's Chop House.

60 Dubourg's Hotel.

61 Dubourg's Restaurant.

62 Levinson, Hosier.

63 Medex.Snuff Maker.

64 Roberts, Anglesea Hotel.

65 Sharpe, Perfumer.

66 Collins, Tailor.

67 Salomon, Tobacconist. Sherston's Livery Stables.

68 Heylyn, Lodging House.

69 Pierson, Waterloo Tavern.


70 Tuck and Son. Jewellers.

71 Wadge, Wine Merchant.

Queen's Theatre.



36 COOPER, G. Looking Glass Warehouse.

37 EDGINTON, W. Linen Draper.

38 LEUCHARS. Dressing Case Maker.

39 Whittingham, W. Chandler.

40 Burn, R. Boot and Shoe Maker.


41 FORES, Messrs. Printsellers and Publishers.

42 Walther, D. Bookseller.

43 Jones, W. Linen Draper.

44 ROBINSON, Messrs. Tea Dealers and Grocers.

45 Jackson, R. Wax Chandler.

46 Woodman and Son. Perfumers and Hair Cutters.


47 Blake and Son, Druggists.

48 Webb, Gold Laceman.


52 Baines, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

53 Brock Tea and Coffee Rooms.

54 COLLINS, JOHN, Chemist to the Queen.

55 SLOPE, THOMAS, Linen Draper.

56 Moore, J. Hatter.


57 Simpson, D. Bread and Biscuit Baker.

58 ALABASTER, C. Bonnet Maker.

59 Gains( ord, and Co. Wax Chandlers.

60 Gray, Son, and Fell, Stationers.

61 Ward, P. Laceman.

61 PROSSER, Goldsmith and Jeweller.

62 Aveling, and Co. Oilmen to Her Majesty.


63 Taylor J. Umbrella Maker.


162 WESTLEY and CORBETT, Shirt Makers.


163 PARKER, J. Carpet and Floor Cloth Warehouse.

164 WILSON, Chemist.

165 Owers, Ironmonger.

166 Henderson, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

167 Peat, Saddler.

168 Reece and Co. Medical Hall.

169 Ridgway, J. Bookseller.

170 Egyptian Hall.

170 Brown, T. and E. Seedsmen.

173 SHERBOILN & Co. Italian Warehouse.

174 Ludlam, J. and J. Hosiers.

175 ELISHA, C. Watch and Clock Maker.

176 Grange, Mrs Confectioner.

177 Duckham, J. Carpet Manufactory.

178 Thorp, J. Librarian.

179 MILLER and SONS, Wax Chandlers.

180 LATCHFORD. J. Bit and Spur Maker to Her Majesty.


181 DAVIS, THOMAS, Tailor and Breeches Maker.

182 Fortnum and Mason, Importers of Foreign Fruit.

184 PARKER, E. Perfumer to Her Majesty.

185 SWAINE and ISAAC, Whip Makers. (See Vignette)

186 Alnutt, H. Brush Maker.

187 Hatchard and Son, Booksellers.

188 Clark, A. Fancy Baker.

189 Starby, J. Wine and Spirit Merchant.

190 BOYD, J. Dining Rooms.

191 Flitcher and Co. Auctioneers.

192 Fitch, G. Glover.

193 Hall, Upholder and Cabinet Maker.

194 Collins, T. Butcher.

195 Paget, W. Cutler.

196 Worthington, N. Globe Maker.



2 Brookman, Surgeon.

Weigh-house British Sunday Schools and Chapel.

14 Foster and Lyon, Solicitors.

15 Mr. Rushbury's Office.

16 Pater, J. Chemist.

Tanner, E.

On the Right Arthur Street East.

17 Commercial Steam Packet Office.

18 The Eagle Steam Packet Office.

19 Holroyd Fish Hook Manufacturer.

20 Scott, Baker.

21 Marshall, John, Cheesemonger.

22 HILL, JOHN, Pin Maker.

23,24 Hopwood and Park, Wire Workers.

25 Moore, C. Tobacconist.

27 Spencer, Tobacconist.

28 Poole, Wine Vaults.

On the Right under the dry arch of London Bridge to Upper Thames Street.

On the Left Lower Thames Street.

30 Sharp and Son, Watch Makers.

31,32 FRANCIS, and Sun Coffee House.

33 General Booking Office.

34 Bell, James, Fishmonger.


35 Troughton, G. Butcher.

36 Fenn, J. Wine Vaults.

37 RICHARDSON, Boot and Shoe Maker.

38 WALTER, T. Mitre Tavern.

39 Smith, Fruiterer.

40 Wilcoxon and Co. Looking Glass Manufacturers.

THE MONUMENT-Monument Yard.


42 GREENWAY, Baker.

43 --, Upholsterer.

44 Meek, W. and Co. Ironmongers.

45 Gamble and Davis, Shoe Warehouse.

46 DAY, Ironmonger.

47 MILLAR and Co. Caoutchouc Depót,

48 Monument Coffee House.




24 Row, Gold and Silver Laceman.

25 Dobell, Tailor.

26 STORRS, JOSEPH. Importer of Irish Linen.

27 Spooner, Attwood, and Co. Bankers


28 SMITHER Tea Dealer.

29 SHIPMAN, J. Upholsterer.

BLANCH, Gun Maker.

30 Pewtress, Low, and Pewtress, Wholesale Stationers.

Wilson, Gold Lace Manufacturer.

31 Frodsham & Son, Watch and Clock Manufacturers

32 Ellis, Tailor.


33 Irish Banking Company.


35 CHRISTY and CO. Hat Manufacturers.

36 DURNFORD and CO. Pin and Needle Makers, And at Gloucester.

Turnley and Co.



39 City Auction Rooms






48 Dobree, P. and Sons, Warehousemen.

49 EDEN, and Co. Ironmongers.

50,51 Taylor and Black's Brush Manufactory.

52 Morley, Murray, and Stephens Warehousemen.

53 Jeffery, J. Wholesale Haberdasher.


55 HARVEY and DARTON, Booksellers.


56 Smith, Cornelius, Surgeon and Apothecary.

57 Paterson, Hair Cutter and Perfumer.

58 Jackson, Tailors' Trimming Warehouse.


59 Blenkinsop, H. Hosier.

The British Fluid Company.

60 Bousfield, George, Warehouseman.

Abbiss. James, and Co. Tea Warehouse.

61 Stephenson and Co. Export Ironmongers. Wheeler, Surgeon.

62 Johnstone, Robert, Wholesale Hardwareman.

63 MARTIN and CO. Wholesale Hardwaremen and Export Ironmongers. (See Vignette)

64 Albion Dining and Coffee Rooms.


Hawley, Watch Maker.

2 Bowen. J. Watch Maker.

3 BRAMELD and CO. China Manufacturers.

4 Bengough and Son, Trunk Makers.

5 Reid. Wine Vaults.


1 Egg. Joseph, Gun Maker.


3 Precious, Hatter.

4 King, Richard, Surgeon.

Flint, Perfumer.

5 Bruce, Boot Maker.

Grosvenor, Whip and Umbrella Maker.

6 Hemming, Hosier.

7 EDDELS & MARSHALL. Tailors and Drapers.

8 Pitt and Co. Hatters and Cap Makers.

10 Swan and Edgar, Drapers.

11 FORWARD. Oil and Colorman.

12 Smith, C. Gold Laceman.

Gomez, Mademoiselle Emelie.

13 Punton, Stationer and Bookseller.

14 Hawkes, Moseley, and Sons, Military Warehouse.

15 HALL and BANCKS, Playing Card Warehouse.

16 Ward, S. Tobacconist.

17 EDWARDS, Draper.

18 Lawrence, (late Osmond,) Seedsman,


19 Woolley, Ironmonger.

20 Hunt, Joseph, Playing Card Maker.


23 Grant, R. and E. Glovers and Stock Makers.

24 Thomas, Pastrycook.

Hanks, Hosier.

25 Drake, Hatter and Furrier.

26 Blanchard, G. J. Hosier and Glover.

27 BRIGGS, Dressing Case Maker.

28 Hardy and Page, Cork Cutters,

29 EVANS and LIBERTY. Drapers.

30 Faulkner, Artists' Colorman.

31 CHAPPLE, Trunk Maker.

32 Wilkinson, Silversmith.


33 Dykes and Cooper, Stationers. Kentfield, Milliner.

34 EDDELS, Hosier and Glover.

35 WOOLLEY (Successor to Knaggs and Co.) Chemist and Druggist. (See Vignette)




198 ROBERTSON, GEORGE, Grocer and Tea Dealer.

199 Lopresti, Fish Sauce Maker.

200 Garden, Military Warehouse.

201 Watson, E. F. Carver and Gilder.

202 Weeks, Umbrella Maker.

203 Bremner, Baker.

204 Gillatt, Wine Merchant.


205 Gillatt, Retail Wine Vaults.

206 Treluddra, Toy Shop.

207 Rickards, G. Distiller and Rectifier.

208 Edgington, Benjamin, Tarpaulin Manufacturer.

209 Young, Surgeon and Apothecary.


210,211 Morel, L. Foreign Warehouse.

212 Busher, Coach Builder. Sherwoods, Dress Makers.

213 Stephens, Upholsterer.

214 Robson and Co. Paper Hangers.

215 Baker, Breeches Make r. Aylett, Dress Maker.

216 HOWIS and MASSON, Oil and Italian Warehouse. Webb's Coffee House and Hotel.

Balls, White Rear Hotel and Coach Office.

222 Goodered, Wine Merchant.

222˝ Beale, T. A. Saloon Tavern and Chop House.

223 Agassiz, J. G. Grocer.

224 LUMSDEN, Bread and Biscuit Baker.


226 Errington, Homer and Glover.

227 Smith, Wine Vaults.


229 Shayer, Hosier and Glover.



32 Ponsonby, Carver and Gilder.

33 Ross. Andrew, Optician.

34,36 Chaplin's Universal Office.

35 Read, Instrument Maker.

37 General Steam Navigation Company.

38 launders, Breeches Maker.

39 Hope, R. Esq.

40 Bull and Mouth Western Coach Office.

41 Golden Cross Auxiliary Coach Office.

42 Coleby, Tobacconist.

43 Nock, Gun Maker.



154 CHUCK, J. and J. Cabinet Manufacturers.

155 Huntsman, B. Baker.

156 LYONS, H. R. Paper Hanger.

157 Davis, Glass Warehouse.

158 Edwards, Thomas, Boot Maker.

159 Fell, S. Coach Currier.

160 West. F. and Co. Upholders.

161 Grover, H. Oilman.

162 Furness, J. Pastry Cook.

163 Brown. T. Colourman to Artists.

164 Wilson, R. Two Brewers.

165 Berry, D. Confectioner.


167 FERGUSON'S Grand Exhibition.

168 FLETCHER, W. Carpet Warehouse.

169 FLETCHER. W Linen Draper.

171 Jones, E. Chemist.

172 Wenborn, R. Scale Maker.

173 Haines, W. Fishmonger.

173˝ Roberts, W. Salesman.

174 HARRISON, P. S. Ironmonger.

175 Rickman, W. Potatoe Merchant.

176 Rathbone, R. Corn Merchant.

177 HERRING, C. Lamp Manufacturer.

179 Hunter. S. Book Binder.

179 Martin, D. Tailor.


181 MARSHALL and SONS, Wax Chandlers.

182 Dyer, M. Alamode Beef House.

183 WELLS, THOMAS. General Dealer.



1 Meabry and Son, Grocers.

2 Camerer and Co Clock Makers.

3 Sellers, Chemist.

4 KLEYSER and CO. Clock Makers

5 PFEIL and CO. Ironmongers.

7 Keysell, F. Cheesemonger.

8 9 TURNER. C. Varnish Maker.

10 Miller, Clock Maker.

10 Dresch, C. Artists' Colourman.

11 Streather, J. Boot Maker.

12 Nicholas. George and Crown.

13 Sellman, R. Chandler.

14 Honey. W. Coffee House.

15 Stevens, J. King's Head.

16 Barras and Co. Tobacconists.

17 Pichard, J. Toy Warehouse.

18 Hopkinson, W. Grocer.

19 White, George the Fourth.

20 Hughes, W. Baker.

21 RUEL, H. W. Gold Refiner.

22 Hutley, Cheesemonger.

39 GRIMSTONE, W. Tobacconist, and Eye Snuff Manufacturer. (See Vignette)

40 Healey, D. Undertaker.

41 Pittman, J. Coat Dealer.

42 Williams, S. Eating House.

43 Mace, F. General Dealer.

44 Gurney, R. Rose and Crown.

45 GREGORY, W. Butcher.

46 Dudley, W. Chemist.

47 Piper, E. Straw Hat Maker.

48 Borer, G. Tea Dealer.

49 Wells. T. Pawnbroker.

50 HARRIS. H. E. Corn Dealer.


52 Micklam, T. Tobacconist.

53 Harris and Co. Spread Eagle.

56 Wells. J. Pork Butcher.

57 Harvey and Co. Floor Cloth Warehouse.

58 Buss, W. Surgeon.

59 Venables, Coffee Shop.

60 Stone. W. Shell Fish Dealer.

61 Lawrence, J. Tailor.

62 Lloyd, Publisher.

63 Codgbrook, T. Brown Bear.

64 Beale, J. Tobacconist.



1 Dykes and Cooper, Stationers.

2 St. Prex, Claude, Guyon, Tobacconist

3 Arnold, J. Plane Maker.

4 Barklimore, W W. Surgeon.

5 Andrews, R. Undertaker.

6 Smith, J. Ironmonger.

7 Bradshaw, B. Gas Fitter.

8 Walkington, and Co. Cheesemongers.

9 Marchant, Pawnbroker. Hampshire Hog Yard.

10 Oldham, II. Cutler.

11 Torpie, M. Dealer in Birds.

12 Critchley, Baker.

13 Murray, T. Ironmonger.

14 Daley, S. Shoe Maker.

Dean, W Wire Worker.

Remnant, Timber Merchant.

Hide, B B. Turner.

15 Wood, John, Hair Dresser.

Abbott, Wine and Spirit Vaults.

Goslin, Ginger Beer Manufacturer.

16 Severn, Tailor.

17 Cantrill, Coffee Rooms.


19 Chalmers, Baker.

20 Potter, J. Coffee Rooms.

21 Collins. A. Hat Manufacturer.

22 Cramp. G. Coal Merchant.

23 Cann. J. Eating House.

24 Marshal:, A. Glass Merchant.

25 Bailey, J. C. Chemist.


26 Turner and Co. Tea Dealers.

27 Mann, N. Chandler.

28 Elort, H. F. Pork Butcher.

29 Poole, J Currier.

30 Jupp, Susannah, Silversmith.

31 Wiggins, Corn Dealer.

32 Parker C. Bookseller.

33 Turner, J. Hair Dresser.

34 Stanby, Print Seller.

APTED, S Fishmonger.

35 Woods, J. Marine Store Dealer.

36 Drake, Oilman



37 CHAMBERLAIN. J. B. Spectacle Maker (See Vignette.)



22 Carter and Co. News Agents.

24 KITCHEN and CO Ironmongers.


25 Jenner, Oilman.


26˝ Tamsett. William. Tobacconist.

27 Baker and Co. Carvers.

28 Brown, Confectioner.

29 Bridge and Co. Cork Merchants.

30 Marks, M Hat Manufacturer.

31 Brydges, F. Stay Maker.

32 Ubsdell,C. Tailor.

33 Pain, Church and Turretf Clock Maker.

34 Crick, N. Plumber.

35 Potter, Grocer and Coffee Rooms.



36 Marriot. T. Crow.

37 Letchford, T. Coffee Rooms.

38 Dinham, J. Eating House.

39 Genese, S Miscellaneous Repository.

40 Aivs, W. Carpenter.

41 SWAIN, R. T. Trimming Seller.

42 Ansley, J. Grocer.

43 Stirton, J. A. Wax and Tallow Chandler.

44 POUPARD, E. Scale Maker.

45 Pott, J. China Dealer.

46 PANORMO. L. Music Seller.

47 Ballard, Paper Hanger.

48 Gardiner, W. Baker.

49 Mabson, G. Potato Dealer.

Parsons, House Agent.

49˝ King, R. Mahogany Timber Merchant.

50 Clarke, W. Glass Warehouse.


52 Hendry, Boot and Shoe Warehouse.

53 Borley, J. F. Jeweller.

55 Pinkerton, F. W. Grocer.


56 Sparkes, George, Lord Brougham.

57 Vincent, Chemist.

58 ROGERS, G. Tobacconist.

59 Gabriel, M. Tailor.

60 Collins, C. Hat Maker.

Langley, W. Shoe Maker.


Ramsy, J. Angel.

61 Bailey, G. Livery Stables.

62 Watkins, S Trimming Seller.

63 Kingsmill. J. Boot Warehouse.

64 Rice, J. Coffee Rooms.


65 Wood, E. Pawnbroker.

66 Benjamin, E. Clothier.

67 Abbott, Grocer.


143 Limbird, Printer and Publisher.

145 Herve, Miniature Painter.

145 Harvey, W. Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturer.

146 Smith, G. Ready-made Linen Warehouse.

147 McCormick, Picture Frame Manufacturer.

148 Greensill and Son, Lamp Manufacturers.

149 MAWE, S. Mineralogist to Her Majesty.

150 RALPH and Son, Tailors.

151 Braggs, Gun Maker and Shooting Gallery.


152 THRESHER, SON & CO. Outfitters and Shirt Makers.

153 Firmin Sons, Military Ornament Manufacturers.

154 HOULSTON and HUGHES. Booksellers Stationers.

156 YONGE, G. and W. Clock and Watch Makers.

157 Jones, Tailor and Draper.

158 Dudley, W. Boot and Shoe Maker.


161 Buckley, Floor Cloth Manufacturer.

162 STEWART. ALEXANDER, Somerset Hotel and Tavern.

163 Robins, Royal Filter Office.

164 Lewis and Co. Hosiers and Glovers.

165 Inglish, Scot's Pill Warehouse.

166 Whitelock, Ready-made Linen Warehouse.

161 Shuffrey, W. H. Upholsterer and Apprasier.

162 DOBSON, Cutler and Dressing Case Maker.


163 BRANDON, S Importer of Foreign Snuff and Segars.

164 Southgate. W. J. Bookseller.

165 Smith, H. D. Floor Cloth Manufacturer.

166 SIMPSON, Hosier. 167 Dickson, Baker.

168 Maltwood, W. Trunk Maker.


170 The Observer and Bell's Life in London Office.

171 Clarkson, Grocer.


172 Smith and Son, Map and Globe Sellers.


173 Morgan, Ready-made Linen Warehouse.

174 Reynolds, Bookseller.

175 Stokes, F. Grocer.

176 Lucas, Confectioner.

177 Ellis, Ivory Turner.

178 Willis, Umbrella and Parasol Maker.

179 Down, J. Tailor and Draper.


180 BURFIELD, Chemist.

181 Carry, Optician.

182 GRIFFIN, Wig Maker.

183 184 Parker, Dining Rooms.

185 Sherborn, Ready-make Linen Warehouse.

186 Chapman and Hall, Publishers.

187 Hebbert, Ready-made Linen Warehouse.


188 Fisher, Cutler.

189 Baxter, Crown and Anchor.

190 Partington, Joseph, Confectioner.

191 192 Smith, Stationery Warehouse.

193 Edwards, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

194 Peyton, R. Boot Maker.

194 Peel, Picture Dealer.

195 Milbourne and Son, Looking Glass Manufacturers.

196 WALKER, WILLIAM, Bookseller.

197 Kipling, M. Hosier and Shirt Maker.

198 Roberts, Saddler.


199 Baugh, I. H. Jeweller and Silversmith.

200 Cadman, U. Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturer.

201 Hill, Milliner.

260 Witherick, Confectioner.

16 DAVIS. J. Grocer.

262 Plum, Manufacturing Cutler.

263 Matt, Silversmith and Jeweller.

St. Clement's Danes Vestry Room.

264 BRAY, F. J. Ironmonger and Stove Depot.

269 270 TUCKER, Lamp Manufacturer.

271 Cowdry, Brush Maker.

272 Green, Henry, Cow Keeper.

273 Bayliss, Ironmonger.

274 Shaw, Baker.

275 Denton, Paper Stainer.

277 WILSON, W. Perfumer and Theatrical Wig Maker.

278 Cull, Painter and Glaizer.

279 Bentley, E. Stay Maker.

280 Child, W. Gun Maker.

281 BOULTON, Thomas, Cutler.


283 Standgoom, Fruiterer.

284 Hutchinson, Depot for the German Ointment.

285 King, John, Angel and Sun.

286 Blades, John, Butcher.

287 TUCKER. Dealer in Game.

288 King, H. Norfolk Arms.

289 Allen, Grocer.

290 Coutts, T. Baker.

292 Ody, Truss Maker.

294 Lear, J. Brush Manufactory.

295 Goodwin, Thomas, Oyster Rooms.

296 Boakes, John, White Hart.

297 Birmingham, Coffee Rooms.

298 Hilling, J. Spotted Dog.

299 Office for Bell's New Weekly Messenger.

300 Warren, R. Butcher.

301 Millikin, Cutler.

302 Greville, Naturalist.


318 Cameron, D. Pawnbroker.

319 Hart, J. New & Second Hand Clothes Warehouse. 328 Hamilton, G. Hair Cutter.

321 Smith, Baker.

322 Emans, P. Edinburgh Castle Tavern.

323 324 325 Faulkner, Wine & Spirit Establishment.


328 Coster, Oil and Colourman.

329 Hill and Co. Somerset House Dining Rooms.

330 LOW and SON, Perfumers to her Majesty.

331 Slater, Coach Spring and Axletree Manufacturers.


332 Office for the Morning and Evening Chronicle.

333 Short, John, Strand Hotel.

334 Satirist Office.

335 Boyne, Office for the Morning Post.


336 SLACK, Furnishing Ironmonger.

337 Penny Weekly Chronicle Office.


338 Jones, Silversmith and Jeweller.

339 Church, Red Lion.

340 Vernez, Pork Butcher.

341 Simpson and Co. Cheesemongers.

342 PAINTER, Printer and Publisher.


1 TAYLOR, J. Bookseller.

2 Evett, G. Green Grocer.

3 Langham, J. M.

4 Henton, F. Tailor.

5 Martin, Surgeon.

6 Manfield, Wire Worker.

7 Haynes, Linen Draper.

8 Hills, Corn Chandler.

9 Jones, Thomas, Thatched House.

10 Hughes, Shoe Maker.

12 GARNHAM, Linen Draper.

13 Muzzel, L. Poulterer.

14 Felgate, Tea Dealer and Grocer.

15 Marsh and Son, Potatoe Dealers.



16 Naylor. Ironmonger.

17 Few, Carpenter.

18 Rabbeth, Cheese and Bacon Factor.


19 Murry, W. Baker.

20 Edridge,

21 Renshaw, Ironmonger.

22 Salmon, W, Linen Draper.

23 Walker, Tailor

23 Gale, Picture Dealer.

24 Hamley, J. P. Tobacconist and Watch Maker.

25 CETTI J. and C. Plate Warehouse.

26 Hay, Cabinet Maker.

27 Smith, James, Shoe Maker.

28 Lee, G. Lithographic Artist and Painter.


29 Thurling, Butcher.

30 Affleck, Boot Maker.

31 Hayward, W. Poulterer.

32 Gorman, Milliner.

32 Rathbone, Hair Dresser.

33 Cook, J. H. Poulterer.

34 Smith, G. Boot Maker.

35 Ward, W. Builder.

36 Youens, Boot and Shoe Maker.

37 ROE., J. W. Chemist.

38 Chamen, Wine Vaults.

39 Cook, Butcher.

40 Elden, Pastry Cook.


41 SMITH and CO. Wax and Tallow Chandlers.

42 Fundell, Bake,

43 ATKINSON, Oil and Colourman.

44 STENNETT, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

45 Whibley, Green Grocer.

46 Jones, Dyer.

47 Perkins, Boot and Shoe Maker.

48 Cazaly, Linen Draper.

49 Harper, W. Piano Forte Manufacturer.

50 Hook, Baker.

51 Roberts, Henry, Wheat Sheaf.

52 Dear, Edward, Grocer and Tea Dealer.


53 LOVELL, Window Glass Cutter and Glazier.

54 Dance, Hair Cutter.

55 Muckelston, Brush Patten, and Clog Manufacturer.

56 Hingham and Hart, Hosiers.


58 Burden, Poulterer.

59 Statham, Butcher.

60 Bennett, Watch Maker to H. R.H. Duke of Sussex.

61 Barrett, Poulterer.



64 ROBINSON, and BELLVILLE, Grocers and Tea Dealers, and Manufacturers of Patent Groats and Patent Barley. (See Vignette.


65 Sheasby, Ironmonger and Brazier.

66 Pottle, S. Pork Butcher.

67 Taylor, Ginger and Spruce Deer Manufacturer.

68 GREGORY, Tailor and Habit Maker.

69 Rowland's Miscellaneous Repository.

69˝ Edwards, Milliner.

70 MORTIN, THOMAS. Painter and Glazier to the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn.

71 Jolly, R. W. Green Grocer.

72 Ganod, W. Wine Cooper.

73 KING, Boot and Shoe Maker.

74 Chrisholm, Green Grocer.

75 Longmore J. Hosier.

76 Garner, W. Tea and Coffee Rooms.

77 Thornton, Hair Dresser.

78 Aldworth, W. H. Butcher.


17 Peacock, City of London Tavern.

18 Graves, W. J. Cigar Warehouse.

19 South Australian Company.

22 Pardus, Poulterer.

23 Halliday and Co. Booksellers.

24 Bennett, Bookseller and Binder.


25 Lake, T. and Co. Seedsmen and Florists.

26 BARTON, W. J. Tallow and Wax Chandler.

27 MORRIS, Paper Hanger and House Painter.

28 COLI.EY, Perfumer.


29 Carter, E. Bonnett Maker and Toy Warehouse

30 ALSTON and HALLAM, Goldsmiths and Jewellers.


33 Miller. Brush Maker.

34 Case, C. Tobacconist.

35 Currall and Son, Wine and Spirit Merchants.


36 Pearson, W. Bookseller and Stationer.

37 Arpthorp, Stay Warehouse.

38 GREENAWAY and SON, Hatters.

39 SHARLAND and CO. Drapers and Hosiers.

40 STONE and SON, Tailors.

41 Complin and Beale, Chemists.

42 Evans, Outfitter.

43 Daniel, E. Surgeon.

44 Sharp, Tea Dealer and Grocer.


47 VARTY, W. N. and I. Lacemen.

48 Freeman, Laceman.

49 Millard, Tea Warehouse.

50 Sorel and Banes, Leather Sellers.

51 Thompson, H. S. Surgeon.

52 Joseph, M. Tobacconist.


53 Barnard, Umbrella and Parasol Maker.

54 Lane, Ready-made & Child Bed Linen Warehouse.

54 Marine Society.

55 Floyd, Hosier and Glover.

56 EBBS, Draper and Mercer.

57 Hobbs, Boot and Shoe Maker to the Royal Family.

58 Goldsmith, Wine Vaults.


59 BROWN, Stay Maker.

59 Breakwell Tailor.

60 NICHOLSON, Draper and Mercer.

60 61 HILL, Bread and Biscuit Baker, Pastry Cook and Confectioner.

62 Wick. Tallow and Wax Chandler.

63 Moore, Bookseller. Stationer and Paper Hanger.



65 Deane. Mercer and Draper.

68 FITCH and SON. Cheesemongers.

67 COOPER and TURNER. (late Turner, I Bread and Biscuit, Baker, Pastry Cook & Confectioner

68 DERISLEY, Hosier.

69 Collins, Wine Vaults.

70 Vine Inn.

71 Gibson. Goldsmith.

72 Scott and Thorpe, Tea Dealers.

73 Peachy. G. Piano Forte and Music Warehouse

76 Burdett, Floor Cloth and Carpet Warehouse.


77 Duthoit and Harris, Drapers and Mercers

78 Stevens, W Wine Merchant.

79 WARD, Operative Chemist.

80 Gardner and Son, Wholesale Cheesemongers.

81 Wread, Umbrella and Parasol Maker.

82 Mathieson and Son, Tailors.

83 Four Swans Inn General Coach Office.

84 Harrison, Four Swans Tavern and Family Hotel.

85 86 Green Dragon Hotel, and General Coach Office.

87 Booth and Co. City Hat Warehouse.

88 Willoughby, Straw Bonnet Warehouse.

89 DEAR, Chemist and Pharmaceutist.

90 Shepherd, Trunk Maker and Undertaker.

91 Peacock, Saddler.

92 GINGER, Bull Inn Family Hotel and Tavern.

93 Cooper, H. L. Plate Glass Factor and Upholsterer.

94 95 HEARON, BRIGHT, THOMSON. & CO. Wholesale Drugists.

97 FeiId. Dealer in Foreign Wine and Spirits

98 Welb, W. Oil and Italian Warehouse

99 Weller, S. Fishmonger.

101 VOLKMAN and SONS, Confectioners.

102 Thomas, Candle and Colour Warehouse.

103 MARTIN, Tobacconist.


104 MORTON, Excise Dining Rooms (See Vignette.)

105 BADSHAW, Hosier and Glover.

106 Thorpley, Wine and Spirit Vaults.

107 Bumsted, British Wine Warehouse

109 Livingston, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

109 HILLUM, Optician.

110 Olding, Furnishing Ironmonger.

111 Wood, Working Cuttler.

113 Evans, Tobacconist.

114 Smith, Tea Dealer,

115 Flower Pot General Coach. Waggon Van Office-.

115 Lewis, Wine Vaults.



1 Beckett, John, Tobacconist.

2 Rokes and Webster, Furnishing Undertakers.

3 Bicknell, Homer.

4 Ware, Thomas, Surgeon.

5 Butler, J. Straw Bonnet Warehouse.

6 Pugh, W. and C. Upholsterers. Thomas, Thomas, Pawnbroker

8 Smith and Rowles, Dyers.

9 Speeds, Livery Stables.

9 Probin, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

10 Hunt, James, Baker.

11 Rudderforth, Stay Maker.

12 Bell, Milliner.

13 Miller, Cabinet Maker.

14 Keene and Co. Wine and Spirit Merchants.

15 Seward, Furniture Warehouse.

16 KILLICK and SADD, Paper Stainers.

17 Roberts, Linen Draper.

18 Fetherbridge, Draper.

19 Pout, W. C. Stationer.

20 Thompson and Co. Pork Butchers and Poulterers.

21 Barr, J. C. Hat Maker.


22 Billingham, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

23 Roy. Bread and Biscuit Baker.

24 Gain, James Butcher.

25 Johnson, Dobson, and Co. Silk Mercers.


26 Thredder, R. Hatter.

27 White, Linen Draper and Silk Mercer.

28 Swinstead, Straw Bonnet Maker.

30 HOWELL, Confectioner.

31 BUTCHER, GEORGE, Tea Dealer.

32 Jones, Straw Bonnet Maker.


33 Ware, Solicitor.

34 Fisher, G. Pawnbroker.

35 36 Fisher, Fisher, and Co House and Ornamental Painters, and Paper Hangers.

37 Reynolds, Straw Bonnet Warehouse


39 Hibberdine, Straw Bonnet Warehouse.

40 Creswell. Pawnbroker.


41 Lambert, Chemist and Druggist.

42 Goulston, J. Carpet Warehouse.

43 Brand, Brush Maker.

44 Aldridge. King's Arms.

45 Cross, Henry. Coffee Rooms.

46 Cockerell and Co. Upholsterers and Cabinet Makers.

47 Cockerell and Son, Auctioneers and Appraisers.

48 Clark. Silk Mercer.

49 Hems. W. and B. Manufacturing Cutlers.

50 BRETT. ALFRED, Wine and Brandy Merchant (See the Vignette.)


Goodman's Livery Stables.

51 Lawson, Horne, and Co. Hatters.

52 SENTANCE, Grocer and Tea Dealer.



53 Dutton, Boot and Shoe Maker.

54 Perry Confectioner.

55 Cooper and Co. Cheesemongers

56 Waymark, F. Horse Shoe.

55 Dent, Grocer.

56 VAUGHAN, JOHN, Oil and Colourman.

58 Lunham, James, Cheese and Bacon Factor.


59 Heath, J. and E. Curriers and Leather Sellers.

60 Pointer, James, Wine and Spirit Vaults

61 Breillat, Joseph, China and Glass Warehouse

62 Drew. Wine and Spirit Merchant.

63 Evans, E. Surgeon and Druggist.

64 Ratcliffe, J. T. Stationer.

65 CARTER, S. Wax and Tallow Chandler.

66 Levy, Fruiterer.

67 Goldsmith. Whip Maker.

67 Parnell, Clothes Warehouse.


68 Dore. Thomas, Wine and Spirit Vaults.

69 Morpeth, Linen Draper and Carpet Warehouse.

70 71 Grave and Co. Cabinet Makers.

72 Baker and Co. Dyers and Scourers.

73 Payne, Bookseller.

74 Hockings, T. Coffee Rooms.

75 Timbs, Oilman.

76 MILES. Currier.

77 Kaltenback and Co. Watch and Clock Makers.

78 Woodgates, Pork Butcher.

79 Lucas, W. The Star.

Catlin, George and Mary, Livery Stables.

80 Saunders, Dining Rooms.

81 Cashier, Fishmonger.

82 Cooper. Feather Bed and Mattress Manufacturer.

83 Hiscock, Architect and Surveyor.

84 PHILLIPS, Grocer and Tea Dealer.


85 Jackson. Solicitor.

86 Lewis, Baker.

87 Williams, Tobacconist.

88 Jones, Wine and Spirit Merchant.


90 Hosegood. Surgeon.


91 Yale and Son Chemists and Druggists.

92 Collison, Boot and Shoe Maker.

93 Marks. Plate Glass Warehouse.

94 Warmington, Tailor.

95 Collinson, E. Lamp Manufacturer.

96 Hinton, Dining Rooms.

97 Lamport. Butcher.


98 Dobson. Baker.

99 Clark, Cork Cutter.

100 Baynes, J. Dyer.

101 Saltar, and Co. Hatters.

102 103 Whittaker and Co. Druggists.

104 West, J. Wine and Brandy Merchant.


105 Brook, W. W. and R. Wax and Tallow Chandlers.

106 Mahon, Stationer.

107 IZOD, H. Cheese and Bacon Factor.

108 Radford, Milliner.

109 Bourn and Co. Grocers and Tea Dealers.

110 Askew & Co. Linen Drapers Carpet Warehouse.

111 Finnis and Co. Plate Glass Warehouse.

112 Sheppard and Son, Wine and Spirit Vaults.



White, Surgeon.

2 PEARSON, S. Tailor.

3 South, Baker.

4 Drysdale. Milliner.

5 Powis, Stay Maker.

6 Davis, Boot and Shoe Maker.

7 Inman, Printseller and Stationer.

8 Smith, A. M. Milliner.

9 DELLA TORRE, and Co. Plate Glass Warehouse.


10 Freestone, Wire Worker and Cage Maker.

11 HAWES, Tailor and Draper.

12 Combes, Linen Draper.

13 Pitz, Hannah, Bookseller.

14 Long. Baker.

15 ADDINSELL, S. Tailor.

16 Whitfield and Son, Cheese and Bacon Factors.

17 Collingwood, Butcher.

18 Davis, Milliner.

19 Bourne and Son, Hatters.

20 Isherwood, I. F. Upholsterer and Plate Glass Warehouse.

21 Kinton, Tea Warehouse.

22 Hagger, Oil and Italian Warehouse.

23 Luckie, Fishmonger.

24 Norwood. Working Jeweller.

25 Bond J. B. Silk Mercer.


26 Hayward. Hosiery and Haberdashery Warehouse.

26 Harris. Tailor.

27 Crew, Bookseller.

28 Verde. Chemist and Druggist.

29 Taylor. Linen Draper.

30 Moore and Co. Boot and Shoe Makers.

31 Rope, Confectioner to Her Majesty, and H.R.H. the Duchess of Kent.

32 Pittman. Glass and China Warehouse.


33 Wright, Italian Warehouse and Dealer in British Wines.

34 Perkins, Shoe Maker.

35 Farrel, Confectioner.

36 Pain, I. B. Butcher.

37 DAVY, I. M. Grocer and Tea Dealer.

38 Spencer, Chemist.

39 Hyatt, Berlin Wool and Embroidery Warehouse.

39˝ Brown. Toy Warehouse.

40 Hawdon,Cheesemonger


41 Manning, Brush and Turnery Warehouse.

42 Chapman, Plumber and Fruiterer.

43 Holt, Solicitor.

44 Anderson, John, the Lamb.

45 Goodwyn, Hair Cutter.


40 Yeoman's, I. Livery Stables.

41 Rackstraw and Sons. Fishmongers.

42 LOW, S. Bookseller.

43 Dodd, Chemist.

44 Corrall. Milliner.

.5 Pullen, H. Green Grocer.

46 Wragg, Poulterer.

47 Middleton, T.W. Flatter.

48 Buck, Hair Dresser and Perfumer.

49 Holmes and Son. Importers of Foreign Wines and Spirits.


50 Triaes. S. Wine and Spirit Vaults.

51 Clark and Dawson, Surgeons.

52 Benham, Grocer and Tea Dealer.

53 Brooks. Lamp Maker.


54 Venables, Butcher.

55 Handisdye & Son. Upholsterers & Cabinet Makers.

56 Lazenby, Oil and Italian Warehouse.

57 Watkins, Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer.

58 Freeth. Linen Draper.

59 Bourchier, Oil and Italian Warehouse.

60 FURNESS, Boot and Shoe Warehouse.

61 Dixon and Choat, Trunk, Makers.

62 Taylor. Boot and Shoe Maker.

63 Edgar, E. Music Seller.

64 Whitfield, Surgeon.

65 Summersgill and Co. Grocers and Tea Dealers.

66 Jarvis, Tailor and Draper.

66 Johnson, Chemist.

66 Eve, Hair Cutter and Perfumer.

67 Hopkins. Tailor and Draper.

68 Phillips and Sampson, Tailors and Drapers.

69 Salaman, Madamoiselle Milliner and Dress Maker.

70 Fernandez, Surgeon.

71 De La Rue, Straw Bonnet Warehouse.


73 White, Surgeon.

74 GAY and CO. French Dyers.

75 MOTTRAM, Linen Draper.

76 Salmon, Hatter.

77 Pursell, Italian Warehouse.

78 HALL, Ironmonger and Braizer. (See Vignette.)


1 Corbett, Coffee Rooms.

2 Ronchetti, Hydrometer and Thermometer Maker.

3 Forgan, Baker.

4 Bower. Surgeon.

5 NEWBURY and TERRY, Newspaper Agents.

6 Warlters, Solicitor.

7 Office of Sewers, Holborn and Finsbury Division.

8 MOSELY, R. and Co. General Sheffield Warehouse.

9 Rodger, T. Carpenter, Builder, and Undertaker.

10 SEWELL, Painter.

11 Johnson. Refiner.

12 White, George. Solicitor.

13 Harvey. Commission Agent.

14 Fenton, Plumber. Painter and Glazier.

15 Orchard, Thomas and William, Solicitors.

16 Habgood, Working Goldsmith.

17 Gardiner, Auctioneer.

18 STALMAN, J. Tailor and Breeches Maker.

19 Page. Wig and Scalp Maker.

20 ROWLAND A. and SON. Original Macassar Oil, and Kalydor Warehouse. (See Vignette.)

21 Shephard, M. and Co. Brass Founders.

22 WHYMAN, Hair Cutter.

23 Tagliabue, Caesar, Optician.

24 Bartlett. Surgeon and Accoucheur.

25 WARD, Button and Trimming Seller.


25 Glendining. Catherine, Printer.

26 Sidebetham. Solicitor.

27 Barton, Silversmith.

28 SMITH. W. and NEPHEW, Cabinet Manufacturers.

29 Simpson and Starkey. Manufacturing Goldsmiths.

30 Jeffreys, Refiner.

31 Terry and Co. Working Silversmiths.

32 Horton and Co. Wholesale Jewellers and Opticians.

33 LEWIS and DELECOURT, Manufacturers of French Gilt jewellery.

34 Gough J. and Sons, Carpet Manufacturers.

35 Burn. Book Binder.

36 Greasley.

37 Tooke & Co. Wholesale Goldsmiths, Jewellers, &c.

38 Williams, Solicitor.

39 Maxwell.

40 Baugs, T. Patent Gas Moderator Warehouse. Howell. Attorney.


42 Adlard. H. Steel and Copper Plate Engraver. St. Andrew's Schools.

44 Cox, Marine and Navy Agent.

45 Ord, Mrs.

46 Folkard, Seal Engraver.

47 WOODS, R. C . Optical, Philosophical, Meteorological Instrument Maker, and Engraver.

48 Taunton, Surgeon.

49 Grellett, Charles, and Co. Merchants.


51 Silver, J. and Co. Silversmiths.

52 Bird, Book Binder.

53 Allen, Linen Draper.

54 Police Office.

55 Kempson, H. C.

56 LOISEL, Jun. and CO. Importers of Foreign Provisions.

57 Slade, Coach Painter.


58 Plummer, F. Flower Pot.

59 James and Co. Auctioneers and Appraisers.


61 Dowthwart, Ink Manufacturer.

62 Alder. Rev. Mr.

63 PYRKE, W. and T. Tailors.

64 Gibbons, J. Watch Manufacturer.

65 Fenoulhet.

66 Harris, Manufacturing Stationer, & Book Binder.

67 Mills, Mrs.

68 HEWLETT and GODDARD, Druggists.

69 WHITAKER and CO. Importers of Sponge.



71 Horne, R. Baker.

72 Collier, G. and Son. Book Binders.

73 Hamilton, A. Agent to Rogers and Son's Sheffield Cutlery Warehouse.

74 Wooler, T. J. Attorney.

75 Mosley, Agent to T. Morton, Birmingham, Gold and Gilt Jewellery Manufacturer.

76 Pattern, Solicitor.

77 Wesleyan Mission House.

78 BASS, Pharmaceutical Chemist.

78 JOHNSTONE, P. Assay Office.

80 Bentley, Printer.

81 Muston, Feather Merchant & Wholesale Upholsterer.

82 Waite, G. Currier.

83 Oliver, Solicitor.

84 Wilson, Ready Made & Child Bed Linen Warehouse.

85 Harcourt, Louisa Ann, Mrs.

86 Flower, Solicitor

87 Harmer and Co. Solicitors.

88 Burbridge, Solicitor.

89 Azemberg, Agent to Allock, China Manufacturer.

90 FENSOM, Machinist and Lathe Tool Maker.


91 Draper, T. Wine and Spirit Merchant.

92 Brough, Grocer and Tea Dealer.

93 Wright, Coach Maker.

94 Green and Son, Wholesale Jewellers.

95 Rodwell. Rev. Mr.


97 Mallalie and Co. Merchants.

98 99 DANKS and SON, Carpet. Hearth Rug, Bedding, and Floor Cloth Manufacturers, and Coach Makers' Trimming Warehouse.

100 Powell, Rev. G. C ler ical Office.

101 Mills, Solicitor.

102 JAQUES, Dealer in Ivory and Foreign Hard Woods.

103 Thompson & Co. Birmingham & Sheffield Warehouse.

104 HASLUCK, Working Goldsmith and Jeweller.

105 Le Pree, Mrs. Lodging House.

106 BATTISTESSA and CO. Looking Glass, Picture Frame and Artificial Flower Manufactory.

107 PAKEMAN, Tailor and Draper.

108 SCHONBERG, L. Engraver.

108 ANGLES, Tailor and Draper.

109 HART, Music Publisher.

110 London Society's Repository for Female Servants.

111 Meeking and Co. Woollen Warehouse.


41 Wood, Cook and Confectioner.





47 Pitman, Boot Maker.

48 Baddeley and Son. Boot Makers.

50 Davis, Linen Draper.


52 Lodge, and Son, Hosiers.

54 Townsend, Paper Hanger. Berners Street.

55 Wild, G. and F. Grocers.

56 Garratts, Wine Vaults.

57 Murray, Stationer.

58 Mayer, J. Furrier.

59 Stovell, Bonnett Warehouse.

60 Perry, Confectioner.

61 62 Williams and Sowerby, Linen Drapers.

63 Hannay and Co. Medicine Warehouse.

Cr Wells Street.

64 Godsell, Outfitter .

65 Duff and Co. Music Warehouse.

66 67 May and Morritt, Ironmongers.


69 Steer, Cutler.

70 Harbottell, Hosier and Glover.

70 Harbottell, Mrs. Stay and Corset Maker.

71 Steele Silversmith.

71˝ Warm Baths Company.

72 Howe, Cotton, and Wool Warehouse.

73 Cane, Oil Warehouse.

74 Paulson. Shoe Warehouse.

75 Ince, Furrier.

76 Chandler, Chemist.

77 Havell, Print Seller.

78 Rumbles, Linen Warehouse.

Winsley Street.

79 Parkinson, Ironmonger.

80 Edwards, Hosier.

81 Hayward, Laceman.

82 Nicholay, Furrier.

83 Valle, Laceman.

84 85 Bauer, Laceman.

86 Coney, Mrs. Stay Maker.

86 Gilbart, Tailor.

86 Bird, Shoe Maker.

87 Lewis and Son, Linen Drapers.

Market Street.

88 Barron, Italian Warehouse.

88 Tennant and Co. Furriers.

89 Cubison, Hatter.

347 Pantheon Dining Rooms.

348 Marchant, Glass Warehouse.

349 Foster, Comb Maker.

349 Moore, Cutler.

350 Jolly, Baker.

Blenheim Street.

350 White, Bookseller.

351 Marchant, Silversmith.

351 Davies. Patent Mangle Maker.

352 Harley, Grocer.

353 354 Oxenham's Auction Rooms.

355 Arnett Tobacconist.

356 Davis, Wine Vaults.

356 Hart, Furniture Warehouse.

357 Bardwetl, Woolen Draper.

358 359 Phillips's Glass Warehouse.

The Pantheon.

360 Wyatt, Carver and Gilder to Her Majesty.

361 Leader, Coach Maker.

362 Cross, Mrs. Milliner.

363 Davis, Tailor. Harris's Place.

364 Kennedy, Music Seller.

365 Faulkner, Wine Vaults.

Poland Street.

366 Dill, C. Baker to Her Majesty.

367 Dill, and Sons, Hosiers.

368 Parker, Hatter.

369 Weir and Co. Mechanists.

370 Coupland, Wire Blind Maker.

371 Levy and Sons, Fruiterers.

372 Garden, Chemist.

372 Austin, Trunk Maker.

371 Wills and Co. Tailors Hosiers, &c.

Berwick Street.

373 Pedley, Fishmonger.

374 Everingham, Hosier.

375 Hills, Tobacconist.

376 Packer, Silversmith.

377 Dakin, Cheesemonger.

378 Huntsman, Baker.


380 Merry, Hair Dresser.

381 Thomson's Wine Vaults.

Wardour Street.

382 Broughton and Co. Woollen Drapers.

383 Young, Hatter.

384 Sanders, Watch Maker and Jeweller.

385 Vine, J. and J. Woollen Drapers.

386 Thompson, Paper Hanger.

387 Hills, G. The North Pole. Allen's Court.

388 Hildreth, Shirt Maker. 390 Thompson, Ironmonger.

392 Rogers, Tobacconist.

393 Heath, Hat Maker.

394 Houseman, Glass Seller.


Great Union Street.

9 Woods, Baker.

10 Davis, Bonnet Maker.

11 Broumton, Carver.

12 Obbard and Co. Window Glass Warehouse.

13 Bullock, Miss, Dress Maker.

14 Howard and Son, Builders.

15 Osborn, Pearl Ornament Maker.

16 Hopkinson, Saw and Plane Maker.

17 Turner, Ironmonger

18 Miller, Cabinet Maker.

18˝ Slaney, Wire Worker.

19 Briggs, Cabinet Maker

20 Dickes, Milliner.

21 Crawley, Bricklayer and Plasterer.

22 Gee, Bedding Manufacturer.

23 Pocock, Currier.

24 Puddicombe, Bookseller and Stationer.

25 Wharram and Son, Stable Keepers.

26 Cavel, Chair Maker.

27 Inmen, Mrs.


29 Pearce, Coal Merchant

30 Carter.

31 Worship, Engraver, and Printer.

32 Luckins, Millstone Maker. The Borough Hay Market.

33 Lever, Surgeon.

34 Beale, Boot and Shoe Maker.

35 Staple, Toy Warehouse.

36 Albright, Stationer.

37 Southwark Library Society.

38 Marlow, Linen Draper.

39 Mill, Surgeon.

40 Summers, Tailor.

41 Kewell, Childs's Bed Linen Warehouse.

42 Coles, Umbrella and Parasol Maker.

43 Powell, Undertaker.

44 Barnes, Printer.

45 Barton, Upholder.

46 Miles, Saddler.

47 Walker, Undertaker.

48 Prosser, Coffee House.

49 Maitland, Hair Cutter.


51 Kipps and Walker, Paper Stainers.

52 Dordoy, Chemist.


Knight, Chemist.

2 Foster, Milliner.

3 Langley, Stay Maker.

4 Reynolds and Field, Pawnbrokers.


1 Kesterton, Coach Builder.

2 Clark, Corn Dealer.

3 Cook, Butcher.

4 Gregory, Oil and Colourman.

5 Morgan, Hosier.

6 Becket, Wine Vaults.

7 Carter and Co. Stay Makers.

9 Sizer and Son Lacemen.

10 Sessions House.


12 Morris and Co. Mangle Makers.

12 Thomas, Child's Bed Linen Warehouse.

14 Eve, Tobacconist. Bull Head Court.

14˝ Dunn, Tailor.

15 Pawley, Milliner.

16 Foster, Lace Manufacturer.

17 Waite, Boot and Shoe Maker.

18 Fennessy, Seedsman.

18 Bassell, Hair Cutter.

19 Pizey, Hatter.

20 Doddemeade, Tailor.

21 White Wine Vaults. Mede's Place.

32 Clark, Glass and China Warehouse.

34 Wyer, Tailor.

35 Joy, Outfitter.

36 Hill, Mrs. Stay Maker.

36 Crawcour, Dentist.

37 Haywood, Floor Cloth Manufactory.

38 Buckland and Son, Wine Merchants.

39 Shaw, Ironmonger.

40 Pulley, Watch and Clock Maker.

41 Riddlestorffer, Furrier. Hughe's Court.

42 Rudderfoth, Stay Maker.

43 Broadhead, Grocer.

44 Tolf ree, Stay Maker.

45 Davies, Linen Draper.

46 Copelin, Ham Dealer.

47 Waterfall, Umbrella and Parasol Maker.

48 Gilbert, Comb and Fan Warehouse.

49 Goldsmid, Fruiterer.

49˝ Schuster, Confectioner.

50 Grimley, Chemist and Druggist.

51 Reeves, Watch and Clock Maker.

51 Hayden, Hosier.

52 Rudderforth, Stay Maker.

53 Green, Hatter.

54 Dobson, Optician and Cutler.

55 Smith, China Warehouse.

56 Roxsius, Furrier. Lamb's Passage.

57 Cowell, Tea Dealer.

58 Bayles, Tailor.

59 Elphick, and Co. Wine Merchants.


88 Barron, George, Italian and Ginger Wine Warehouse. (See the Engraving.)

89 Cubison, Hatter.

90 Poland, Furrier.

91 Churton, William and Son. Hosiers.

92 Snieder, and Co. Furriers. Market Court.

93 Walker, Mrs, Milliner.

93 Townley, Artist in Flair

94 Nelms, Linen Draper.

95 James, Milliner.

96 Fluder and Co.Chemists.

97 Skinner, Ladies' Bootmaker.

98 Owen's, Embroidery Warehouse.

99 Gilbert, Tailor.

100 Robertshaw, Hosier.

101 Tennant and Co. Furriers a, John Street.

102 James, Trunk Maker.

102 Clack and Co. Child Bed Linen Warehouse.

103 Robinson, Linen Draper.

104 James, Child Bed Linen Warehouse.

105 Jones, Umbrella and Parasol Warehouse.

106 Shephard Milliner.

Unicorn Yard.–Nash's Livery Stables.

107 Jones, Furrier.

108 Castle, Hosier and Glover.

Bell Yard.–Bryant Post Master.

109 Kirk's Dining Rooms.

110 Shepheard, Milliner.

111 Williams, Linen Draper. (17 Regent Circus.

118 Blanchard, Miss, Depot for Mourning Bonnets.

119 Evans, Linen Draper. Princes Street.

119 Hobbs, Boot and Shoe Maker.


120 Skrymsher, Watch and Clock Maker.

120 Freeman and Son, Umbrella and Parasol Makers.

121 Fork, Bread and Biscuit Baker.

121 Rivere, Gun Maker.

122 Patterson, Dealer in Wines and Spirits.

122 Great Western Railway Office.

123 Marks, Jeweller and Watch Maker.

124 Baisler, Bookseller.

125 Goddard, Chemist.

126 Grange, Perfumer.

Branes's Livery Stables.

127 Holland's Tea Warehouse.

128 Vickery, China Warehouse.

129 Lloyd, Blanket and Counterpane Warehouse.

129 Simpson, Stay Maker.

129 Lavenne, Fancy Stationer.

130 Clough, Stock Maker and Glover.

131 Perry, Watch Maker.

131 Mattinson, Boot and Shoe Maker.

132 Gale, Confectioner.

132 Donaldson, Hatter and Umbrella Maker.

133 Rawlins and Co. Linen Drapers. Holies Street

314 Theobald, Piano Forte Maker.

314˝ Purdey, Gun Maker.

315 China Tea Company.

315 Clarke, H. Seed Merchant.

315 Bowen and Co. Stationers.

316 Plant and Co. Hosiers.

318 Roberts's Wine Warehouse.

Dolphin Court.

319 Snowden, Mechanist and Mangle Maker.

320 Chantry, Cutler.

321 Sherborn, Oil and Color Warehouse.

322 Jacobson, Silversmith and Jeweller.

323 Martin, Hosier and Clover.

324 Arnett, Tobacconist. Swallow Passage.

325 Burry, Woollen Draper.


Regent Circus.

332 Wiltshire, Pastry Cook.

333 Sanders, Fish Monger.

334 Harts, Child Bed Linen Warehouse.

335 Dixey, Optician.

335 Griffins, Green Man and Still Coach Office.

Argyle Street.

336 Hopton, Milliner.

337 Flint, Hosier.

338 Marks, Hatter.

338 Syret, Biscuit Baker.

339 Scolaro, Importer of Fancy French Goods.

336 Adams's, Wine and Spirit Warehouse.

337 Remnant, Glover.

338 Bell and Co. Chemists.

343 Macdaniel, Cutter.

344 Trowton, Woollen Draper.

Queen Street.

340 Abbotts. Wine and Spirit Warehouse.

341 Hoskings, Fringe Maker.

342 Hoskings, Outfitting Warehouse.

343 Haynes, Wine and Spirit Warehouse.

345 Meacock and Co. Ironmongers.

346 Esquilant, Stationer. Esquilant, Milliners..

349 Stewart, Ivory Turner.

350 Arnold, Linen Draper.



Hagger, Bull's Head.

1 Whitford, Watch and Clock Maker.

2 Rumsey, W. Coffee House.

3 Andrews and Scamell.

4 Puddick, W. Dining Rooms.

5 Bentley, Cheesemonger.

6 Browning, Thomas and Son, Rectifiers.

7 Betts. J. T. and Co. French Brandy Distillery. (See Vignette.)

8 Dolphin, Saddler.

9 Fortescue, Surgeon.

Fortescue, W. Jun. Deputy Registrar.

10 Sheldon, Oilman–General Post Office.

11 Tolfree, Pastrycook.

12 Price, Music Seller and Stationer.

13 14 Fryer, Tobacconist.

15 Giles, Brothers, Wholesale Stationer s.

16 Mogine, I. G. Cheesemonger.

17 Edgington, T. Tarpaulin and Twine Manufacturer.

18 Porter, Chemist.



47 Albino, Carver and Gilder.

48 Darling and Co. Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers

49 Flays, Basket maker.

50 Newton and Son. Cork Cutters.

51 53 Field, Straw Hat Maker.

Peel Court.

55 Headworth, Watch Maker.

56 Harding, Brass and Cock Founder.

57 Harris, Whip Maker.

58 Liversidge's Wine Vaults.

60 Newman, Pork Butcher.

61 Stringer, Coffee House.

62 Whalaker, Tin Plate Worker.

63 Caryl, Saddler.

64 Knapp, Tallow Chandler.

65 Jarvis, Basket Maker.

66 Tamant, China and Glass Warehouse,

66 Daniell, Tin Plate Worker.

67 Bumple, Pastrycook.

68 Draper, Stationer.

St. John's Lane.

69 Samuel. R. and F. Black Bull.

70 Tongue, Eon Maker.

71 Farr, W Confectioner.

Swan Alley.

72 Pye, W. Eating House.

74 Clark, William, Oilman.

75 Eady, Green Grocer.

76 Moses, Tailor and Clothes Warehouse.

78 Holt, E. The Little Bell.

79 Pearcy, Last, Boot Tree, and Pattern Maker.


81 Collins, Wine Vaults.

82 Andrews, Coffee House.

83 Johnson, Boot and Shoe Maker.

84 Braden. Tea Dealer and Grocer.


86 Hancocks, Coffee Shop.

87 Marson, Whip Maker.

88 Carpenter. Butcher.

90 Watkins, David, Spirit Merchant.

91 Watkins, J. Hair Dresser.

93 Wilson, Spirit Merchant
Greenhills Rents.

94 Remnant, Chemist.

95 Serjeant, S. Tea Warehouse and Grocer.

97 98 Bateman, Brass Furniture and Gas Fitters.

99 Devereux, Plumber.

100 Clay, S. Oil Merchant.

101 Bellchambers, Wine Merchant.

103 Bedwell and Yates, Wholesale Coffee Dealers.

104 Halford J. Hatter.

105 Pearcey, J. Wholesale Shoe Warehouse.

106 Sanders, W. E. Manure Merchant.

107 Blake, R. Straw Bonnet Maker.

108 Broderic, T. W. Cross Keys Hotel.

109 Pike, Box Maker.

110 Kelly, Coal Merchant.

111 Veitch and Son, Wire Workers,

112 Bruin, Thomas, Golden Lion.

113 Browning J. and W. H.Oil Warehouse.

114 Farmiloe, Window Glass Cutter.

115 Windmill Inn.

116 Edwards, Saddler.

117 Wadsworth. Fishmonger.

118 119

120 Brown, White Hart Inn.

121 Bowra, Wine Vaults.

122 Tansley, Mrs. Straw Hat Maker.

123 Ambridge, Corn Factor.

124 Williams.


126 Pearce, Tailor.

127 Dunks, Livery Stables.

127 Belcher and Swift, Boot and Shoe Makers.

128 Smith, Brothers, and Co. Wholesale Druggists.

129 Saddington and Co. Nail, and Shoe Thread Warehouse.

130 Nichols, Boot and Shoe Warehouse.

131 Wellborn, Cabinet Maker.

132 Jeffery, Optician.


134 Shark and Co. Pepper Merchants.

136 Neville, Boot and Shoe Maker.

138 Giles Stove Grate Maker.

139 Holton, Tailor.

141 Davies, Stationer.

142 Stapp, Gun Maker and Locksmith.

143 Stockham, Baker.
Mitre Court.

145 Walker, Chemist.


59 Hancock, Hatter.

60 Cuthbert and Tolkein, Furriers.

61 March, Hatter.

62 Jennings and Co., Print and Booksellers.

63 Lucas, Chemist and Druggist.

64 Eddel's Hosiery Warehouse.

Crown Court.

65 Rigge and Co. Perfumers and Cutlers.

67 E. and R. Standly, Scotch and Manchester Warehousemen.

68 Stewart, Tailor.

68 White and Son, Hatters.

69 Lamb, Goldsmith.

Queen Street.

70 Garratt, Umbrella and Parasol Maker.

70 Sanders and Co., Flatters.

71 Grant, Grant, and Phillips.

72 Unwin and Co.. General Outfitters.

73 Tegg, Bookseller.

74 Keats and Ledger, Hatters.

75 Taylor, Umbrella Maker.

76 Morrison, Tailor.

76 Queen's Arms Tavern and Hotel.

77 Miner, Cook and Pastrycook.

78 Jones, Goldsmith.

79 Jones, Silversmith.

80 Crabb, Engraver .

81 Hand, Boot Maker.

82 Peyton, Boot and Shoe Maker.

83 Ganthony, Watch and Clock Maker.

84 Hand, Hat Mater.

85 and 86 Bult, Son, and Co., Goldsmiths.

Mercers' Hall.

88 Hebert, Librarian and Bookseller.

89 Brunswick, Furrier.

90 Capper. Mabyn, and Grant, Warehousemen. - Ironmonger Lane.

Atlas Assurance Office.

King Street.

93 Butler. Chem ist and Druggist.

94 Gould. Stay Maker.

95 Fawcett and Co. Silk Men. Newton, Auctioneer.

96 Tregear, Printseller and Publisher.

Lawrence Lane.

97 Bath, City Cabinet Manufactory.

98 Parkins' Clothing Warehouse.

99 Button. Pastry Cook.

100 Eastman and Yeo, Booksellers and Printers.

101 Baldwin, Tailor.

102 Ewins, Bookseller.


1 Brook and Son, Goldsmiths.

2 Purnell and Son, Furriers.

3 Pimm, Fishmonger.

4 Thodey, Glover.

5 Fenning and Flale, Italian Warehouse.

6 Edge, Lamp Manufacturer.

7 Winstanley and Son, Chemists and Druggists.

8 Birchall, Account-book Maker.

9 Wills and Co., Hosiers and Shirt Makers.

10 Boyall, Tobacconist.

11 Bathing Rooms.

12 and 13 Pearl and Dossetor, Hosiery Warehouse.


16 Hancock, Hosiery Warehouse.

17 Wallis, jun., Tailor.

18 Dulins, Silversmith.

19 flange and Co., Pianoforte Makers.

21 BATE, OPTICIAN. (See Vignette.)

22 Pepys, Cutler.

23 Elleman and Co. Linen Warehouse and Outfitters.

24 Mr . Cox's Office.

25 King's Head Tavern.

25 James's Filter Office.

26 Smith and Co., Confectioners.

27 Maynard and Co., Outfitters.

27 Gracia, Fruiterer to her Majesty.

28 Shuttleworth, Printer and Lithographer.

29 Walthew and Co., Chemist and Druggist.

29 Fox, Miniature Painter.

30 Houghton. Stationer.
Chapel Place.

31 Cowie, Jolland, and Co., Booksellers.

32 Pear, Hair Cutter.

33 Didsbury, and Peterson, Boot and Shoe Makers.

34 Auction Rooms.

35 T. and W. Smith, Printers of Indian Corahs.

Grocers' Hall Court.

36 Garcia, Fruiterer.

37 Button, Confectioner.

38 G. and H. Greenland, Booksellers.

39 Jolt, Auctioneer.

40 and 41 Hawes and Ottley, Hosiery Warehouse.

42 Willmott, Umbrella and Parasol Maker.

44 Taylor, Grocer. Old Jewry.


1 Heppel, Fruiterer.

5 6 7 Francis, Tobacconist, Fruiterer, & Coffee Rooms.

8 Cowan, Wax and Tallow Chandler.

9 Flanagan and Nutting, Seedsmen and Florists.

10 Paul and Co., Upholsterers.

11 Sir John Wm. Lubbock, Bart.; Forster and Co., Bankers.

St. Mildred's Court.


Queen's Head Inn.

85 Blacket and Tomkins, Tailors and Drapers.

86 Clarke, Herbalist and Seedsman. Three Tuns Tavern.

88 Woods, J. Cheesemonger.

89 Hickman, Goldsmith and Jeweller.

90 Oldaker, W. and T. Hop Merchants.

91 Harris and Co. Grocers.

92 93 Slee and Pike, Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Kentish Buildings.

95 G. Pole, Silk Mercer and Shawl Dealer.

Spur Inn.

98 Ambrose, General Booking Office.

99 McGillivray, Shirt Maker and Outfitter.

100 Davis, Saddler.

101 Pickthall, Tailor.

Nag's Head Inn.

102 Woollacott, J. C. and Co. Boot and Shoe Makers.

103 Haddock, Stationer.

104 Biggs, Chemist.

105 Warter and Son, Cheese Factors.

106 Brooks and Co. Linen Drapers.

107 Field, Italian Warehouse.

King Street.

111 Turner, Baker.

112 Hales, S. Ironmonger.

113 Harrington and Co. Foreign Fruit and Tea Dealers.

114 Putley and Son, Cutlers.

115 Ruberts, J . and W. Tobacconists.

117 Overton, Perfumer.

118 Stewart and Russell, Wine and Spirit Merchants.

119 Gainsford and Co. Silk Mercers.

Mermaid Court.

121 Batsford, J. Perfumer.

122 Thomas, R. Boot Maker.

123 Sharp, Tailor.

124 Woolard, Fruiterer.

Chapel Court.

125 Notley, Pawnbroker.

126 Wood, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

127 Masterman, Chemist.

128 May and Co. Tea Dealers.

129 Hair, Jeweller.

130 Lisenden, Pork Butcher.

Half Moon Inn.

133 Romanis, R. Hosier, &c.

134 English, Confectioner.


136 Putley, G. Butcher.

137 Pell, Tobacconist.

Layton's Grove.

139 Batstone, Baker.

140 Olney, Hosier and Fringe Manufacturer.

141 Pink, G. White Horse.

142 Cornell, Hosier.

Layton's Buildings.

144 Bridger and Co. Wholesale Grocers.

145 Adderley, Boot and Shoe Maker.

146 Taylor. D. Wine and Brandy Merchants.

Angel Court

197 Palmer and Co. Wholesale Warehouse.

149 Hicks and Son, Ironmongers.

150 Marshalsea Prison.

151 Winton, Wine Vaults.

152 Purdue, Cheesemonger.

153 Gumner, Linen Draper.

154 Vanden, Stationer.

155 Walmsley, Pawnbroker. St George's Church.

Church Street.

Mint Street.

136 Sterry J. and Son. Italian Warehouse.

158 Pigeon, H. and A. Wine and Spirit Merchants.

159 Odling, Chemist.

160 Riley, Tailor.

161 Yearwood, Dun Horse.

Mitchell, R. Dun Horse Livery Stables.

164 Gold, Tea Dealer.

165 Martyr and Co. Ironmongers.

168 Jepp, Silversmith, &c.

169 Barber, Goldsmith and Watchmaker.

170 171 BENNET and SON, Wollen Drapers. (See Vignette.)

172 Mallett, Baker.

Bird Cage Alley.

173 Pinkerton, J. Glass and China Warehouse.

174 Thornton and Son, Undertakers.

175 Cross, G. Linen Draper.

176 Horner, Grapes.

Falcon Court.

178 Reeve and Co. Linen Drapers.

179 Higgs, and Son, Ironmongers.

180 Izod, Grocer.

181 Packwood, Bout and Shoe Maker.

182 General Post Branch Office.

Prince Court.

183 Pratt, Ham and Beef Shop.

184 Mumford, T. Butcher.


Adam's Place.

187 Alexander, Confectioner.

188 Baylis J. Corn Dealer.

189 Carter, Woollen Draper.

190 Birt, D. Linen Draper.

Catherine Wheel.

194 Mannering, T. M. Hatter and Hosier.

197 Sarl, Clothier.

198 Haynes, Paper Hanger.

199 Partrick, Undertaker.

200 Phillips, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

Red Cross Court.

201 Shaw, R. and F.

202 Jacobs, Clothier.

203 Perry, Confectioner.

204 Selmes, Butcher.

205 Davies, W. Grocer.

206 Withers, W. Black Bull.

207 Saunders, J. H. Dining Rooms.

Maypole Alley.

208 Taylor, Grocer.

209 Freeman, J. Cheesemonger.

210 Sarl, Silversmith.

211 Gaselee, Surgeon. Angus, Farrier.

213 King and Co. Silk Mercers.

Union Court

218 Ewin, E. Carpet Warehouse.

219 Wightman and Co. Linen Drapers.

216 Lings and Son, Cheesemongers.

221 Cooper and Co. Ironmongers.

222 Myers, B. Tailor.

223 Payne, Porkman.

224 Oliver, J. H. and Co. Grocers.

225 Shaw and Co. Bread and Biscuit Bakers.

226 Sowerby, Perfumer.

227 Russell G. Hop and Seed Factor.

228 Pike, J. Hop Factor.

Maidstone Buildings.

231 Hicks, Baylis, and Hicks, Wholesale Grocers.

232 Jones, J. Fishmonger.

233 234 Brocksopp and Co. Grocers and Tea Dealers.

235 Thompson, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

St. Margaret 's Court.

236 Jackson, B. D. Stationer.


Edridge's Candle and Oil Warehouse.

2 Combs' Wine Vaults.

3 Tate and Haines, Cheesemongers.

4 Parkin, Confectioner.

5 Layfield, Grocer.

6 Boar and Castle Inn and Hotel.

7 Whiskin's Patent Medicine Warehouse.

8 Riddle, Coachmaker.

9 Turner's China and Glass Warehouse.

10 Bell and Argill, Auctioneers, &c.

11 Williamson and Draper, (Star Brewhouse.)

12 Vigo, C. Salesman.

13 Drake's Feather Bed Warehouse.

14 Thornton's Coffee House.

15 Painter and Co. Feather Bed Warehouse.

16 Watson, Stove Grate Manufacturer.

17 Hutchins, Butcher.

18 Vialls, Dyer.

19 Davies, Oufitting Warehouse.

20 Towns and Co. Music Warehouse.

21 Thursfield, Oilman.
Hanway Street.

22 Lewis, It. Silversmith.

23 Taylor's Carpet Warehouse.

24 Moore, W. and E. Undertakers.

Rathbone Place.

24 Wright, J. Grocer.

25 Foster and Co. Linen Drapers.

26 Odling, Surgeon, &c.

27 Robinson's Picture Warehouse.

28 Tavener and Kimpton, Linen Drapers.

29 Maltwood, Trunk Maker.

28 Bennett and Turrell, Bonnet Warehouse.

29 Honeywill and Co. Coach Makers.

29 Wilson and Co. Wine Merchants.

Perry's Place.

30 Livermore and Son, Ironmongers.

31 Grant's Fancy Warehouse.

32 Barlow, Writing Desk and Case Warehouse.

33 34 Munn's Furniture Warehouse.

36 Applegath's Bonnet Warehouse.

37 38 JACKSON and GRAHAM, House Decorators, &c. (See Vignette.)

39 Treherness Furniture Warehouse.

Newman Street.

40 Perry, Watch Maker.

395 Barnes, Coach Maker.

Chapel Street.

369 Fairlam's Wine Vaults.

397 Valentine, Tinman.

398 Nosetti, Carver and Gilder

399 Minnifie, Hair Dresser.

399 Spiers, Printer and Publisher.

400 Fitchew, Silversmith.

Dean Street.

400 Rippin's Wine Vaults.

401 Edghill, Tailor.

402 Spiers, Shoe Maker.

403 Conibeere and Co. Drapers.

404 Miller, Bookseller.

405 Kleyser and Co. Clock Makers.

406 Bridges, Turner, &c. to her Majesty.

Davis, Ham and Beef Shop.

407 Bramble, Watch Maker.

408 Balls and Son. Music Sellers.

408˝ Water Closet Maker to Her Majesty.

408 Wyatt, Tobacconist.

409 Smith, Hosier.

410 Foster's Auction Rooms.

411 Hancox, Tailor.

Crape, Wine Merchant.

Charles Street.

412 Shepherd, Baker.

413 Bryan, Boot Maker.

414 Cranch, Wine Vaults.

415 Ade and Jones, Linen Drapers.

416 Barras, Tobacconist.

417 Harwood, Saddler.

418 Baronto, Alabaster Warehouse.

419 Field, T. Auctioneer.

420 Bishop's Dairy.

421 Brooks, Wholesale Stationer.

422 Beard, Tailor.

422a Davis, Machine Maker.

423 Harding, Basket Maker.

424 Pike, J. Baker.

425 Kearns, Cutler.

426 Churcher, Corn Dealer.

427 Cole, Hosier.

Jessop's Toy Warehouse.

428 Jefferys, Window Blind Manufactory.

429 Sneezom's Wine Vaults.

430 Aiken and Co. Upholsterers.

431 Austin, Rope and Twine Maker.

432 Askew's Bird Warehouse.

433 Bonsor, Candle and Soap Manufacturer.

434 Bailes, Bedstead Maker, &c.

435 Dean, Surgeon.

436 Brown, Chemist, &c.

437 Hutchinson's Dining Rooms.

438 Bowman, Tobacconist.

439 Glasscock, Baker.

440 Webb, Cheesemonger.


Williams and Hatton Silk Mercers, Linen Drapers &c., 111, Oxford Street, Corner of Regent Circus. (See Engraving.)

130 Mart, Orange Merchant and Fruiterer.

131 Metcalf, Brush and Comb Maker.

131 Balls, Hair Cutting Rooms.

132 Hudson, Tobacconist.

133 Battersley, Shoe Maker.

134 Viner, Stove, Grate, and Furnishing Ironmonger.

134 Dewsnap, Cutler.

134 Thompson, Domestic Bazaar.

134 Miles and Edwards, Carpet Warehouse.

135 Russell, Laceman.

136 Austin, Silversmith.

137 Brown, Linen Draper.

138 Staniforth, Tea Dealer.

139 Welsford, Carpet Warehouse.

140 Churton, Hosiery Warehouse.

Old Cavendish Street.

141 Saunders, Linen Draper.

142 Robertson, Bread and Biscuit Baker

143 Deverell, Linen Draper.

144 Lovegrove, Fladongs Hotel.

145 Hopkins and Co. Tailors.

146 Child and Savage, Laceman.

147 Perkins and Co. Chemists and Druggists.

Chapel Place.

147˝ Myers, Laceman.

148 Sanders, Tea Warehouse.

148 Marsh, Shoe Maker

149 Viner, Furnishing Ironmonger and Stove Grate Warehouse.

150 Sanger, Patent Medicine Warehouse.

151 Underwood, Freeman, and Co. Silk Mercers.

Vere Street.

151 Hodson and Son, Linen Drapers.

152 Bleckley, M. and C. Umbrella Makers.

153 Foster, F. and J. Glovers.

154 Whitehouse, Furrier.

154 Todd, Hair Dresser

155 London and Westminster Bank.

156 Fossett, Mrs. Stay Maker.

Cold Horse Yard, James Clark, Job Master.

157 Fuller, Hosiery Warehouse.

158 Lawrence, Confectioner.


158 Brownie, Linen Draper.

159 Ludlum, Hosiery Warehouse.

160 Clarkson and Co. Grocers.


Stratford Place.

160 Burgoynes and Thrupp, Office for Land and Assessed Taxes.

293 Carter, Tea Dealer.

293 Carter, Boot and Shoe Maker.

294 Tibbs, Tea Dealer.

294 Smith, Cheesemonger.

South Molton Street.

294 Robinson, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

294 Bishop, Toy Warehouse.

294 Mills, General Outfitting Warehouse.

295 Stevens, Boot and Shoe Maker.

296 and 297, Laurie & Co. Coach Builders and Saddlers.

297 Skrymshen's Livery Stables.

297 Skeen, Tobacconist

298 Brant, Oil and Colourman.

Oxford Buildings.

299 Ford, Stay and Shoe Maker.

300 Fullalove, China Warehouse.

301 Buffini, Wine and Spirit Warehouse.

302 Nash, Tobacconist.

302 Pampbilon, Cheesemonger.

Woodstock Street.

303 Beltenger, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

304 Thresher, Silversmith.

304 Dann, Fruiterer.

304 Willey, Print Seller.

304 Harrison, Shell Fishmonger.

305 Collins, Wine and Brandy Maker.

306 Honking, Trunk Maker.

307 Shankster, Poulterer.

New Bond Street.

Walduck. Chemist & Druggist.

New Bond- st .

308 Hayward, Linen Draper.

308 Waticin, British Wine Merchant.

309 Dann, Johnson, and Co. Tea Warehouse.

309 Wilkinson, Washing Machine Maker.

309 Baker, Patent Mangle and Engine Maker.

Shephard Street.

310 Collins. Trunk Maker.

311 Timberlake & Priestly, W. and Tallow Chandlers.

312 Howard's West End Dining Rooms.

313 Shurvell, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

313 Walter and Whilehurst, Coach Builders.

314 Duppa and Collins, Paper Hangers,

Tollit' s Commission, Livery, and Job Yard.

315 Daniell, Jeweller.

Holies Street.


65 Rigge, Perfumers and Cutlers to H.R.H the Duke of Sussex, and the Royal Family. (See Vignette.)

3 Dunnett, H. Toy Warehouse.

Paternoster Row.

4 Butler, Thomas, Chemist and Druggist.

St. Paul's Church Yard.

5 Seabrook, Trunk Maker.

7 Bundy, Trunk Maker.

8 Bunn, Dealer in Foreign and British Lace.

9 Kendle, Lace Manufactory.

10 Stark and Son, Ironmongers. Old Change.

11 Graham and Co. Calico Printers.

12 Herve, Miniature Painter. Prentice, Cook and Confectioner.

13 Moody, Tailor.

14 Kohler, J. D. Furrier.

15 Paull, Hatter.

16 Partridge and Price, Calico Printers.

17 Moore, Tate, Tickell, and Co. Fustian Warehouse.

18 Curling, Procter, and Curling, Printed Calico Warehouse.

Mitre Court.

19 Suter, Stationer.

20 Caldecott and Powell Warehousemen.

23 Goulding, Silk Mercer.

26 Collard and Collard, Piano Forte Manufactory.

27 Allin and Shepperson, Calico Warehouse.

28 Crawford, Umbrella and Parasol Maker.

29 Burchett, Boot and Shoe Maker.

Fountain Court.

31 Rowsell, S. and Son, Account Book and Stationery Warehouse.

31 Dent, W. and Co. Glovers.

32 Romanis, R. Hosier.

34 Rill, Hair Cutter and Perfumer.

36 Banfield, Goldsmith and Watch Maker.

Friday Street.

37 Biden, Engraver.

38 Woodrow, Hosier, Glover, &c.

39 Milner, Culler.

40 Plumpton and Baker, Tailors.

41 Raiders, Spall, and Co. Warehousemen.

42 Cando, N. and Sons, Hatters.

43 Battam and Craske, Paper Hanging Warehouse.

46 Brown, J. Perfumer.

Bread Street.

46 Macintosh and Co. Patent India Rubber Waterproof Clothes Warehouse.

47 Kipling, Hosier.

48 Keith, Prowse, and Co. Music Warehouse.

49 Cope, Stationer.

50 Lea, Bousfield, and Co. Silk Manufacturers.

50 Tyas, Publisher.

51 Pill, G. and A. Confectioners.

51 Mellor, Mountain, and Co. Lace Warehouse. Worthington, A. J. and Co.

52 Stokes, E. flatter.

Whittingham, Tailor and Draper.

53 Mills, Boot and Shoe Maker.

54 Ralph and Beaufoy, Tailors and Drapers.

55 Mott, Goldsmith and Watch Maker.

Bow Church Yard.

Bow Church.

56 Barber, Goldsmith and Watch Maker.

57 Perrin, Hatter.

58 Green and Chubb, Hair Cutters.

Bowtell, Boot and Shoe Maker.

Bow Lane.

Freeman's Court.

103 Wilson and Son, Stationers.

105 Horne's Reading Rooms.

106 Storrs, Silver Plated Warehouse.

107,108 White and Greenwells, Warehousemen.

109 Bird, Jeweller.

110 Thompson, J. and C. Warehousemen.

Minton, C. F. Wholesale Hosier.

Honey Lane.

112 Rolfe and Son, Piano Forte Manufactory.

113 Wiltshire, F. Warehouseman.

114 Wood, Bandanas and Printed Corahs Warehouse.

115,116 Hadland and Shillingford, Printed Calico Warehouse.

Milk Street.

117 Robinson, E. Merchant.

118 Button. Confectioner.

119 Farthing and Reed, Tailors.

Hoyle, Warehouseman.

120 Marshall, T and Son, Silk Mercers.

120 Troup, Watch Manufactory. & Wholesale Jeweller.

121 Evans. D. and Co. Warehousemen.

122 Putter, J. and W. Umbrella and Parasol Makers.

Wood Street.

123 Wood, Boot and Shoe Maker.

124 Thompson. Paper Hanger, &c.

125 Taymond, Tobacconist.

126 Ive, G. H. Goldsmith.

127 Laurie, Hamilton, and Co. Warehousemen.

Hardwicke and Co. Glove Manufactory.

128,129 Thomas, Brothers, Stay Makers.

130 Hammond, Turner, and Son, Warehousemen.


132 Margetson and Welch, Brace Manufacturers.

Bullock and Co. Velvet and Silkmen.

133 Arnold and Co. Hatters.

Gutter Lane.

134 Wheeler, Strachan, and Co. Calico Printers.

135 Rose, A. Lamp Oil Warehouse.

136 Bentley, Robert, and Co. Warehousemen.

137 Covington and Warwick, Warehousemen.

Ashurst and Gainsford's Offices.

138 Baker, (late) Jones and Son, Silk Mercers.

139 Cotes, N. H. Bookseller.

139 Jones, J. Accountant and House Agent.

Lewis, James, and Lewis. Warehousemen.

141 Townes and Son, Saddlers.

142 Sparkhall and Co. Engravers and Printers.

142 Barrier and Co. Tailors.

144 Miller and Son, Quill Merchants.

145 Pearsall and Son, Silk Mercers.

146 Dew, W. S. and J. B. Hosiers.

147 Dixsons and Co.'s Wholesale Shoe Warehouse.

Foster Lane.

148 Lobb, Hosier.

149 Nash and Webber, Warehousemen.

Hornball, Warehouseman.

150 Reeves and Son. Artists' Colourmen.

Robinson and McGregor, Woollen Warehouse.

153 Coxhead and Richards, Lace Warehouse.

154 Barr, John, Hair Cutter.

155 Gaze, H. Boot and Shoe Maker.

155 Goldney, S. and Co. Lace Manufactory.

156 Lockhart, T. and C. Seedsmen and Florists.

Godard, J. Glove Warehouse.

157 Brown. R. and B. Warehousemen.

158 Chubb, Straw Bonnet Warehouse

158 Thorn and Co. Hosiers to His Majesty the King of Hanover.

St. Martin's-le-grand.


1 Reeve, Mans Mercer.

British Loan and Discount Institution.

2 Hodson, Woollen Draper.

3 Dick, Boot and Shoe Maker.

4 Pannell, Leather Dresser.

5 Lutwyche and George, Leather Dressers.

6 Turford, Grocer.

7 Ducroz and Mellidge, China and Glass Warehouse.

8 Hearder, J. E. Boot and Shoe Depot.

9 Millard, W. Trunk Maker.

9 Stone, Tailor.

9˝ Holman, Coffee Rooms.
Turnagain Lane.

10 Bailey, Leather Seller.

11 Theobald, Hosier.

12 Collin and Bourne, Importers of French Artificial Flowers.

13 Miller, Boot and Shoe Maker.

14 Muncaster, and Co. Pawnbrokers.

Seacoal Lane.

15 Margetson, W. and Co. Leather Sellers.

16 Rawlinson. Tea Dealer.

17 Woodward and Co. Carpet Warehouse.

18 Hearder, J. Shoe Merchant.

19 Newcomb & Son, Carpet and Rug Manufacturers.

20 Pardoe, Hoomans, and Pardoe, Carpet Manufacturers and Worsted Spinners.

21 Parkinson, J. and T. W. Chandlers.

22 Hoby, Robson, & Co. Lace Fringe Manufacturers.

23 Clay and Son, Woollen Drapers.

57 Angel Court.

24 Hodgkinson, C. and W. Wholesale Stationers.

25 Homan and Herne, Leather and Shoe Warehouse.

26 Watson, Byers, and Co. Mercers.

27 Barry, Grocer.


42 Rea, Milliner.

42 Wallis, Publisher.

43 Stauffer, R. and Son, Dealers in Jewellery and Watches.

44 Boyd, Burnett, and Boyd, Linen Warehouse.

45 Crook, Auctioneer, &c.

46 Buhrer, A. German Clock and Toy Warehouse.

47 Coates, Builder.

47 Mathew, G. F. Tailor.

48 Anderson, Tailor. Ham, Watch Maker.

48 Doggerill, Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer.

Saracen's Head.

49 Bowtell, Boot and Shoe Warehouse.

50 Spofford, Jas. Floor Cloth Manufacturer.

51 Lundy Foot and Co. Irish Snuff Manufacturers.

52 Graves, Wine and Brandy Merchant.

53 Simson, J. and J. Upholsterers.

54 Mollett, Confectioner.

55 Burton, M. and J. Furniture Warehouse.

56 Chappell, Porkman.

57 Wilson's Printing Office.

58 Beckwith, Gun and Pistol Manufacturer to the Hon. East India Company.

Snow Hill.

59 Bolus. W. and Co. Wire Drawers.

60 Farringdon Dispensary.

61 Reiser, Furrier.


18, The National Cognac Brandy Distillery Company.

2 Ward, Chocolate Maker.

3 Butler, Henry, Baker.

4 Blight, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

5 Chapman and Bell, Leather and Shoe Warehouse.

Bull's Head Court.

6 Pike, Fishmonger.

7 Kingaby, A. A. Coffee House.

Hosier Lane.

8 Northern. Boot and Shoe Maker.

9 Lynch, Surgeon.

10 Smith, J. Engraver and Copper Plate Printer.

11 Fisher. Surgeon.

12 Price and Co. Coffin Furniture Manufacturers.

13 Pugh and Co. Ironmongers.

14 Ewbank, Plumber.

15 Knott, Straw Plait Warehouse.

21 King, Engraver and Printer.

21 Hayward, Tobacconist.

23 Knox, Baker.

25 Grimsdale, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

26 Clark, Italian Warehouse.

27 Brown, Hope Coffee House.

1 Smithfield. Burchfield, Scale and Weighing Machine Maker.

Opposite Side.

92 Wilson, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

28 Morley, T. Soup Rooms.

29 Russell. Cooper.

30 Loder, J. Coffee Rooms.

31 Cottrell, Smith and Bell Hanger.

32 Levoi, M. and A. Importers of Cigars.

33 Williamson, Academy.

34 Neighbour and Son, Wine and Spirit Merchants.

36 Armstrong, Saddlers' Ironmonger.

St. John's Court.

37 Ladies' Charity School.

38 Gardner and Co. Ironmongers.

39 Pitt and Kennard, Ginger Beer, and Soda Water Manufacturers.

40 Worssam, G. Stationer, &c.

40 Blofield, William, Builder.


Fox and Knot Court.

42 Yarrow, Grocer.

Green Dragon Court.

43 Fowler, Confectioner.

44 Kennaby, Cork Cutter.

45 Horner Baker.

46 Flint, L. Boot and Shoe Maker.

47 Courtney, Pork Butcher


St. Ann's Lane.

6 Venis, Oilman.

7 Taylor, J. Plumber.

8 Harbridge. Tailor.


4 Goodyear, Hat and Cap Maker.

5 De Grave and Son, Scale Makers.

Castle and Falcon Inn. and Coach Office,

13 Flitton. Tobacconist.

14 Stone, Wine Vaults.

Angel Street.

I5 Hughes, Bookseller.

16 Phillips, A. Coffee House.

17 Will more, G. Hatter.

King's Head Court.

18 Woodward, Baker.

19 Davis, Tailor and Draper.

Dove Court.

20 Wells, Wollen Draper.

21 Allen, Confectioner.

22 Chislett, George, City Coffee House.

23 Engleheart, Pork Butcher.

24 Bunnell, Hosier.

25 Crimp, Baker.

26 Williams, Post Office Coffee House.

St. Martin's Place.

27 Hampton, W. and R. Carpet Warehouse.

28 Staples, Wine Vaults.

29 Hodge, J. and A. J. Button and Trimming Sellers.

31 Hanson and Smith, Scotch Warehouse. Cowie and Son, Foreign Newspaper Office.

32 Keating and Brown, Catholic Booksellers.

33 Robb, Surgeon and Accoucher.

60 Mathews, M. Hosier and Glover.

61 Jackson, Bush Tavern.

62 Faulkner, J. Ironmonger.

66 Watkins, T. Umbrella and Parasol Manufactory.


6,7 Goodyear, Straw Plat Warehouse.

8 Fleet, R. Vellum Binder.

9 Bailey, Shoe Maker.

10 Munn, Hair Cutter.

11 Maw, S. Surgeons' Instrument Maker. (See Vignette.)

12 Lobb, W. Surgeon.

13 Masters, Wheel Brush Maker.

13 Jolly's Waggon Office.

14 Straker, Tobacconist.

15 Swill, W. D. Wine Merchant.

16 Nicholls, Scale Maker.

Falcon Street

19 Lomas, J. Tobacconist.

Lee, Oilman.

20 King, Baker.

Golden Lion Court.

21 Taylor, Builder.

22,23,24 Lockin and Pearson, Oil Merchants.

Blue Lion Court.

25 Robinson, J. Uniform and Fashionable Tailor.

163,164 Bell, Brothers, and Co.

166 City of London Literary Institution.

167 Jones, J. Old Parr's Head Wine Vaults.

169 Jay, Butcher.

170 Bell, Hair Cutter.

171 Bennett, Ironmonger.

174 Batty, Melville, and Co. Wholesale Stationers.

175 Watson, Surgeon.

St. Ann's Church.


Duke Street. B. EDGINTON, Marquee, Tent, and Rick Cloth Manufacturer, 2, Duke Street. (See Vignette.)

Fenning's Wharf.

1 Franks and Co. Hatters.

Wallis, T. London Bridge Tavern.

Strachan, J. Bridge House Hotel.

3 Paine and Co. Hardwaremen.

4 Muriel, Surgeon.

5 Ash, R. Engraver and Stationer.

St, Saviour's Church, or Lady Mary's Chapel.

6 Weston and Young, Borough Bank.

7 Callaway, Surgeon.

8 Sturney, Caledonian Life Assurance Office.

9 Rouse, Chemist.

10 Brockbank , Tobacconist.

11 Snelling, Perfumer.

12 London & Westminster Bank, Southwark Branch.

13 Alderson, Tailor.

14 Frank, Livett, Oil and Colourmen.

15 Clarke's Coffee Rooms.

16 Burkitt, M. Tin Plate Worker.

York Street.

St. Thomas's Hospital.

40 Skir row and Son, Hop Merchants.

42 Eagleton and Glover, Tailors.

St. Thomas Street.


44 Jones and Co., Hop Merchants.

45 Hurst, Ironmonger.

46 Jones, Dining Rooms.

47 Wells, Butcher.

48 Clutton and Co.'s Offices.

49 Taylor, W. H. Pen & Sealing Wax Manufacturer.

50 Newsom and Son, Tea Dealers.

51 Dashwood, Surgeon.

51 Steel, A. C. and T., Linen Drapers.

53 Monnery, Glover and Shirt Maker. King' s Head Inn.

53 Blackham, Boot and Shoemaker.

56 Forster, Tailor.

57 Paine and Simpson, Hardwaremen.

58 Smith, Henry, Blue Maker.

59 Watson, D. Tobacconist.

60 Martin, Trunk Maker.



White Hart Inn.


64 Bourton, Saddler.

65 Eades, Chemist.

Three Crane Court.

66 Kleyser, J. & Co. Watch & Clock Manufacturers.

67 Cowell, F. Wine Merchant. Jackson, J. Hop and Seed Merchant.

68 Law, A. Jeweller.

69 Atkinson, J. Hop and Seed Factor. George Inn.

71 Hill, R. and Son, Booksellers.

72 Jordeson and Co. Solicitors.

73 Woollven, Butcher.

74 Morrison, Tailor and Draper. Talbot Inn.

76 Hawes, J. Ham and Beef Warehouse.

77 Pike, G. Italian Warehouse.

78 Cox, W. Hatter.

79 Anderton mid Lee, Pastrycooks.

80 Slee and Co. Preparers of Dr. Webster's Efficacious Diet Drink.

81 Ellis, J. J. and G. Hop Merchants.

82 Humble, Hop Merchants.

83 Willmott, Chemist.

Queen's Head Inn.

237 Deverell, Hosier and Shirt Maker.

237 Smith, Scale Maker.

239 Towill, Boot and Shoe Warehouses,

239 Simmonds and Son, Hop Factors.

240 Shaw, Linen Draper.

Calvert's Buildings.

242 Dodson, W. Brush Manufacturer.

243 Lush, William. Hop Pole Inn.

244 Parsley, J. and Son, Fruiterers.

245 Santry, Town Hall Coffee House

246 Mills, R. and T. and Co. Hop and Seed Factors.

247 Pattenden, R. Hop and Seed Factor.

247 Horton, F. Hop Factor.

Counter Street.

Town Hall.

253 Towill, Edward, Boot and Shoe Maker.

253 Lawley, B. and Co. Clock and Watch Makers.

254 Constable and Finden, Chemists.

Counter Alley.

255 Bright, T. G. Tailor and Draper.


257 Scoones, Boot Maker.

258 Evans, R. M. and Co. Hop and Seed Factor.

258 Parks, F. Tailor.

259 Goble, J. Hop Merchant.

259 Bowden, Trunk Maker.

260 Dodson, D. jun. Poulterer.

261 Smith, Wine and Spirit Merchant.

Red Lion Street.

262 Russell T. and Co. Hop and Seed Factors.

263 Hearder, J. Boot and Shoe Maker.

264 Rowland and Brewers, Brush Manufacturers.

264 Harding and Son, Gun Makers.

265 Breckels, Upholsterer.

Three Crowns Square.

266 Allgood, William, Button Maker.

267 Day, J. N. Solicitor.

267 Russell, Solicitor.

267 Beard, Baker.

267 Coleman, Hatter.


268 Jones, R. Grocer and Tea Dealer.

269 Closs S. and Son, Auctioneers.

269 Chadwick, Dentist.

York Street.


1,2,3 Ellis and Everington, Warehousemen.

4 Smith, H. B. and Co. Wine Merchants.

5 Hurst, F. Bookseller and Publisher.

Dean's Court, leading to Doctors' Commons.

5,6 - -Harvey and Son, St. Paul's Coffee House.

7 Cox, B. S. and Co. Silk Manufacturers.

9 Pawson, J F. & Co. Wholesale Silk Warehousemen.

10 Parker, Mr. Solicitor.

10,11 Green and Son, Glass and China Warehouse.

Puget, Branbury, and Co. Bankers.

12 Woolrich & Ellis, Silk and Muslin Manufacturers.

13 and Thomas, Shawl Warehouse.

14 Longstaff , Cloth Factor.

Paul's Chain

15 Allsup, China and Glass Warehouse.

16 Toplis and Son, Auctioneers.

17 Roberts, C. and G. Silk, Ribbon, Millinery, and Flower warehouse.

18 Jackson and Wilford, Booksellers.

19 Simson and Son, Upholsterers.

20 Berens, Blumberg & Co. Foreign Fancy Ware house.

Edwards, Miss, Milliner.

21 King's Chop House.

21,22 Cook, Son, Gladstone, and Co. Wholesale Linen Drapers.

24 Walter, Physician and Surgeon.

25 Goldney, Silk and Muslin Manufacturers.

26 Smith and Lapoulli, Straw Plat Warehouse

27 Hardy and Son, Playing Card Manufacturers.

28,29 Swan, Pearce, and Co. Merchants.

30 Dean and Co. Lacemen.


32 Saltmer, Silk Manufacturer and Importer.

33 Ray, J. Wholesale Draper.

34 Jones and Brown. Wholesale Stationers.

35 Lindsay and Pattinson, Warehousemen.

36 Roberts, Rev. Mr.

37 Bean. Rev. J. St. Paul's School. Canaster, Rev. H. Cooper, Rev. Mr.

43 Cowper, and Co. Silk Warehousemen.

45 Newbery, F. & Son, Wholesale Medicine Warehouse.

47 Mulcaster and Co. Straw Warehouse.

Marnstraw, J Cathedral Hotel.


Butler's, Patent Medicine Warehouse.

50 Purday, Music Warehouse.

51 Cookson, Milliner.

52 Ridley, Boot and Shoe Maker to Her Majesty.

53 Morrison, Tailor.

54 Jones, Lacenian.

55 House, Haberdasher.

Hall, Milliner and Dress Maker.

57 Chubb, Patent Luck Manufacturer.

58 Stewart, C Tailor.

59 Dollond, Optician to Her Majesty.

60 Barns, Commerce House.

61 Fletcher and Co. Lacemen.

62 Rivington, Bookseller.

63 Woodhill, Jeweller. (See Vignette.)

63 Holt, Confectioner. Cannon Alley.

64 Hassan, Brush Maker.

65 Religious Tract Society.

66 Smith, Milliner.

67 Edwards, Chemist. 77 Chapter House Court. Smith. Mrs

CT Paul's Alley

71 Hall and Allen, Silk Mercers.

72,73,74 Rogers and Hitchcock, Silk Mercers. London House Yard.

Goose and Gridiron Tavern.

75 Inglis, W and Co. Biscuit Bakers.

76 Lacy, E. Wholesale Bookseller.

77,78 Bailey and Milner, Linen Drapers.

79 Keating, Chemist and Druggist.

78 Todd and Procter, Cheesemongers.

79 Verinder, Cutler.

Harris, Bookseller.

Ludgate Hill.


1 Burchfield, Scale Maker.

2 Field, J. Wine Merchant.

3 Cranfield, Sealing Wax and Wafer Manufacturer.

4 Biddell, W. Butchers' Clothier.

5 Orchard, Marquee and Rick Cloth Manufacturer.

6,7 Wood, Scale Maker and Cutler.

8 Biggerstaff and Co. Bankers.

9 George's Market Coffee House.

10 Staff and Son, Rope and Twine Manufacturers.

11 Young and Son, Bankers and Agents.

12 Whelpdale, E. Wine Merchant. Greyhound Livery Stables.

13 Hawkins, J G. Greyhound Inn.

14 Williams, Thomas, Cutler.

15 Tisdall and Co. Bankers.

16 Johnson, M. George Inn.

17 Hill and Sons. Bankers.


20 Hickson and Son. Boot and Shoe Warehouse.

Parker's Livery Stables.

21 Surridge, Cheesemonger.

22 Maclean, Wine Merchant.

24 Kelly, Auctioneer and Appraiser. Hosier Lane.

25 Nicholls, Wine Merchant.

26 Fenton, T. H. Glass Cutter, Lead, Oil and Colour Warehouse. (See Vignette.)

30 Pritchard, T. H. Oil and Hop Merchant.

Giltspur Street. Bartholomew's Hospital.

34 Gill, W. and T. Whip Manufacturers.

35 Arnold, T. and J. Surgeons' Instrument Makers.

36 Johnson, W. Wine Merchant.

37 Geach, Tinman, Plumber, and Brazier.

38 Fenton, E. Surveyor.


40 Paget, Rope Manufacturer.

41 Jones and Son, Bankers.

42 Hoare's Wine Vaults.

St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

47 Curtis, Corn Dealer.

48 Turner's Star Coffee House.




52 Farnes, Seed Warehouse.

53 Crease and Son. Oil and Colourmen.

54 Williams and Son, Tailors and Drapers.

55 Pockett, Fishmonger.

56 Hart, Grocer.

57 Mitchell, Tailor and Draper.
St. Bartholomew Close.

57 Gray, Saddler.

58 Berm, Hill & Co. Wholesale Woollen Warehouse.

59 Cabban, Corn Dealer. Cloth Fair.

60 Pocklington and Co. Bankers

61 Furley. Tailor and Draper.

62 Procter's Wine Vaults.

63 Young. Wine Merchant.

64 Weedons', Bankers.

65, 66 Stafford, Tailor.

Long Lane


73, 74 Andrews and Scamell, Ironmongers. Aubrey, Salesman.

75 Hagger, W. H. Wine Merchant.

St. John Street.

76 Porter, E. Chemist.

76 Stallard, Banker.
Boar's Head.


78 Brough, Ram Inn.

79 Stevens, W. Rose Inn.

81 Puddick's Eating House.

82 Williams, Cutler.

83 Plenty, W. Mechanist.

84 Price's Wine Vaults.

85 Boyle and Co. Paper Stainers.

Williams, Cooper and Co. Wholesale Stationers.

86 Phillips, Pewterer.

West Street

88 Pantin and Co. Brush Makers and Warehousemen

89 Hartill, Fender and Fire Iron Manufactory

90 Russell, Roope, and Co. Coopers.

91 Shaddack and Knight, Importers of Foreign Canes.

92 Wilson's Wine Vaults.

King Street.


161 Rout, B. Linen Draper.

162 Clark, Wine Vaults.

163 Cotterell, T. Pawnbroker.

164 Gees Court.

164 Thomas and Co. Straw Hat Warehouse.

164a Metropolitan Depot Boot and Shoe Warehouse.

165 Anderson, Tobacconist.

166 Walker and Co. Linen Drapers.

166 Jones, Tea Dealer.

James Street.

166 Hugger. Dealer in German Wool.

167 Griffin, Wine Merchant

168 Pimlett and Co. Linen Drapers.

Bird Street.

168 Green, Dressing Case Maker.

169 Humphreys, Straw Bonnet Warehouse.

170 Balls, Auctioneer.

171 Fricker, Shoe Maker.

172 Mills, Silversmith.

173 Stanway, Ironmonger.

Duke Street.

174 Edgenton. Wine Vaults.

174 Palmer, Boot Maker

174 Coventry, Umbrella Maker.

175 Deverell, Straw Bonnet Maker.

176 Gillow, Upholsterer.

178 Batchelor, German Wool Warehouse.

Twine, Boot and Shoe Warehouse.

179 Young, Ironmonger.

180 Brooks and Thomas. Linen Drapers.

Grays Yard.

181 Ford, Wine Vaults.


183 Roberts, Stay Maker.

184 Wilcoeks, Linen Draper.

185 Hewetson's Carpet Warehouse. (See Vignette.)

186 Webb, Straw Bonnet Maker.

187, 188 Jorns and Austen, Linen Drapers.

189 Douglas and Attenbrow, Tea Dealers.

190 Bowdery and Kerby Stationers.

George's Union Livery Stables.

191 Todd, Wine Merchant.

192 Wyatt and Son, Wire Workers.

193 Harris, Tobacconist.

194 Simpson, Stay Warehouse.

194 Webb, Straw Bonnet Maker.

195 Hodson and Holmes, Haberdashers.

196 Ancell, Chemist.

197 Deverell, Silk Mercer.

Orchard Street.

198 Morgan, Chemist.

199 Calder, Stationer.

200 Roberts, Linen and Straw Bonnet Warehouse.

261 Parker and Co. Carpet Warehouse.

261 Dolmans' Plate Glass Warehouse.

261 Simpson, Cheese Monger.

262 Belt and Woods, Tea Dealers.

North Audley Street.

263 Somers, Pork Butcher.

264 Higgins, Kings Arms Hotel.

264 Mash, Green Grocer.

264 Wheeler, J. Baker.

265 Bell. Pork. Butcher.

265 Stent, Outfitter.

265 Pickett, Goldsmith.

266 Wildy, Hatter.

Richardson's Livery Stables.

267 Gilman's Oil Warehouse.

268 Stopp, Butcher.

268 Ginivan, Fishmonger.

268 Evenden, Wine Merchant.

George Street.

268 Cuttings'. Toy and Jewellery Warehouse.

269 Thrupp, Coach Builder.

270 Hill, Haberdasher.

270 Minton. Tobacconist.

271 Wheeler, Baker.

Queen Street.


272 Way and Co. Tea Dealers.

273 Gadsden and Co. Cheesemongers.

274 Mills and Co. Hosiers.

275 Worms, H. Shoe Maker.

276 King. Wine Vaults.

Duke Street.

277 Squire, Chemist and Druggist.

278 Soanes, China Warehouse.

279 Rendell, Butcher.

280 Baker and Leach, Cheesemongers.

281 Eamonson and Co. Furniture Brokers.

282 How and Co. Tea Dealers.

Thomas Street.

283 Hollis, Pork Butcher.

284 Howard, Cheesemonger.

285 Steedman, Green Grocer.

286 Wheeler, T. Baker.

Gilbert Street.

287 Williams's Wine Vaults.

288 Stait, E. Butcher.

289 Newberry, Cheesemonger.

289 Wilcox, Boot Maker.

290 Green, W. Butcher.

290 Goodhugh's Eating House.

291 Dixon and Co, Tea Dealers.

292 Donovan, Fishmonger.


91 Frampton and Son, Hair Cutters.

92 Wheeler, Ironmonger.

93 Wilcoxon, Boot and Shoe Maker.

94 Proctor, Cheesemonger.

Howland Street.

95 Southam and Co. Milliners and Stay Makers. Shipman, Taylor.

96 Pimm , T. Grocer.

97 98 Dry and Everrett, Linen Drapers.

99 Stroud, Hosier, Glover, and Shirt Maker.

100 Savage, Boot Maker.

101 Thornett, Bulls Head Wine Vaults.

Bulls Head Livery Stables.

102 Miles, (late Watkins,) Cheesemonger.

103 Bardsley, Tea Dealer. General Post Office.

104 Coote, Furniture Dealer.

105 Huxley, China Warehouse.

106 Taylor, J. T. Tea Dealer & Grocer. (Silver Tea Urn.)

107 Nicholson, Cheesemonger.

108 Gower and Mark, Linen Drapers.

London Street.

108 Pople's Wine Vaults.

109 Webb, T. and Co. Cheesemongers.

110 Bowley, W. and Tallow Chandler.

111 Jones, Tea & Coffee Dealer. (Golden Tea Kettle.)

112 Horne, Lawson, and Co. Hatters.

113 Henderson, Salesman.
Midford Place.

114 Gould, Green Grocer.

115 Page, Boot Maker.

116 Mc'Gettrick, J. Surgeon.

117 Mc'Dowall, Milliner.

118 Dash, Hatter.

119 Rawbone, T. Wine Vaults.

Grafton Street.

120 Kidd, Gemmell, and Bemand, Silk Mercers.

121 Maysey, T. C. Tea Dealer.

122 Mine, W. Oilman.

123 Bryant, Boot Maker.

124 Squire, Pork Butcher and Tripe Dresser.

125 Bradford, Cheesemonger.

126 Cockley, B. Baker.

Fitzroy Court.

127 Wardmore, Pawnbroker.

128 Baucher, Toy Dealer and Tobacconist. Agent for Morison's Pills.

129 Bagshaw, Confectioner.

130 Howard, Boot Maker.

131 Baker, Butcher.

132 Holmes, Tea Dealer.

133 Goodwin, Pork Butcher.

134 Smith and Watkins, Linen Drapers.

Warren Street.

134 Oulds, Oilman.

135 Hall, Confectioner.

135 Sebo, Butcher.

136 Benson and Newton, Cheesemongers.

New Road

137 Davis, Furniture Dealer. Montanden, Corn Chandler.

137 Spratt, Stationer.

138 Williams, Surgeon.

139 Baker, Ironmonger.

140 Milbank, J. Coffee House.

Southampton Court.

141 Dowley, J. Wine Merchant.

142 Grant, Currier.

143 Smith, H. B. Laceman.

144 Swingler, Corn Merchant.

Tottenham Place.

145 Green, F. Woollen Draper.

146 Leete and Warburton, Ironmongers.


148 Whittow and Co. Woollen Drapers.

149 Evans, G. Silk Mercer.

160 Price, J. Baker.

150 Evans, G. Silk Mercer.

Grafton Street East.

151 Hunt, Goldsmith.

152 Bowtell, Tottenham Shoe Mart.

153 Clark, J. Tailor.

154 155 156 Shoolbred, Cook, & Co. Linen Drapers,&c. (See Vignette.)

157 Hutchinson, Plasterers' Arms.

158 Ivan, Coach Builder.

159 Holland, Tea Dealer.

160 Storey, Tailor.

161 Garman, C. E. Surgeon.

162 Morton, Stay Maker.

University Street.

163 Cope, E. H. Tobacconist,

163 King, Hair Cutter and Perfumer.

164 Tyler, Stationer.

165 Aste, H. J. Corn Chandler.

166 Weston, Stay Maker.

167 Sainsbury, Upholsterer.

168 Bonsall, Whip Maker.

168 Targett, Undertaker.

Mortimer Market.

169 Russell, Cut Glass Warehouse.

Matthews, Tobacconist.

170 Rawlings, Bookseller.

171 Brays, Watch and Clock Maker

172 Cutter, Hat Maker.

173 Cooper, Baker.

174 Belk, Mortimer Arms.

Pancras Street.

175 Davis, W. Coffee House.

176 Roberts, Surgeon.

177 Laceys' Fringe Manufactory.

178 Gooding, Toy Warehouse and White Wood Turner.

179 Chapman's Dairy.

180 Pugh.


Dr Munro.

1 Dunn.

1 Bentham, C. Grocer.

2 Lloyd, Milliner

3 Merriott, Stay Maker. Harley Mews.

1 Rouse, Chemist.

2 Crabtree, Baker.

3 Freeman, Wax and Tallow Chandler.


5 James, Mrs. Milliner.

6 Brown, German Repository.

7 Grohe, Watch and Clock Maker.

Wimpole Street.

8 Davis, Wine Vaults.

9 Owen, Fringe Manufacturer.

10 Bridgman, Confectioner to Her Majesty.

11 Christian, Linen Draper.

12 Field, Wax and Tallow Chandler.

13 Daniell, Mr. Dentist. Hopper, Sculptor.

14 Grace, Painter to the King.

15 Davis, Coach Builder.

16 Foster, Artificial Florist.

17 Dickinson, Mr. Surgeon.

18 Daniell, Glass and China Warehouse.

19 Wilson, Upholsterer.
Welbeck Street.

19 Benham, Ironmonger. (See Vignette.)

20 Stone, Linen and General Outfitting Warehouse.

21 Mortimer, Bookseller.

22 23 Maslin, Coach Budder.

24 Rope, Jeweller.

Pattison, Livery Stables.

25 Fothergill, Wine Vaults. Mallalue, Livery Stables.

26 Stockham, and Hicks, Dressing Case Maker.

Mary-le-bone Lane.

Lazarus, Clothier.

28 Eyres. Green Grocer.

28 Knight, Muffin Baker.

29 Samuel, Tailor.


John's Court.

Barrett's Court.

27 Hill, Tea Dealer.

28 yenning, Carver and Gilder.

29 Way, Butcher.

30 Roberts, Haberdasher.

31 Woollamb. Paper Stainer.

32 Russell, Tobacconist.

33 Dash, Fruiterer.

34 Davis, Saddler.

35 Williams, Fishmonger.

36 Smith, and Co. Tea Dealer.
Mary-le-bone Lane.

36 Smith, Toy Warehouse.

37 Mudie and Wilson, Stationers.

37 Webber, A. and Co. Wine Vaults.

Croydon, Chemist.

38 Garnett, Oilman. Nisbet, Perfumer. Bright, Wine Vaults.

Welbeck Street.

38 Bate, Auctioneer.

40 George, Madam, Milliner. Raby, Dyer and Blond Cleaner.

41 Gibson, Oilman.

42 Winter, Dress Maker.

43 England, Boot Maker.

44 Debenham, and Co. Linen Drapers.

45 Tapp and Co. Coach Builders.


47 Coles, Cheesemonger.

48 Briggs, Chemist.


50 Bowen, Poulterer. Sanders, Wine Vaults.

Wimpole Street.

50 Rouse, W. Oilman.

51 Nicholls, Print Seller.


53 Robinson and Co. Autioneers.

54 Briggs and Son, Fishmongers.

55 Dupont, Shoe Maker.

56 Foster, Milliner.

57 Bean, Livery Stables.

St. Mary-le-bone Bank.

Cavendish Square.


53 Taylor, Tea Dealer.

54 Hawkins, Ironmonger.

55 Sharwood, Chemist.

Artillery Lane.

56 Finch, Hair Cutter.

57 Lewis, Furnishing Ironmonger.

58 Groves, Saddler.

59 Simmonds.

60 Dymond, T. Tea Dealer.

61 Willoughby, Patent Medicine Warehouse.

62 Scamblers, Livery Stables.

63 Good and Son, Stationers.

64 Palmer, Umbrella Maker.

65 Evans and Son, Woollen Drapers.

Union Street.

69 Hall and Son, Linen Drapers die.

70 Woodall, Woollen Draper.

71 Whyte, Cutler.

73 Windus, Coach Maker.

74 Elliott, Silk Mercers.

76 Wollam, E. Boot Maker.

Bishopsgate Chapel.

77 Pierson, Jeweller.




Catharine Wheel Yard.

81 Willis, Jeweller.

82 Dale, C. Cheesemonger.

83 Sims, Stay Maker.

84 Tickling and Son, Tailors.

85 Teede, Grocer.

86 Cox, Tobacconist.

87 Millington, Lead, Colour, and Glass Warehouse. (See Vignette.)

88 Hawkins and Briggs, Oilmen.

89 Pound, Hatter.

90 Springall, Baker

91 Mott, Jeweller.

92 Johnson, C. Carpet Warehouse.

93 Norman, Poulterer.

94 Cox, Hosier.

Montague Court.

95 Harris, Milliner.

96 Gazard, T. Cutler.

97 Appleby, Straw Bonnet Warehouse.

98 Gedge, Hosier.

99 Sling, Confectioner.

100 Parnell, Clothier.

101 Grant, Confectioner.

102 Gosbell, E. Straw Bonnet Maker.

103 Hall, Linen Draper.

Spital Square.

Primrose Street.

110 Snowden, Tea Dealer.

111 Barrett, Baker.

112 Morgan, T. the Wonder Wine Vaults.

113 Brotherton, Tobacconist.

114 Alderman, The Lord Nelson.

115 Price, Cheesemonger.

116 Roberts, Pork Butcher.

117 Marsh, Baker.

118 Oliver, Boot Maker.

119 Cullum, Oilman.

Skinner Street.

120 Playll, Boot and Shoe Maker.

121 Pound, Hatter.

122 Heath, G. and W. Carpenters.

123 Waite, Butcher.

124 Pim, E. B. Stationer.

Acorn Street

128 Hargrave, E. J. Wine Vaults.

129 Walton, Tea Dealer.

130 Bennet and Son, Tripe Dressers.

131 132 Blatherwick, Hosier and Glover.

133 Blakeley, Bedding Warehouse.

Newnham' s Place.

134 Cox, Ham and Beet Warehouse.


136 Hollyman Wine Vaults.

137 Scroxton, Ironmonger.

Angel Alley.

138 Moore and Co. Piano-forte Makers.

139 Lilley, Oilman.

140 Barton, Sun Tavern.

141 Barrett, J. Baker.

142 Shaw, Chemist.

143 Bax, T. Seedsman.

Lamb's Alley.

145 Porter, Surgeon.

Sun Street.

149 Beck, W. Cheesemonger.


151 Whiskard, Pawnbroker &c.

Dunning's Alley.

152 Jones, Lucky Bob Wine Vaults.

154 Groves, Butcher.

155 Davis, Pork Butcher.

156 Finch, Oil Man.

157 Castle and Clark, Grocers.

Sweet Apple Court.

158 Negus, Baker.

159 Thwaites, Saddler.

160 Phillips, Boot Maker.

161 Peacock, Baker.

Bishopsgate Buildings.

162 Skelton, Jeweller.


Windmill Street.

46 Field, Wine Vaults.

47 Maryon, Tailor.

48 Cazaly, Engraver and Stationer.

49 Niven, Baker.

50 Gadsby, Coach Builder.


52 Warner, Brush and Comb Maker.

53 Lander, Boot and Shoe Maker.

54 Harris, Cheesemonger.

Kirkman's Place.

55 Kaye, Draper, & Ready made Linen Warehouse.

56 Goodge, Cheesemonger.

57 Pitman, Grocer.

58 Abbott's Livery Stables.

59 Spitler, W. Wine and Spirit Vaults.

60 Lacy, Umbrella Maker.

60 Osborne, Confectioner.

61 Field, T. Appraiser.

62 Cooper, B. Rose and Crown.

63 Garsed, Tobacconist.

63 Lyford, Fishmonger.
Goodge Street.

64 Tullett, J. Wine Vaults.

64 Gilbert, Oilman.

65 66 Boyer, Currier.

67 Tuley, Green Grocer.

68 Allen, Eating House.

69 Sandell, Stationer.

70 Ladewigg, Confectioner.

71 Andrews, J. R. Brazier.

72 Donovan, Fishmonger.

73 Cotton, H. Cooper and Turner.

74 Loader, G. Butcher.

75 Alliston, Baker.

76 Martin, Cheesemonger.

77 Wilcocks, Pork Butcher.

78 Waller, Grocer.

79 Turtle, Butcher.

78 Parnell, Clothier.

G. Whitfield's Chapel.


79 Cornish, Butcher.

80 Gairdner, Upholsterer.

81 Camp, Turner.

82 Robertson, J. Wine Vaults.

83 Shatford, Cabinet Maker.

85 Muggridge, Corn Chandler.

86 Eve, Turner, Cabinet Maker, and Upholsterer.

87 Marston, Cooper and Turner.

88 Tompkins, T. Butcher.

89 Pincornbe, Linen Draper.

90 Betteley , China and Glass Warehouse.

81 Cubitt, Comb Maker.

182 Waite, Broker.

183 Swainstead, Milliner.

184 McQueen, Copper and Steel Plate Printer.

185 186 Harrison, Ironmonger.

186 Naylor, Wine Vaults.

187 Dunbar, Iron Foundry.

188 Kentshead, Stay Maker.

Johnson, Optician.

189 Hodges, Linen Draper.

190 Franklin, Leopard Coffee House.

Francis Street.

191 Adams, Wine and Spirit Vaults.

192 Davey, Glass Warehouse.

193 Reid, Undertaker.

194 195 196 Collard & Co. Piano Forte Manufacturer Aliens' Livery Stables.

197 Dwelly, Ironmonger.

198 Lawson, J. Music Seller.

199 Hopkins's, Wine Vaults.

Alfred Mews

200 Bacon, Straw Hat Maker.

201 Haldam, Stationer.

202 Constable, Linen Draper.

203 Heal, F. and Son. Bedding Manufactory.

204 Hewetson's Carpet Warehouse. (See Vignette.)

205 Buller, Coffee and Reading Rooms.

206 Bilton, Shoe Maker.

207 Gristau, Straw Bonnet Warehouse.

208 Godbold, Hatter.

Chenies Street

209 Cooper, Confectioner.

210 Stray, Boot Maker.

211 Harrison, Ironmonger.

212 Brooks, Haberdasher.

212 Heyliger, Silversmith.

213 Savage, Linen Draper.

213 Brown, T. Tobacconist.

214 Irwin, Tea Dealer.

215 Dove, Stay Maker.

216 Tweed, Surgeon.

217 Allsup, China and Glass Warehouse.

218 Corbel, Librarian.

219 Chinnock, Upholster and Auctioneer.

220 Moore, Cutler.

220 Williams, Stay Maker.

221 Gathers, Surgeon.

222 Stevens, Tallow Chandler.


223 Mullin, Stay Maker.

224 Blackie, Green Grocer.

225 Hannam, Tea Dealer.

226 Dinham, Oil Man.

Store Street.



1 Stephens, Toy Warehouse.

2 Brittlebank, Hair Cutter.

4 Couchman, Tea Dealer,

6 Ward, Co. Dealer.

7 Mansfield. Boot Maker.


1 Cassell, Egg Merchant.

2 Lansdall, Baker.

3 Sanders, Hatter and Clothier.

4 Bowman, Oil Man.

5 Franklin, Silversmith.

Hanway Street.

6 Jefferys, Wine Vaults.

7 Stephens, Umbrella Maker.

8 Tupp, Confectioner.

9 Danks's Carpet Warehouse. (See Vignette.)

10 Kissick, Stationer,

11 Thompson, Boot and Shoe Maker.

12 Drew, G. Tea Dealer.

12 Sibley, E. Tobacconist.

13 Peplow, Chemist.

14 Wilkie, Stay Maker.

15 Addison, Milliner.

16 Kyezor, Watch and Clock Maker.

17 Johnson, Boot Maker.

18 Morgan, Tallow Chandler.

19 Watchorn, Wine Vaults.

Tudor Place.

20 Bailey, Butcher.

21 Jones, Wax and Tallow Chandler.

22 Limbert, Tea Dealer.

23 Lowther, Pawnbroker.

24 Law, J. Pork Butcher.

25 Moore and Co. Dealers in Miscellaneous Property.

26 Mash, Potatoe Dealer.

27 Bower, Tea Dealer.

28 Simmonds, Silversmith
Stephens Street.

29 Swinstead, Dunstable House.

29 Witcher, Green Grocer.

30 Bohm, Dyer.

31 Cuxon, Butcher.

32 Mitchell, Glazier.

33 Paragreen, Baker.

34 Marks, Hatter and Clothier.

35 Kirby, Cheesemonger.

36 Pratt, Hosier.

36 Fellowes, Bookseller.

37 McDonnell, Milliner.

20 Wells and Son, Saddlers.

Percy Street.

38 Giblett, J. Silk Mercer.

39 Battersey, Boot Maker.

40 Brown, Cheesemonger and Poulterer.

41 Mills, Mahogany Merchant.

42 Stevens, Stationer.

43 Lucas, Silversmith.

44 Cappel, Tobacconist.

95 Jacques, Oil Man.

Windmill Street.

46 Field, Wine Vaults.

227 Hawkins, Linen Draper.

228 Cuxton, Gold Beater.

229 Rutland, Hosier.

230 Potter, Eating House.

231 Phillips, Optician.

231 Harris, Mattrass and Feather Bed Manufacturer.

232 Williams, Oil Man.

233 Cornish, Baker.

234 Lock, Butcher.

235 Barret, Tripe Dresser.

236 Westmoreland, Wine Vaults.

Bedford Street.

237 Aldwinckle and Bromfield Surgeons.

238 Taylor, J. and T. Tailors.

239 Pearce, W. Ironmonger.

240 Sherrard, Fringe Maker.

241 Soward, Builder.

242 Poole, Bedford Coffee House.

243 Yates, G. Pumber.

244 Marsden, News Vender.

245 Buck, Tool Warehouse.

246 Le Cand, Carver and Gilder.

247 Wood and Barrett, Ironmongers.

248 Cook (late Wright) Hair Cutter.

249 Hatfield, Surgeon.

250 Creevy, Cow Keeper.

251 Penny, W. Varnish Maker.

252 Rogers, Tailor.

253 Smith, Builder.

254 Pryor, Watch Maker.

255 Sowerby, Blacking Manufacturer.

256 Pearce, Green Grocer.

257 Davis. Ironmonger.

258 Purver, B. Broker.

258 Frost, Baker.

Tavistock Street.

259 Hughes, Oil Man.

259 Rouch, Pork Butcher.

260 Rowland, Chemist.

261 Fleming, Saddler.

262 Stubbing, J. Tobacconist.

262 Chenoweth, Boot Maker.

Great Russell Street.

263 Chapman, Linen Draper.

264 Edwards, Wine Vaults.

265 266 Otley, Joseph, Corn Dealer.

267 Chantry, Horse Shoe Inn.


1 Tullet, John, Wine and Spirit Merchant. (SeeVigette, and 64, Tottenham Court Road)

2 Butler, Joshua, Baker.

3 4 Waugh and Son, Carpet Warehouse.

5 Heap, Richard, China Warehouse.

6 Watkins, William, Tailor.

7 Wing and Jones, Butchers.

8 Brown, Thomas, Baker.

John Street.

9 Piton, W. Victualler.

10 Blanchard, Francis, Cabinet Maker.

11 Archer, Tool Warebouse.

12 Woollatt, Samuel, Coffee Rooms.

13 Spencely, Elizabeth, Dyer.

14 Bateman, Thomas. Bookseller.

15 Elwell, Tea Dealer.

16 Matthews, Elizabeth. Tea Dealer.

17 Wilburn's Ham and Beef Shop.

18 Hignet, Henry John, Toy Dealer.

19 Glover, George, Druggist.

20 While, Sarah, Clothier.

21 How and Chivarton, Tea Dealers.

Charlotte Street

22 Richmond, Ellen, Milliner.

22 Bennett, Baker.

23 Su mmerlin, Thomas, Butcher.

Cumberland Street.

24 Spencly, James, Oilman.

25 Greenhaugh, James, Butcher.

26 Thurgood, Joseph, Cheesemonger.

28 Whisson, James, Wine Merchant.

29 Griffiths, William, Greengrocer.

30 Adams, Baker.

31 Whittingham, John, Perfumer.

31 Green, Robert, Poulterer.

32 Poole, Joseph, Butcher.

T7 Little Charlotte Street.

33 Babb, Fishmonger.

33 Godden, George, Chandler and Oilman.

34 Benoiment, Tobacconist.

35 Heywood, W. Watch Maker.

36 Bull, James, Victualler.

Charlotte Street.

37 Thistleton, Augustus, Printer.

38 Volk, P. Clock Maker.

39 Farrant, W. Painter.

39 Lovell, William, Tailor.

40 Clow, M. Picture Frame Maker.

41 Birdsey, W. Grocer.

42 Button, William, Painter.

43 Penney, Thomas, Hosier.

44 Green, Carpenter.

45 P resland, William, Tailor

46 Henley, Jemima, Straw Bonnet Maker. Dolley, Thomas, Tailor.

47 Aston, John, Furniture Dealer.

48 Goodwin, Chair Maker.

John Street.

49 Mannering, Coal Dealer.

50 Batch, Cheesemonger.

51 Walker, Butcher.

52 Edney, James, Greengrocer.

53 Reid, Undertaker.

54 Greener, Hair Cutter.

55 Hince, Butcher.


26 Sowerby, and Co. Wine Merchants and Rectifiers.

27 Wright, J. Wine Vaults Welsh Chapel.

30 Humphrey, A. Fishmonger.

Maidenhead Court.


32 Seale Oilman.

33 Masters, Printer.

34 Spooner and White, Cheesemongers.

Shaftsbury Place.

35 Nunn, C and Co. Linen Drapers.

35 Groom, Academy.

36 General Dispensary.

37 38 Hodgkinson and Co. Tea Dealers.

39 40 Herring and Brothers, Wholesale Druggists.

41 Baylis, Pawnbroker.

Edmund's Place.

42 Wilkie, Baker.

43 Hewer, Thomas, Butcher.

44 Cantis, Ham and Beef Warehouse.

Jewin Street.

55 48 Vickress. Wine Merchant.

48 Postan, Auctioneer.

49 Simmon, China and Glass Warehouse.

50 Cowley, Butcher.

51 Crown Coffee House.

Crown Court.

52 Morisse, Music Warehouse.

53 Smith, Tea Dealer.

Cherry Tree Court.

54 Hearn, Confectioner.

55 Vickress, Wine Vaults.

56 Castle and Co. Wine Merchants.

57 Sewell, Painter.

58 Piper, Stay Maker.

Lauderdale Buildings,

60 Duprey, Cotton Yarn Manufactory.

61 Moore, Cooper.

62 Capey, Haberdasher.

Hare Court,

62 Cadman, Tailor.

63 Witchell, Cheesemonger.

64 Turner, Butcher.

65 Parry, R. Corn Chandler.

67 Bigger, Chemist.

68 Lowe's Coffee House.

69 Smith and Fenn, Whalebone Manufacturers.

72 Godson, Ironmonger.

73 Woolmer, J. Haberdasher.

74 Burbridge, E. and W Chemists.

75 Vines, Chemist.

76 Howell, Haberdasher.

77 Rhodes, Grocer.

78 Stinton, Wine Vaults.

79 Stevens, Tailor.

114 Duffield, Coach Builder.

115 Steinhardt, Clock and Watch Maker.

116 Thomas, Linen Draper.

Long Lane.

117 118 119 Wood and Sharwood, Printers' Brokers.

120 Wood, (Private House.)

122 Mc' Donald, D. Greengrocer.

123 Chidley, Bookseller.

124 Chump, G. Pawnbroker.

125 Lucas, J. C. Druggist.

126 Godderd, E. Wine Vaults.

127 Tibbs, Tallow Chandler.

128 Kaye, Wholesale Clothier.

130 Robertson, W. Baker.

131 Wingrave, J. Oilman.


133 Byrne, Wine Vaults.

134 Gravell. Carver and Gilder,

135 Arnold, P. and J. Druggists.

136 Collinridge, Watch Maker.

136 Hawkrigg, Coffee Rooms.

137 138 Norris, J. T. Wholesale Stationer.

139 Pashen, Music Warehouse.

Bowman's Buildings.

140 Ridge and Co. Cheesemongers.

141 Lloyd, Grocer.

142 Ewart and Horn, Zinc Manufacturers.

134 144 Wonllelt, Undertaker.

145 Mitchell, Carpenter and Builder.

146 Patrick, C. T. Greengrocer.

147 Simpson, J. Pork Butcher.

148 Corton, C. Trunk Maker.

149 Dr. Holt Yates.

150 Sims, Plate Glass Warehouse.

151 Burton, Builder.

152 Albion Hotel.

154 Kaye, J. and D. Wine Merchants.

155 Cook. Tobacconist.

156 Cremer, W. Hair Cutter

157 Thompson, Tripe Dresser.

158 Baines, Warehouseman,

159 Lunn, Chemist.

Westmoreland Buildings.

159 Hart's Temperance Coffee Rooms. (See Vignette.)

160 Rolls and Co. Curriers.

Cox's Court.

161 Mash, W. Greengrocer.

162 Fisher and De Jersey's Offices.

163 Edwards, Wine Vaults.


44 45 46 Davison, Newman, and Co. Tea Dealers.

46 Lawrence

47 Browne, F. Hair Cutter.

48 Taylor, Boot Maker.

49 Oliver, Builder

50 Dixon, and Co. Slop Sellers.

51 Harden, Stationer. Russel, Boot Maker.

Star Court.

53 Payne, King's Head Tavern.

54 Brown, T. Surgeon. Cannew, Wine Vaults.

Mark Lane.

56 Sharpe and Son, Tea Dealers. (See Vignette.)

57 Johnson, Benny, and Milman, Indigo Merchants.


59 Hart, J. and Son, Wine Merchants.

London Street

60 Harris and Duplex, Surgeons.

62 Dockerill and Duchesne, Tea Dealers.

63 Whitton, Merchant.

64 Hutchinson, Gent.

65 Hart, Plumber.

66 Finlay, Tailor.

Church Row.

67 Bishop, W. J. India Arms Wine Vaults.

68 Lamount, Stewart and Co. Wine Merchants.


70 Vaughan, Merchant.

East India Warehouses.

Northumberland Alley.

78 Banffield, Saddler.

79 Cook, N. Cheesemonger.

80 Tile and Green, Warehousemen.

81 Orrit, C. Cork Cutter.

82 Willard, H. (Grapes) Wine Merchant.


84 Gill. (George) Wine Merchant.

85 Cornish, Baker.

86 Lewellen, Leopard Coffee House.

George Yard.

87 Wilson, Samuel, China and Glass Warehouse.

87 Butler, Engraver.

88 Earl, Hair Cutter.

89 Ady, G. R. H. Truss Maker.

90, Smith, W. Butcher.

91 Wilson, Plumber.

92 Evans, Milliner.

London Society for the Prevention of Juvenile Prostitution.

93 Kent, Fishmonger.

94 Whitehorn, Angel Wine Vaults.

Hartshorn Alley.

95 Cobham's Pelcan Coffee House,

96 Dawning, Corn Chandler.

97 Bridgers, Bricklayer.

98 99 Hinde, Druggist.

100 Gatward, Tailor and Outfitter,

101 Eccles, C. Printer.

102 Munt, Dyer.

103 Roach, Tea Dealer

105 Nunn, Carpenter.

105 Kitchen, Telescope Maker.

105 Salmon, W. J. Working Optician.

106 Passingham and Nail, Wine Merchants,

106 Commercial Dock Company.

107 Laing, Mr. Solicitor

107 Davis, H. Tobacco Merchant.

Fenchurch Buildings.

108 Atkinson, Russia Merchant.

109 Barnes, T. and Co. Ironmongers.

110 Taylor and Fisher, Appraisers and Undertakers.

111 112 Pateshall, Brown, and Jones, Tallow Melters.

113 Mc 'Kinnell and Co. Wine Merchants.

119 Robinson Stationer.

Billiter Street.

116 Wade, and Son, Cotton Brokers.

117 Hales, Wire Worker.

Ironmongers' Hall.

Fishmongers' Alley.


118 Eaton, William, Wine Vaults.

Calver Court.

120 Meedy, Hair Cutter.

121 Steam Packet Office.

122 Cruikshank, West India Merchant.

124 Shaw, E. Stationer.



2 Lancaster, Mrs.

3 Craddock, Mr.


5 Tompkins, J. N.

6 Scott, G.

7 Field, Mrs.

8 Davis, Mrs.



Upper Ground Street.

1 Silcocks', Wine Vaults.

2 Hoppe, C. China Shop.


4 Stephenson, Carpet Warehouse.

5 Brown and Co. Tobacconists.

6 Carter, Stay maker.

Carter, Boot and Shoe Maker.


9 Graham, Mrs. Milliner.

10 Brain and Co. Hosiers.

11 Rose, Surgeon.

12 Downes, Jeweller.

13 Freeman, Chemist.

14 Ballinger, Confectioner.

15 Williams, Milliner.

16 Mackinlay, Chemist.

Stamford Street.

17 Shirley and Co. Boot Makers.
Gray's Livery Stables.

18 Coles' China Warehouse.

19 Cowderoy, Tea Dealer.

20 Webb, Hair Cutter.

21 Stapley, Milliner. Miller's Auction Rooms.

22 Allingham, Printer.

23 Westall, Woollen Draper.

24 Nelson, Wine Vaults.

25 Tamlyn, Ham and Beef Shop.

26 Hammond, Stay Maker.

26 Brewerton and Co. Umbrella and Parasol Makers.

Church Passage.

Christ Church.

Collingwood Street.

30 Crome, Tallow Chandler.

231 Margerkson, Wine Vaults.

Church Street.

232 Johnson, Tea Dealer.

233 King, Chemist.

234 Alfred Place.




238 Yeldham

239 Pegg.

240 Rees.

Horse and Groom Stables.

241 Sims, Crown Coffee House.

242 James, Chemist.

243 Groves, Saddler.

244 Hammond, Proprietor of the Guestonian Medicine.

245 Tilley's Engine Pump Manufactory.

246 Newton's Sussex Hotel.

Leaping Bar Stables.

247 Morrison.

248 Chequer, Saddler.

249 Doubleday, Surgeon.

250 Pulbrook, Boot Maker.

251 Dawes, Baker.


253 Shaw, Ironmonger. (See Vignette.)

Holland Street.

254 Seale's China Warehouse.

255 Matthews, Shoe Mart.

256 Sutterby, Coffee House.

257 Hartley, Stationer.

258 Hayes, Broker.

259 Young's Wine Vaults.

Wyatt and Co. Patentees for Roman Cement.


31 Millward, Wine Vaults.

32 Farley, Toy Warehouse.

33 Glover, Pork Butcher.

34 Marshall, Bonnet Warehouse.

35 Hemming, Linen Draper.

36 Martin, Tobacconist.

36˝ Butcher, Tea Dealer.

37 Giles, W. Baker.

38 Selby, Oilman.

39 Butt, E. Linen Draper.

40 Sanders, J. and W. Trunk Makers.

Cuisset, Jeweller.

41 Fitch, J.C. Tea Dealer. Wells, Livery Stables.

42 Hart's Wine Vaults.

43 Cowderoy, Baker.

44 Burslem, Stationer.

45 Swinstead, Bonnet Warehouse.

Cross Street.

46 Ponsford, Butcher.

Pulbrook, Fishmonger.

47 Lowe and Horniblow, Chemists.

48 Marshall, Woollen Draper.

49 Vicat, Linen Draper.

50 Hobson and Parritt, Tea Dealers.

51 Keen, J. C. Boot Maker.

52 Withers, Confectioner.

53 54 55 White, Greenwell, and Co. Linen Drapers. (See Vignette.)

56 Benham, Ironmonger.

57 Bays, Cheesemonger,

58 Ward, W. Linen Draper.

59 Hamer and Jones, Linen Drapers.

60 Zetterquist and Son, Oilmen.

61 Pulbrook, L. and Son, Boot Makers.

62 Myers, Sparrow, and Co. Printers.

63 Iron (late Harvey) Chemist.

64 Bowditch, Corn Dealer.

65 Barker, Straw and Tuscan Dealer.

66 Hunter, Bedding Warehouse.

67 Davies, Woollen Draper.

68 Jones and Shearman, Linen Drapers.

69 Juries (late Davis,) Chemist.

70 Powell, Linen Draper.

71 Withers and Egg, Tea Dealers.

Great Charlotte Street.

72 Solomon, Furniture Dealer.

73 Denman, Seedsman.

74 Lines, Coach Builder.

75 Swinscomb, Gent.

76 Mayne, Hatter.

191 Groom, Mrs.

192 Rayner, Mrs.

193 Camp, Tailor.

194 Sidden, Surgeon.

195 Jackson, James.

196 Henly & Co. Ironmongers.

Charlotte Street.

Rowland Hill's Chapel.

197 Bailey, Carpenter.

198 Mc'Kernion, Gent .

199 Maxted, Baker.

200 Parr, Tea Dealer.

201 Holtby, Cheesemonger.

York Street.

202 Price, Wine Vaults.

203 Barwell, D. and H. Green Grocer.

204 Rickerby, Union Chop and Coffee House.

205 Downs, Baker.

206 Jones, Eating House.

207 Huckvale, Butcher.

208 Webb and Co. Cheesemongers.

George Street.

209 Smith, Corn Dealer.

210 Denman, Green Grocer.

211 Bilton, Tobacconist.

212 Gilliam, Baker.

213 Wigglesworth, Oilman.

214 Smith, Butcher.

215 Webb, J. M. and Co. Cheesemongers.

Charles Street.

216 Carter's Wine Vaults.

217 Evans, Tallow Chandler.

218 Rice and Co. Butchers.

219 Sheppard, Pork Butcher.

220 Brown and Son, Saddlers.

221 Hawley, Tea Dealer.

Edward Street.

223 224 Morrison, Pawnbroker.

224 Johnson, Surgeon.

225 Stanley, Hosier.

226 Kent, Chemist.

227 Bromfield, Brush Maker.

228 Loud., Watch Maker.

229 Hudson, Oilman.


30 Matthews, Corn Chandler.

31 Vale, Butcher.

32 33 Greenwood, G. and F. Linen Drapers.

34 Eaton, Chemist.

35 Griffin's Wine Vaults.

36 Doggett, Ironmonger.

37 Wilscn, Brush Maker.

38 Fennell, Shoe Maker.







45 West, Tea Dealer.


47 Brooks, Bedding Warehouse.

48 Nettletfield, Cheesemonger,

Webb Square.

49 Corss, Clothier.


51 Pitt, Stay Maker,

51 Long, Tobacconist,

Hill Court.



Swan Yard.

54 Megnin, Butcher.

55 Chester, Watch Maker.

56 Nettlefield, Cheesemonger,

57 Airey, Tea Dealer.

58 59 Butler, Linen Draper.

Bydes Place.

60 61 62 Hopkins, Linen Draper. (See Vignette.)

60 Mitchell, Currier.

61 Teale, Undertaker.

62 Atkins, Tobacconist.

63 Luntley, Undertaker.

64 Dell, Wine Vaults.

Church Street.

65 Toyne, Linen Draper.

66 Purnell. Hosier.

67 Dawks, Oilman.

68 Cole, Fishmonger.

69 Rose, Tea Dealer.

70 Beedle, Baker.

71 Toplis and Son, Tobacconists.

72 Norman and Co. Wine Vaults.

73 Stilwell, Oilman.

175 James, C. Tea Dealer.

New Inn Yard.

176 Hill, R. and J. Tobacconists.

177 Brown, Boot Maker.

178 Pierson, Jeweller.


180 Wildebore, W. Chemist.

181 Hawks, J. Stationer.

182 Hunt, Linen Draper.

183 Harris, Potatoe Dealer.

184 Stutter, Cutler.

185 Blodd, Butcher.

186 Gibbons, Boot Maker.

187 Fox, G. and Co. Ten Dealers.

188 Arnold, Pawnbroker.

189 Maddison, Baker.

190 Davis, Banker.

191 Needham, Cheesemonger.

192 Whitehead, Pork Butcher.

193 Phillips, Clothier.

Holywell Lane.

194 Rentell, Oilman.

195 196 Griffin, Wine Vaults.

197 Heritage, Wine Vaults.

198 Newpegin, Butcher.

199 Spring-all, Baker.

200 Harman, Undertaker.

201 Bassett, Butcher. T.,

Brown's Buildings.

202 Hutchinson, Tea Dealer.

203 Thomas, Eating House.

204 Royal Standard Theatre.

205 Abbott, Bedding Warehouse.

206 Powell, Beer Shop.

207 Robinson, Wine Vaults.

George Street.

208 Reeves, Jeweller.

209 Williamson, Coffee Rooms.

210 Burke, Hatter.

211 Megnin, Pewterer.

212 Kerly, Baker.

213 White, H. and J. Tobacconists.

214 Houlding, Hair Dresser.

215 Lack, W. Poulterer.

Maybush Court.

217 Copini, Looking Glass Maker.

218 Howard, Milliner.

219 Fox, Surgeon.

220 221 222 Clark, Oilman. 223 Morritt,Tea Dealer.




1 Evans, Woollen. Warehouse.

2 Allen, Laceman.

3 Allan and Co. Ironmongers.

4 Swinstead, Bonnet Manufacturer.

5 Edwards.

6 Armstead, Laceman.

7 Mason, Auctioneer.

8 Watkins, C. R. and J. Fishmongers.

9 Partridge, Linen Draper.

10 Meaking, King, & Chuck, Lead & Glass Warehouse.

11 Jones, Chemist.

12 Isaacs, P. Furrier.

White Lion Street.

13 Mazza, Toy Warehouse.

14 Jones, H. Confectioner.

15 Ramsdale, Mrs. Stay Maker.

16 Alderman, Jeweller.

17 Halsted, Grocer.

18 French and Co. Chemists.

19 Dunn, Baker.

20 Barnes, Hatter.

21 Bradford, Tallow Chandler.

22 Moss, W. and E. Butchers.

23 Brooks, Oilman

24 Allen, T.and J. Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers.

25 Holme and Son.

26 Price, W.

Wood's Court.

27 Birkett,Stationer,&c. General Post Office.

28 Duke's Head.

29 Rodrigues, Butcher.

30 Barnestock, G.

31 Standfast, Rope Manufacturer.


33 Muckett, Green Grocer.

Cock Alley.

34 Cadell, J. Confectioner.

City of London Theatre.


38 Boxell, J.

39 Boxell and Son, Hair Cutters.

40 Heitman and Co. Cluck Manufacturers.

Bishopsgate Street Without.

104 Buddrick, China Shop.


105 Stiff, Butcher.

106 Britannia Coffee House.

107 Jordan.

108 Franklyn, Dyer.

109 Medcalf, Wine Merchant.



2 Soutter, W. Confectioner.

3 Shield, Tailor.

4 5 Townends, Tea Dealer.

6 Valentine and Son, Dry Salters.

7 Nicholson, H.

8 Horn, C.

9 Ashley's Offices.

10 Russell, J. Pawnbroker.

Fleur de lis Court.

11 Gill, Brandy Merchant.

12 Adams, Hatter.

13 Pitt, Stay Maker.

14 Gilbart, Tailor.

15 Charles, J. Grocer.

16 Corss, Boot and Shoe Warehouse. (See Vignette and 16, and 25, in the Engraving .)

17 Edward, Jeweller.

18 Webb, Hosier.

19 Cash, Stay Maker.

20 Stewart and Son, Hatters.

21 22 Dear and Co. Linen Drapers.

23 Smith, Laceman.

24 Morgan, Laceman.

25 Corss, Boot and Shoe Warehouse. (See Vignette the Engraving.)

26 27 Jackson, Carpet Warehouse.

28 Grummitt, W. Tea Dealer and Grocer.


30 Matthews, Seedsman.

Plough Yard.

224 Marshall. Cheesemonger.

225 Whitaker, Surgeon.

226 Turner, Crown Wine Vaults.

227 Taylor.

228 Wells, W. Seedsman.


230 Smith, C. G.

231 Millinger, C. Umbrella Manufacturer.

232 Cooper.

233 Chapple.

234 Vrans, Cheesemonger.

235 Knights, Charles.

236 Prime, Star Coffee House.

Bowl Court.

237 Blenkhorn, Tailors' Trimming Warehouse.

238 Hatcher, Butcher.

239 Goodchild.

240 Burmingham.


242 Low, the Ship.

243 Smith, Baker.

King's Head Court

244 Shenston, Dyer.

245 Walthamstow Coffee House.

246 Woodmoney, Hair Cutter.

247 North, Linen Draper.

248 Reece, Tea Dealer.

249 Joscelyne, Clothier.

Worship Street.


74 Pearey, Linen Draper. Cock Alley.

75 Ubsdell, Charles, Tailor

76 77 West, James, Draper.

78 Cook, Baker.

79 Homan, Samuel, Hat Maker

Hare Alley.

80 Marsh, Baker.

81 Jeffs, Robert, Surgeon.

82 Mott, Charles and William, Tea Dealers.

83 84 Rotherham, Joseph, Draper.

85 Clues, Stay Maker.

86 Shelton, James, Butcher,

87 Green, George, Shoe Maker.

88 Lovegrove, Fountain Wine Vaults.

89 Bull, J. and E. Curriers.

90 Cotton, Francis, Pawnbroker.

91 Ingle, William, Tailor.

92 Piper, Ironmonger.

93 Winterflood, Tripe Dresser.

94 Gratton, Joseph, Corn Merchant.

95 Davies, Linen Draper,

96 Ellis, Boot Maker.

97 Devereux, Thomas, Baker.

98 Sheppard, John, Porkman.

99 Moore, Wine Vaults.

100 Martin, Stationer.

101 Rogers, Hair Cutter

Jane Shore Court.

102 Chambers, Butcher.

103 Golding, Wine Vaults.

104 Roberton. Chemist.

105 Bark, T. W. Confectioner.

106 Needham, R. Linen Draper.

107 Balch, Linen Draper.

109 Bates, W. and F. Haberdashers.

109 Bradley, Boot Maker.

Ebenezer Chapel.

110 Attenborough, Pawnbroker.

110˝ Bradley, Boot Maker.

111 Cruikshank, Toy Dealer.

112 Fulcher, Linen Draper.

113 Reece, Tobacconist,

114 Day, Bricklayer.

115 Bennett, W. Confectioner.

Parson's Square.

114 Bushell, Hat Maker.

115 Giles, Clothes Dealer.

115 Earles, Hosier.

116 Groves, Clothier.


118 Bennett, Oilman.

119 Farrow, Registrar of Births and Deaths.

St. Leonard's Church.

Hackney Road.

Kingsland Road.

Old Street Road.

120 Cooper, Clothier.

121 Shram, China Warehouse.

122 Buckingham, Linen Draper.

123 Bingley, Wine Vaults.

124 James, E. Tea Dealer

125 Wilford, G. Star and Garter.

126 Bartholomew, Baker.

127 Matthews, Haberdasher.

128 Law, Cheesemonger.

129 Cann, Eating House.

130 Waters, Caledonian Coffee House.

131 Tustin, Eating House.

132 Nunn, Oilman,

Pear Tree Court.

133 Richardson, Shoe Warehouse.

134 Carss, Wine Vaults.

135 Parker, R. Potatoe Dealer.

136 Munn, Tea Dealer.

William Street.

137 Staples, Hair Cutter.

138 Parker, Potatoe Dealer.

139 Edwards, Butcher.

Pig's Head Court.

140 Gayler, Baker.

141 Dennis, Cheesemonger.

142 Hart, Clothier.

143 Goodbehere, Ironmonger.

144 Bugler, Boot Maker.

145 Johnson, Hosier.

146 Smith, Oilman.

147 White, Tea Dealer.

148 Parker, Potatoe Dealer.

149 Robinson, Baker.

150 Holden, Cheesemonger.

French Alley.

151 Vann, Butcher.

152 Pocock, Butcher.

153 Lane, Wine Vaults.

154 Collins, Ironmonger.

155 Lough, J. Ham and Beef Warehouse.

156 Boyd and Co. Cheesemongers.

157 King and Co. Tea Dealers.

158 Budd, Wine Vaults.

Bateman's Row.

159 Clark, Ironmonger.

160 Brooks, Cheesemonger.

161 Syret, Confectioner.

162 Mandeno, Oilman.

163 Finneane, Fishmonger.

164 Rudland, Brush Maker.

165 Skipper, Wine Vaults.

166 Wylde, Potatoe Dealer.

167 Bailey, Tea Dealer.

168 Mason and Co. Bonnet Warehouse.

169 Rampling, Coffee House.

170 Garrett, Toy Warehouse.

171 Webb, G. Cheesemonger.

172 Adams, Pawnbroker.

173 Evans, Paper Stainer.

174 Hayer, F. Pork Butcher.


I Ward, Lapidary.

2 Evans, Upholsterer.

3 Savage, Tin plate Worker.

4 Tremnell, Butcher.

5 Howe, Upholsterer.

6 7 Garrett, Carver and Gilder.

8 Goetze, Stationer.

9 Shelley, Picture Dealer.

10 King, Baker.

Hollen Street.

Ellis, Cheesemonger.

12 Isaac, Picture Dealer.

13 Peat, Bonnet Maker.

14 Farrer, Picture Dealer.

15 London, Upholder.

Deacon Armoury

16 Walker, Auctioneer.

17 Hadnutt, Furniture Dealer.

18 Olivier, Sculptor and Modeller.

17 18 Legg, Oil and Color Man.

Little Chapel Street.

19 Anderson and West, Furnishing Ironmongers.

20 Langham, Piano Forte Maker.

21 Jospeh, China Warehouse.

22 Wright, W. Carver and Gilder.

Wright, John, Picture Restorer.

23 Bignoll, Builder.

23 Davies, Picture Dealer.

24 Walton and Mitchell, Printing Office.

25 Patterson, Surgeon.&c.

26 Dales. Cabinet Maker.

27 Manser, Carver and Gilder.

28 Wyatt, Green Grocer.

29 Dantziger, Jeweller.

30 Renton, Baker.

St. Ann's Court.

31 Cave, Grocer.

32 Spencley , Cheesemonger.

33 Hatchett, Coffee Shop.

34 Debeger, Furniture Dealer.

35 Knight, Furniture Dealer.

36 Barker, Spirit Merchant.

Ship Yard.

95 Harrison, Pawnbroker,

96 Dolby's Dining Rooms.

97 Vidall, Carver and Gilder.

99 Sanderson, Butcher.

100 Michell, Builder.

101 Winter, Upholsterer.

102 Mash, Appraiser.

103 Clarke, Painter.

104 Evans and Son, Engineers.

105 Metzler and Co. Piano Forte Manufacturers &c.

106 Bird, Cabinet Maker.

107 Knowles, Upholsterer.

108 Williams, Tailor.

109 Hull, Ancient Furniture Warehouse.

110 Wicks, Green Grocer.

111 Schollard, Pork Butcher.

111 Knight, Fishmonger.

Portland Street.

Edwards, Wine Merchant.

112 Marr, Jeweller.

113 Evans, Broker.

114 Farraday, Brass Founder.

115 Millard, Milliner.

116 Rea, Chemist &c.

117 Mileham, Grocer, &c.

Noel Street.

118 Brown, Oil and Italian Warehouse. (See Vignette.)

119 Sharpe, Green Grocer.

120 Harris, Gas Fitter.

121 Roper and Co. Plumbers.

122 Terry, Ancient Furniture Warehouse.

123 Wicksteed, Upholder, &c.

124 Poole and Son, Pewterers.

125 Ely, Coffee Shop.

126 Lowe, Upholsterer.

127 Falke, Curiosity Dealer.


37 Allen, Tea Dealer.

38 Horsman, Bonnet Maker.

39 Collins, Boot Maker.

40 Hadnutt, Carver and Gilder.

41 Pollentine, Carver and Gilder.

42 Peacock, Wine Vaults.

43 Dunkley, Turner.

44 Budd, Bricklayer.

95 Sloman, Broker.

46 Mc'Cullock, Cabinet Maker.

47 Hill, Locksmith.

47 Winterbourn, Toy Shop.

48 Hunneman, Print Seller.

49 Allison and Co. Piano Forte Makers.

50 Dumbrell, Wine Vaults.

51 Esworthy, General Dealer.

51˝ Burgess, Builder.

52 Foord, Carver and Gilder.

53 Teakle, Boot Maker.

54 Waterman, Shoe Warehouse.

55 English, Currier.

56 Cook, Baker.

Meards Court.

57 Henbidge, Pork Butcher.

58 Isaac, Bonnet Maker,

59 Mullett, Printer.

60 Coney, Bookseller.

61 Matthews, Hair Cutter.

61 Walter, Tobacconist.

62 Loraini and Co. Timber Merchant.

62 French, Coffee Shop.

63 Robin's, Cheesemonger.

Milk Alley.

64 65 Newton, R. and J. Upholsterers.

66 Clunie, Chemist and Druggist.

68 Howtell, Hair Cutter.

69 Parr, Wine Vaults.

Little Pulteney Street.

70 Dixon, I. and D. Tea Dealers.

71 Smith, Butcher

72 Bryan, Oil Man.

73 Pitts, Vegetable Dealer.

74 Seddon, Tea Dealer.

75 Elphick, Wine Vaults.

Peter Street.

76 Puzey, Hatter.

77 Roberts, Oil Man.

78 Goldring, Picture Dealer.

79 Bolton, Chemist.

80 Barwick, Bonnet Maker.

81 Presland, Wine Vaults.

Tyler's Court.

82 Stephens, Pawnbroker.

84 Jones, Silversmith.

85 Blomfield, Cutler.

86 Brooks, Carver and Gilder.

87 Lewis, Boot Maker.

88 Mesnard, Book and Print Seller.

89 Goodwill, Engraver.

90 Munyard, Ironmonger.

91 Barfield, Printer.

92 Soward, Herald and House Painter.

93 Dixon, Chaser.

94 Walker, Currier.

95 Burlington, Frame maker.


25 Addison, Chemist. (See Vignette.)

26 27 Bartram, Silversmith.

27 Whisson and Cos. Wine Vaults.

28 Rotherham, Wine Vaults.

Upper Rupert Street.

29 Hellyer, Tool Warehouse.

30 Spurdens, Glass Warehouse.

31 Watkins, Fishmonger.


I Moore, W and E. Undertakers.

2 Field, Wholesale Furrier.

2 Canton, Dentist and Cupper.

3 Ashbey, Mrs. Milliner.

4 Wedgwood and Co. Manifold Writers. (See Vignette.)

5 Lawton, Confectioner.

6 Lane, W. Wine Vaults.

Black Horse Stables.

7 Lloyd and Davies, Perfumers.

8 Goodall, Upholsterer.

9 Sweet, Carver and Gilder.

10 Sheppard, Coffee Rooms.

11 Collins, Ironmonger.

12 Rock, Coach Builder.

13 Connor, Landscape Painter.

13 Gill, Picture Restorer.

14 James, Truck Maker.

15 Nicol and Co. Colonial Coffee Mart.

16 Wells, Fringe and Tassel Maker.

17 Viener, M. and A. Importers of Fancy Foreign Articles.

18 Tolleth, Boot and Shoe Maker.

19 Coker, Shoe Maker.

20 Hanson, Milliner.

21 White, Milliner.

22 Savaker and Co. Linen Drapers.

Gresse Street.

23 Land, Milliner.

24 Wybrow, Music Seller.

25 Bye, J. W. Wine Vaults.

26 Moore's Toy Warehouse.

27(a) Weston and Glaister, Milliners.

27 Jarvis and Co. India Rubber Water Proof Polish.

28 Smith, Surgeon.

Percy Street.



31 Boura, Dyer.

32 Askew, Carver and Gilder.

33 Jackson, H. Upholsterer.

34 Fuller, S. and J. Print Sellers and Engravers.

35 Jones, Stay Maker.

35 Mc'Donnell, Tailor.

36 Hope, Furniture Dealer.

37 Goddard, Milliner.

38 Winsor and Newton, Artists' Colour Men.

39 Belasco, Fruiterer.

40 Weston, Stationer.

41 Vielhe and Lucombe, Manufacturers De Fleurs Et De Plumes.

42 Lawson, J. Music Seller.

43 Richards, Auctioneer.

44 Gibbins, I. N. Linen Draper.

45 Allwright, T. Cheesemonger.

46 Sturges, Miss, Milliner.

46 Baldwin, Miniature Painter.


48 Delolme, Importer of Geneva Watches, Paris Clocks.

Delolme, Manufacturer of Geneva and Lancashire Tools and Materials.

49 50 Jackson, Manufacturer of Composition Ornaments.

51 Rowney and Co. Artists' Colour Men.

52 Crook, Foreign and British Wine Merchant.

53 Colbron, Stay Maker.

53 Davolls, Paper Stainer.

54 Watkins, Boot Maker.

55 Robinson, Milliner.

57 Biggs, Dressing Case Maker.

58 Wright, Tea Dealer.


1 Ginn, A. Coffee House.

2 Marson, Oyster Warehouse.

3 Tomkins, Linen Draper.

4 Fortescue, Baker. Norfolk Street.

4 Woolfe's Eating House.

5 Orme, Dental Surgeon. Browning, Tobacconist.

Middlesex Hospital.

Middlesex Bait Stables.

6 Seely's Wine Vaults.

7 Baker. Boot Maker.

8 Flood, Upholsterer.

9 Blackwell, Ironmonger.

Nassau Street.

10 Bohun, Chemist.

10 Mannering, Tailor.

11 Briggs, G. and C. Coach Makers.

12 Kirton, Corn Dealer.

13 Chittenden, Linen Draper.

14 Green, Carver and Gilder.

15 Perren, Royal Standard Coffee Rooms.

Wells Street.

16 Mitchell, Bookseller.

17 Mc'Gregor, Tailor.

18 Wilson, Law Stationer.

19 Schaller, Boot Maker

Mosely, Dentist.

20 Serquet, Harp Maker.

21 Vicars, Tailor.


23 Tarring, Dancing Master.

24 Lover, Artist.

25 Cowlrick, Jeweller.

26 Cooper, Paper Stainer.

27 Harman, Coach Builder.

28 Murray and Co. Upholsterers.

29 Clarke, Dairyman.

30 Middlesex, Coffee House.

Mason, Painter.

37 Hawxby, Chemist.

Berners Street.

36 Speller, Tea Dealer. Post Office.

31 Warden, Saddler.

32 Tibenham, Hosier.

33 Tilling, Carman.

34 Hindley, Hatter.

35 Evrard, Surgeons' Cutler.

Maggs, Tailor.

Berner's Mews.

49 Taylor, Stationer.

Newman Street.

48 Clark's, Wine Vaults.


1 Baylis, Pawnbroker.

2 Bradbury, Tailor.

3 Bushell, Architect.

4 Cheff in, Music Seller.

5 Ballet, J. Surveyor.

6 Sharp, Plumber to Her Majesty.

7 Bate, H. Artist.

8 Burnham, Cheesemonger.

Great Titchfield Street.

9 Butt and Whitwell, Linen Drapers.

Reading, Coach Maker.

10 Pettinger, Plumber.

60 Giles, Tailor.

101 Morgan, G. Wine Vaults.

Great Titchfield Street.

60(a) Wills, Wine Vaults.

61 Marks, G. Solicitor.

62 Tribe, Tailor.

63 Proudfoot and Sons, Stationers.

64 Knaggs, Surgeon.

Yates, Milliner.

Graves, Auctioneer.

65 Brown, Glass Warehouse.

Taylor, Mahongany Merchant.

66 Kensett, Cabinet Maker.

67 Gilbanks, Wine Vaults.

Wells Street.


1 Flight, Barr and Barr, Glass and China Warehouse.

2 Eddels, Hosier.

3 Murray, Stationer.

4 Laidlaw and Rodwell, Boot and Shoe Makers.

5 Waters, S. R. Tailor.

6 Fownes, Hatter.

Rupert Street.

7 Half hide, Seal Engravers to Her Majesty.

8 Hetley and Turner, Fishmongers.

9 Selim and Dean, Bullion Dealers.

10 11 12 Lambert and Rawlings, Silversmiths.

Arundell Street.

13 Faulding, Stratton, and Wilson, Linen Drapers.

14 Golby, S. Fringe Manufacturer.

15 Mudie and Sons, Stationers.

16 Dudden, Woollen Draper.

17 Turner and Clarkson, Furniture Printers.

18 White, E. P. and Co. Tea Dealers.

19 Gibbon, Hosier and Glover.

20 Bullen, Hatter.


Eagland Surgical Mecanitian.

21 Smith, W. Hatter.

21 Wishart and Lloyd, Tobacconists.

22 Gill, R. Trunk Maker.

Coventry Court.

23 Whiteombe, Carver and Gilder.

24 Rubergall, Optician.

25 Lloyd, Boot Maker.

26 Cordwent, Cheesemonger.

27 Tarrer, Confectioner.

Oxenden Street

27 Turner, Chemist.

27 Dale and Sons, Wine Merchant.

28 Burgess, Medical Library

28 Green and Co. Paper Stainers.

29 Wetten, M. Coffee House.

30 Brooks, Eating House.

30˝ Jones, Tobacconist.

31 Davis, Musical Instrument Maker to Her Majesty.

32 Wood, J. Wine Vaults.

Princess Street.


Bear Street.

1 Salter, Boot and Shoe Maker.

2 Smith, Milliner.

3 Lindley, Bead Maker.

4 Thomas, Milliner.

5 Bruce, Silversmith.

6 Gilbert and Sharp, Milliners.

7 Hobbs and Reynolds, Milliners.

8 Lowley, Stock Maker.

9 Appleby, Milliner.

Cranbourn Alley.

10 Fitzpatrick, Milliner.

11 Richards and Avents, Milliners.

12 13 Ellison, Milliner and Straw Bonnet Manufacturer.

14 Moss, Stay Maker.

15 Pites, Haberdasher.
Castle Street.

16 Watmore, Milliner.

Cranbourn Passage.

16 Bray, Ironmonger.

17 Carter and Co. Milliner.

18 Rogers, Boot Maker.

19 Richards and Avent, Milliners.

Earl's Court.

20 Grant, Milliner.

21 Fitzpatrick, Milliner.

22 23 Thomas, Milliner.

24 Lacy, W. Tuscan Bonnet Warehouse.

25 Mllentz, Furrier.

26 Lacy, J. Tuscan and Straw Bonnet Maker.

Ryders Court.

27 Tozer, Mrs. Milliner.

28 Clark, R. Fringe Maker.

29 Fitzpatrick, Milliner.

Leicester Square.

Burford's Panorama.

14 Newton, J. Linen Draper. (See Vignette.)

15 South, Milliner.


1 Theobald, Silk Mercer.

2 Strange, Wholesale Cheesemonger.

3 Morris, Boot and Shoe Maker.

4 Edmund, Stationer and Toy Warehouse.

5 Holborn, Tea Dealer.

6 Hargrave, J. and W. Umbrella Makers.

7 Johnson, E. Ironmonger.


8 Sayer, H. Tobacconist.

9 Cohen, Boot Maker.

10 Bartholomew, Hosier.

11 Aarons, Wholesale Furrier.

13 Doxit, Silk Manufactory.

15 16 Batger, Confectioner.

17 Riles and Co. Clothiers.

18 Philpot, Fishmonger.

Devonshire Street.

19 Hatter.

20 May, F. Tea Dealer.

21 Leigh, Linen Draper.

22 Acock, Hair Cutter.

23 Capron, J. and Co. Scotch Warehouse.

24 Ashby, Builder.

25 Penn and Co. Milliners and Lacemen.

26 Searle and Co. Upholsterers.

27 28 Rooney, Brush Maker.

28 Treadwell, M. Hosier.

29 Brown, Boot Maker.

New Street.

30 Van, Oven, and Undo, Surgeons.

The China Coffee House.

33 Argent, Dealer in Curiosities.

34 Orpwood, Watch Maker.

Rose Alley.

35 Pleydell, Confectioner.

36 Shrimpton, Coffee House.

37 Hammond, Mrs. Dress Maker.

38 Whitfields, Carpet Warehouse.

39 Reynolds, Milliner.

Geddes, Catherine Wheel Inn.

41 Chambers, R. D. Ironmongers.

42 Brandon and Co. Tea Dealers.

43 Chambers, Butcher.

Catherine Wheel Alley.

44 Tibbatts, Ironmonger.

95 Dagnall, Door Matt Warehouse.

46 Perkins, S. Clock House Wine Vaults.

47 Thompson and Co. Tobacconist.

48 Jones, Dyer.

49 Barker, Wine Vaults.

Sweedland Court.

50 Bigg, Mrs. Milliner.

51 Martin, Tea Dealer.

52 Blofield, Confectioner.

Widegate Street.

Wormwood Street.

64 London. F. S. Scale Maker.

163 Gordon. Mr.

Farrers Rents.

164 Vere and Co. Silk Mercers.

166 Bacon and Banbury. Silk Mercers.

167 Clerk, Boot Maker.

Half Moon Street.

The Sir Paul Pinder Wine Vault.

169 Bromley, T H.

170 Campion, Auctioneer.

171 Waterworth. J. Plumber.

172 Phillips. Ironmonger.

173 Piper and Sons, Builders.


174 175 Johnson and Co. Tallow Chandlers and Oil Men.

176 Lewis, E and Co. Tobacconist.

178 Cory and Williamson. Cheese mongers.

180 Sanford, Ironmonger.
One Swan Yard.

181 Welch. Oil man.

182 Davis. J. Wine and Brandy Merchant.

184 Johnson. Watch Maker.

Britannia Place.

185 Judkins, Baker.

186 Gurly, Watch Maker.

Two Swan Yard.

187 Addinell and Co. Wholesale Chemists.

188 Sowerby, Green Dragon Wine Vaults.

189 Van Office, Mr. Sykes.

190 New Catherine Wheel.

191 Walton, H.M. Toy Warehouse.

192 Elisha. Wire Worker.

193 Brown, C. R. Stationer.

194 Swan. Baker.

195 Bagnall, Watch Maker.

Still Alley.

196 Beales. Chemist.

197 Procter, Tobacconist.

Liverpool Street.

198 199 Morris, White Hart Inn.

White Hart Court.

201 Morey, Fishmonger.

Aldermans Walk.,


Church Yard.

Bishopsgate Watch House.

202 Hopgood,J. Silversmith.


1 Rutter, J. and W. Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturers.

2 Chamberlain. J. and R. Wholesale Shoe Warehouse.

3 Bowman and May, Wholesale Linen Warehouse.

4 Brown. Curling, and Wisdom. Hosiers.

5 Slater and Coates, Woollen Drapers. Sig Crook. J. C. Cotton Warehouseman

6 Beckwith, Silk Manufacturer.

7 Waiter and Son, Ribbon and Lace Manufacturers.

8 Coy. T. A. Cloth Warehouse.

Mitre Court.

9 Smith and Dewey. Lace Manufacturers.

10 Bishop. J. and Co. Wholesale Milliners. (See Vignette.)

Kings Arms Buildings.

11 Frost. J. and Co. British Lace Manufacturers.

12 Upton and Co. ,

11 Webb. C. andJ. and Co. Woollen Warehouse.

12 Brocksopp. Hosier.

12 Webb and Robson. Embroidered Muslin Manufacturers.

Clemits Court.

13 Melville and Co. Lace and Gimp Thread and Sewing Cotton Manufacturers.

14 Gardner. Fancy Cabinet Manufactory.

15 Morley. J. and R. Hosiers.

17 Mc'Gregor, Woollen Warehouse.

18 Morley. J. and R. Hosiers.

Lad Lane.

18 Herron. Feversham, and Emery. Stuff, Moreen, Carpet, and Woollen Warehouse.

20 Morley. Waistcoat Warehouse.

21 Bottrill, Ribbon Manufacturer.

22 Burton. Silk Mercer.

23 Lewellyn. Truman, and Hitchcock. Manchester Warehousemen.

24 Caldicot, Ribbon Manufacturer.

25 Swift. Stock Manufacturer. Pickford and Co. Castle Inn.

26 Woodhouse and Co. Silk Warehouse.

27 Scott, Wackerbath and Co. Woollen Warehouse.

28 29 Englefield, L. Haberdasher.


32 Ball and Co. Wholesale Glovers.

33 Clark and Burbery, Ribbon Manufactory.

34 Basset, Woollen Warehouse.

35 Bell, Quill and Pen Warehouse.

36 Cheetin, Watson. and Jackson. Silk and Ribbon Manufacturers.

Love Lane.

94 Jones.

95 Bailey and Co.

96 Wilson, Mrs. Milliner.

97 98 Commercial Chambers.

99 Sherwood, Stationer.

100 Barnard, Baker.

101 Goddard. Mr. Offices.

102 Bryson. Auctioneer.

103 Smith and Co. Woollen Warehouse.

104 Cooper, Son, and Bryson. Manchester Warehousemen.

105 Gill, and Charlesworth, Cloth Warehouse.

106 Aubert. V. Importer of French Goods.

107 Davies. Pewter Platter.

108 Mosley. J. and M. Umbrella and Parasol Makers.

109 Murdock and Venables. Artificial Flower Warehouse.

111 Gaunt and Co. Button Manufacturers.

Maiden Lane.

112 Nicholls, C. Angel and Crown.

113 Read. T. Silk Warehouse.

114 Goodman. L. Warehouseman.

St. Michaels' Church.

Huggin Lane.

115 Sutton and Littlewood, Haberdashers.

116 Lart, J. Wholesale Hosier.

117 Hood, Ward, and Hood. Ribbon Manufacturers.

118 Morgan and Kolle, Manchester Warehousemen.

119 Brittle. G. and Co. Hosiers.

122 Cox and Co. Warehousemen.

123 Comfort. J. and J. Woollen and Stuff Warehouse.

124 Ingoldby. T. and E. Lace Warehouse.

Neville, Foster. and Poster. Hosiers and Glovers.

Goldsmith Street.

124 Weldon and Co. Lace Manufacturers.

125 Sardinson and Canning, Scotch and Manchester Warehousemen.

126 Smith. Lace Manufacturer.

127 Nicholls. R. and H. Manchester Warehousemen.

Starr. A. Cross Keys Hotel.

Livery Stables.

Cross Keys Coach Office.
130 Clark and Carr. Button Makers.


1 Cory, Chemist to the Queen.

5 Richards and Co. Linen Drapers.

6 Miller. Stationer.

Astley's Royal Amphitheatre.

7 Perry, Tobacconist.

8 Bush, G. Wine Vaults.

9 Scott, Tailor.

10 Grey, W. Oilman.

11 Lucas, Milliner.

12 Francis, Oyster Rooms.

13 Rock, Coach Maker.

Thomas, Boot Maker.

14 Sutton, Optician.

15 Lawton, Chemist.

16 Worcester, Hosier.

17 Edwards. Piano Forte Maker.

18 Francis, Prince of Wales.

19 Shields. Wire Worker.

20 Archbott. Pawnbroker.

Felix Street.

21 Oughton, Undertaker.

22 Baster and Co Cutlers.

23 Archer, Tea Dealer.

24 Langdon, Oilman.

29 Cox, French Stay Maker.

Cr Mason Street.

30 Routledge and Knight, Drapers.

31 Coxhead, Oilman.

32 Vernon, E. K. Tea Dealer.

33 Acutt, Linen Draper.

34 Joy, Plumber and Glazier.

35 Atkinson and Co. Linen Drapers.

36 Gibling, Green Grocer.

37 Hubbard, Ham and Beef Shop.

38 Hawley, Tea Dealer.

39 Buckley, Floor Cloth Manufacturer.

40 Cowley, Wine Merchant.

41 42 43 44 Harvey, Kingston and Company, Linen Drapers, &c. (See Vignette.)

45 Low, Hat Maker.

46 Wright. Boot Maker.

47 Woodward, Tripe Dresser.

48 Turners' Coffee House.

49 Huntley, Tobacconist.

50 Greathead. Cheesemonger.

Marsh Gate.

55 Pearson, Tea Dealer.

56 West, Coffee Rooms.

57 Steele, Corn Chandler.

58 Rachwitz, Baker.

59 Miskin, Surgeon.

60 Page, G. and C Ironmongers.

61 Fitchew, Saddler.

62 Spink. Tailor.

63 Schofield. Milliner.

64 Collinage, Patent Axeltree, Sugar Mill. and Engine Manufactory.

65 Wood, J. Surgeon.

66 Ewart and Co. Zinc Makers.

67 Alford, Bedding Mart.

68 Leer, C. and J. Coach Builders. Wright and Sons. Coach Builders.

70 to 76 Atkinson. Linen Draper, Carpet Warehouse, and House Decorator.

81 Nott, Hair Dresser.

82 Stamford. Paper Hanger.

83 Romney. Printer.

84 Blunden, Livery Stables.

85 Elliott and Co., Coach Builders.

86 Storr, Tobacconist.

87 Liles. Ham and Beef Shop.

88 Duke, Baker.

89 Merrick, Carver and Gilder.


York Road.

91 Boulton, Chemist.

92 Saunderson, Hatter.

93 Bilton, Toy Warehouse.

94 Alexander, Confectioner.

95 and 96 Rock, Coach Builder.

97 Procter's Hotel and Tavern.

99 Camper, Jeweller.

100 Holwell, Hatter.


1 Pettit, Stationer.

2 Conway, Broker.

3 Holmes, Hair Cutter.

4 Smith. Bookseller.

5 Harrison, Lapidary.

6 Farr, Plumber.

7 Mathley, King's Arms. Key's Wine Vaults.

Frith Street.

8 Broad, Chemist.

9 Mitchell, Blind Maker.

10 Sharpe, Plumber.

11 Jeffrey, Fruiterer.

12 Olive. Working Carver, &c

13 Watson, E. Ironmonger.

14 Ashby. Carver and Gilder. (See Vignette.)

Dean Street.

15 Laycock, Surgeon.

16 Chatfield, Dyer.

17 Andrews, Wire Worker.

18 Carpue. Book Binder.

19 Scott, Breeches Maker.

20 Watson, Harness Maker.

21 Sigrist, Wine Vaults.

22 Evans, Boot Tree Maker.

23 Shoebridge and Co. Tailors.

24 Reid, Baker.

25 Ashton. J. Rule Maker.

26 Adams, J. Tobacconist.

25 Addison, Chemist

Princes Street.

27 Whisson and Collis, Wine Merchants.

28 Rood and Co. Feather Bed Warehouse.

29 Baylis, Wine Vaults.


31 Edgecomb, Boot and Shoe Maker.

32 Devonshire Coffee House.

33 Chambers. Egg Merchant.

34 Bow, L. Carpenter.

35 Greenwood, Corn Chandler.

36 Kelk and Co. Ironmongers.

37 Taylor C. Print Seller.

38 Sims, Wine Vaults.

39 Jeffrey's. Butcher.

40 Tuck, Tin Merchant.

Dean Street.

41 Smith, Baker.

42 Comley, Boot Maker.

43 Scott.J. and S. Basket Makers.

44 5 Sewell and Cross, Linen Drapers.

46 West, Potatoe Dealer.

47 Mortimer, Milliner, Mortimer. Cabinet Maker.

48 Woodward, C. Ironmonger. (See Vignette.)

Frith Street.

23 Trawel, Tea Dealer.

50 Fox. E. Colourman.

49 Fotheringham, Baker.

50(a) Jones, Umbrella Maker.

51 Farraday, Carpet Warehouse

52 Sloman, Cabinet Maker.

53 Drake, and Co. Linen Drapers.

60 Pork's, Publisher.


1 2 Baker, F Hosier.

3 Keegan, J. Music Seller.

4 Soulier and Co. Tobacconists.

5 Hewlett, Perfumer.

6 Dawson. Ladles' Boot and Shoe Maker. (See Vignette.)

7 Mintram, Hair Critter.

8 Underwood. Cutler.

9 Asser, Artificial Florist.

10 11 Stapleton, Outfitter.

12 13 Perry, Perfumer.

14 Turner. J. Confectioner.

15 Jeffs, Foreign Bookseller.

16 17 Campart, Hosier and Glover.

18 Galliers, Engraver and Printer.

19 Stamford, Milliner,

20 21 Truefitt. Perfumer.

22 Barrier. J. W Shoe Maker.

23 Brown, Milliner.

24 25 Simon, Hosier.

26 27 Cawston, Writing Desk Manufacturer.

28 Huntley, Mrs. Stay Maker.

29 Deschamps, Boot and Shoe Maker.

30 Errington, Artificial Florist.

31 Preston. Print Seller.

32 33 Fox, Hair Cutter.

34 Smith, Sidney, Shirt and Stock Maker.

35 36 Else,Jeweller and Silversmith (See Vignette.)

37 Delaport, Print Seller.

38 39 Smith, Milliner.

40 Rainger, Milliner.

41 Hase, Paul, Importer of French Shoes for Ladies.

43 Holder, Working Jeweller.

49 Wheeler, Milliner.

45 Fielder, J. Milliner.

46 Cheek, Umbrella and Parasol Maker.

47 Barrier, Milliner.

48 49 Webb, Ornamental Fruit and Flower Maker.

50 Tonks, Cutler.

51 Wills, Milliner.

52 53 Grosvenor, Umbrella and Parasol Maker.

54 Keith, Dressing Case Maker.

55 Thomas, Artificial Florist.

56 Durlin, Shoe Maker.

57 Hadley, Hair Cutter.

58 Somes, M. Artificial Florist.

59 Asser, Milliner and Artificial Florist.

60 61 Morrell, Dressing Case Maker.

62 Cheek, Umbrella Maker.

63 Christmas, Hatter and Fur Manufacturer.

64 Jackson, Umbrella Maker.

65 Durlin, Shoe Maker.

66 Holesgrove, Boot and Shoe Maker.

67 Stark, Fishing Tackle Warehouse.

68 69 Lord, E. and J. Hosiers, Glovers, and Shirt Makers (See Vignette.)

70 Drew, Hosier and Glover.

71 72 Odell, Jeweller.


201 Marks, Fruiterer.

201 Marks, Miss, Toy Shop.

202 Cumming, Watch and Clock Maker.

203 Patterson, Confectioner.

204 Matthews, Bonnet Warehouse, and Linen Draper.

205 Winter, Perfumer.

206 Willy, C. Milliner.

207 Marshall, Boot and Shoe Maker.

208 Mower, Auctioneer.

209 Cave, China and Glass Warehouse.

210 Parson, Oil Man.

211 Clarke, G. Linen Draper.

212 Bird, Boot and Shoe Maker.

213 Parker, Linen Draper.

214 Clements, Joseph, Jeweller.

215 Gardner and Son, Hosiers.

216 Dod and Humpage, Surgeons.

217 Nunn, Linen Draper.

218 Guest, J. C. Tea Dealer.

219 Inwood, Fringe Maker.

Pettit, Milliner.

220 Roche, Coach Office Wine Vaults.

Portman Street.

221 Thomas, Tea Dealer.

222 Kiibn, Baker.

223 Marshall, Jeweller.

224 Field, J. and W. Veterinary Surgeons.

225 Richardson, Saddler.

226 French and Saxon, Milliners.

226 Waylett, R. S. Jeweller.

227 Harvey, Tea Dealer.

228 Tate, Jun. Tailor.

229 Niner, Saddler.

230 Harris, Cheesemonger.

231 Corson, Wine Vaults.

232 Bartley, Horse Dealer.

233 Shackell, Livery Stables

234 Abrams, Coal Merchant.

235 Buckle. T. P. Chemist.

236 Fife, Mrs. Milliner.

237 Morley, T. Wine Vaults.

Old Quebec Street.

238 Deforges, Oil Man.

238 Williams

239 Humber

240 Forth

Thomas's Stables

241 Jones, Optician

Hyde Park Hotel

Roberts, S and S. Stables.

Hyde Park Place.

Hereford Street.

250 Hammond, Gaiter Maker.

251 Bartley, Shoe Maker.

252 Spark, Dairyman.

253 Priest, Cutler.

254 Ashton, Wire Worker.

255 Hammond, Eating House.

256 Brakenridge, Tailor.

256 Last, Trunk Maker.

257 Weston, Kidd, and Wilson, Saddlers.

Park Street.

248 Butler, Wine Vaults.

249 White, Baker.

250 Mortlock and Sturges, China Warehouse.

251 Lankford, Toy Dealer.

252 Saunders, G.

253 Holton, Tobacconist.

254 Balsdon and Co. Tailors.

255 Martin, Builder.

256 Royall, Tallow Chandler.

253 Wright and Nash, Ironmongers.

254 Horne, Thompson and Holland, Coach

255 Bull, S. Cheesemonger.

256 Bedford, Statuary.

257 Allum, C. Wine Vaults.

258 Saunders, Fishmonger.

259 Blackwell. S. and R. Saddlers.

259 Bird, Jun. Surgeon.

260 Mitchell, Tailor.

260 Jerards.


Oliver, Hatter.


1 Sutherland, Dr.

2 Armstrong and Co. Wine Merchants.

3 White, Mr.

4 Northouse and Blount, Parliamentary Agents.



7 Withall, Mr.

8 Clutton, W. and Sons


10 Alexander, Watch Maker.

11 Office for the Mirror of Parliament.

12 13 Stephens, Bookseller.

14 Priest, Chemist.

Upper Charles Street.

15 Trollope, Paper Stainer and Decorator to Her Majesty.


16 Dorrington, Hayward, and Ellicomb.

17 Trollope, E. Upholder.

18 Bain.


20 Boustead and Benson, Newspaper Agents to Her Majesty.

21 Browne.

22 Taylor, J. H. Mr.

23 Davidson, Mr. Surgeon.

24 Close, Printer.

25 Nichols and Son.

26 Todd, Dr.

27 Burder, Mr.

28 Struthers, W.

29 Vacher, Bookseller.

30 Young and Son

31 Goldsmith, Wine Merchant

32 Morris and Osborn, Ironmongers.

Great George Street.
New Palace Yard.

32 Fendall's Family Hotel.

33 Miln, E. Linen Draper.

Bridge Street.

34 Powell and Co. Tea Dealers.

35 Wallis and Southwood, Linen Drapers.


37 Perkin, Linen Draper.

38 39 Mann, R. and Co. Linen Drapers. (See Vignette.)

40 Jones and Walmesley's Offices.

41 Wallace, R. Mr.

42 Bellamy and Smith, Wine Merchants.

43 Offices of the Clerk of the House of Commons.

44 Macdougall and Upton.


46 Lumley, Mr.

47 Murray, Tattersall, and Murray, Auction and Land Agency Office.

Derby Street.

48 Corney, Red Lion Wine Vaults.

49 Pollock, G. and Co.

50 McCann, Surgeon.

52 Austin, Saddler.

53 Bigg and Son, Booksellers.

54 Brabrook, Tobacconist.

55 Witherby, Law Stationer.

Lawrance and Co. Zinc Warehouse.

55 Smith, T. Gun Maker.

Driver, Surveyor and Land Agent.

Richmond Terrace.


1 2 Crosland, J. Stationer.


4 Hudsons Bay Company

5 Lent


7 Harkey and Co. Bankers.

8 Wigan, E. Importer of Isinglass.

9 Taylor, G. Stationer.

11 Forst, Tobacconist.

12 Dixon and Co. Slop Sellers.

Philpot Lane.


14 Joselin, R. Mt Manufacturer.

5 Poldin and Morton.

16 Tinnings, Hosier.

Langbourn Chambers.

17 Colyer, E Engraver.

18 Nicoll, R. Tea Dealer.

19 Harman, C. H.

20 Border, Chemist.

21 Mr. Lucas. Mr. Anthony.

22 Palmer, Delafosse, and Co. Druggists.

23 Morrison, Bookseller.

Hood Lane.

24 25 Thompson and Barker, Seedmen.

26 Harwood, J. and F. Stationers.

27 Marriott, W. and J. Jewellers.

28 Moffatt and Co. Bakers. Powell, H.

Grand Collier Dock Company.

29 Devaux and Co. General Merchants

30 Snelling, Oil Man.

31 Tymes, T. and Weston.

32 Warre and Co.

33 Barnes and Thronton, Auctioneers.

34 Borradaili, Son, and Ravenhill.

35 Suter and Voysey, Architects.

35 Franks, W. C. Tea Broker.

36 Barber and Nephew.

Ellis and Son, Auctioneers.

37 Compton, Pewterer.

38 McLeod and Co. Wine Merchants.

39 Holland and Co.

40 Bennett J. Dentist.

41 Becket, Boot Maker.

Mincing Lane.

43 Ripps, W. H. Paper Stainer.

44 Davison, Newman, and Co. Tea Dealers.

125 Williams R. and Co. Woollen Warehouse.

126 Dawson, Dealer in Isinglass.

127 Magnus, Stationer.

Tabernacle Court.

129 Pollock, Chemist.


132 Kilby and Co.

133 Henderson, R. and T.

134 Heath, T. Wine Merchant.

135 Gordon and Leith. Broughton, Cutler.

Cullum Street.

136 Schilling and Boyes, Tobacconists.

137 Foster and Whistler.


139 Shouts, Plumber,

140 Miller, Baker.

141 Fleet, T.

142 Hoggart, R. Saddler.

143 Baker, J.

144 Eaton, W. Wine Vaults.

145 Baily, Brush Maker.

147 Greenly.

148 Pickering, R. Tea Dealer.

Howford Buildings

149 Sully, Boot Maker.

150 Pitman, Forman and Co.

151 Pritchard and Cornthwaite, Rice Merchants.

152 Hall, Ironmonger.

153 Tull, Rope and Twine Manufacturer.

154 Kitson, J. Saddler. Walling, Wine Merchant.

155 Lindo, M. D. and Co. Indigo Merchants.

Pasts Head Court.

155 Southey and Cuthbert, Stationer.

156 Bennett, Silversmith.

Mitre Chambers.

158 Tabor, Druggist.

159 The London New Castle and South Shields General Shipping Company.

161 Wood, Dealer in Fringe.

162 Brewer, Tailor.

163 Binckes and Co. Tea Dealer.

Blue Anchor Court.

164 Cowran, B. and S. Hosiers.

165 Monnery, General Outfitter.

166 Hayes, C. D. Jun. Floor Cloth Manufacturer.

167 Cave, W. C. China and Glass Warehouse,

Ingram Court.

168 Bennington and Golden, Stationers.

169 Welsley.

170 Favell Beddome and Co. Woollen Drapers.

171 Gann and Co. Hosiers.

172 Harris, E Baker.

173 Turner, Watch Maker.

174 Orger, and Co. Stationers.

66 Wilmott and Co. Oil Men.


1 Franks and Co. Hatters.

2 Richards, J. and R. Carpet Warehouse.

3 Rocke, G. Pied Horse.

4 Alexander. H. Livery Stables.

5 Leggatt, J. Umbrella and Parasol Manufactory.

6 Greville, Toy Warehouse.

7 Rodborne, Feather Manufacturer.

7 Strange, J. Fruiterer.

8 Bidlake, Watch and Clock Maker.

9 Martin, Corn Dealer.

10 Urie, Perfumer.

11 Close, Baker.

12 13 Dale, Ironmonger. (See Vignette.)

Artillery Court.

14 London, T. Plumber.

15 Baggott, W. Union Coffee House

16 Ennings, Silk Dresser.

17 Grant, Currier.

18 19 Pare, and Co. Ironmongers.

20 Vickery, Greengrocer.

21 Bishop, Turner.

22 Caslon, Son, and Livermore, Letter Founders.

23 24 Savage, Leather Dresser.

27 Bunhill Row.

25 Coman, G. Jack of Newbury.

26 Clare, J. and Co. Cheesemonger.

27 Bailey, Auctioneer.

28 Ryder and Sons, Tobacconists.

29 Worger, Chemist.

30 Shaw. Cheesemonger.

31 Howes, J. Currier.

32 Tabrum, Tea Dealer.

33 Smart, Corn Dealer.

34 Jones, J. Butcher.

35 Phillips. Auctioneer.

36 Browne, D. G. Confectioner.

37 Weston, Butcher.

Lambs Passage.

38 Winterbotham, A and H. Hinds Head.

39 40 Rodgers and Sons, Hosiers.

41 Smith and Pinkney,Soliciters. Whitbread and Co. Brewers.

42 Hooper.

43 Fry, T. and T. Auctioneers.


45 Richards, E. W.

46 Jacobs, Mr.

74 Blyth, Surgeon.

48 Capp, Tea Dealer.

White Cross Street.

Wilson. W.

Kings Head.

Whitbreads Brewhouse.

50 Jacobs, Tailor.

51 Jones, Coffee House.

52 Wincott and Yeates, Cheesemongers.

53 Strange, T. Confectioner. Hiscock, J. Tea Dealer.

54 Higham, M. Bookseller.

55 Laxson, Muffin and Crumpet Baker.

56 Clarke, Wine Merchant.

Milton Street.

57 Roberts, Baker.

58 Gosbell, Straw and Tuscan Bonnet Warehouse.

59 Creswell. Dining Rooms.

60 61 Horton, Hatter.

62 Boxsius, Furrier.

63 Leeson, Surgeon.

64 Guilt., Baker.


66 Gruby, Wine Merchant.

67 Cadd, Oil Man.

Type Street.

68 Bowes, Carpet Warehouse.

69 Foster, Confectioner.

70 71 Davies, Linen Draper.

72 Senge, Tea Dealer.

73 Lee, H. and T. Builders.

74 Harding, E. Hosier and Shirt Maker.

75 Harradence, Butcher.

76 Terry, Linen Draper.

78 Sawerby, Pawnbroker.

Finsbury Street.

79 Paterson, Boot and Shoe Maker.

80 Kay, H. Wine Merchant.

81 Swannell, Haberdasher.

82 Timm. Confectioner.

83 Holloway, Bonnet Warehouse.

84 Allen, Milliner

85 Spooner, Linen Draper.

86 Higgs, E. Senr, Farrier.

87 Pitman, Boot Maker.

88 Nicholls. J. and Co. Linen Drapers.

89 Alleys, Newspaper Office.

90 Shirtliff, Chemist.

Carter and Wood, Linen Drapers.

Finsbury Square.


1 2 Browning, Morley's Hotel. (See Vignette.)

3 Willoughby, Mr. Gent.


Duncannon Street.

National Gallery.

College of Physicians.

Union Club House.

Cockspur Street.

53 Taylor and Co. Boot Makers.

54 James Hosier.

55 Fincham, Tea Dealer.

56 Porter, Hosier.

57 Phoenix Fire Office.

58 Macintosh and Co. Patentees of the Waterproof Cloaks, &c.

60 Pontet, Tobacconist.

61 Colman, Steam Packet Office.

62 Jones, Optician.

63 Brigg, Umbrella and Parasol Maker.

64 Holtzapffel and Co. Mechanical and Edge Tool Manufactory.

65 Elford, Tallow Chandler.

66 67 Farrance Confectioner.

1 Northumberland House.

1 B., Macintosh Warehouse.

2 Prater, Army Clothier.

3 Cole, Truss Maker.

4 Cameron, John, Army Clothier.

Watkins and Hill, Opticians.


1 Hancock, Rixon, and Dunt, Glass Warehouse.

Dunt and Son, Boot Makers.

2 Halling, Pearce, and Stone, Silk Mercers, and Warehousemen. (See Vignette, and Waterloo House in the Street View.)

3 Braithwaite and Jones, Jewellers.

4 Barrack, Mrs. Albion Hotel.

22 Main, Shirt Maker.

23 Colnaghi and Puckle, Printsellers, &c .

24 Cawthorn, British Library.

25 Morley's Albion Hotel.

26 27 Element, British Coffee House. (See Vignette.)

28 Wells and Lamb, Cutlers.

30 Wilkinson, Hatter.

31 Phillips, Brothers, Watch Makers.

32 Barth, Umbrella Maker.

33 Des Granges, Watch Maker

34 Pope, Brothers, and Co. Coal Merchants.

Cockspur Street.


1 Byers, Hatter.

2 Brooks and Justerini, Wine Merchants.

3 Mc'Donnell, J. Boot Maker.

4 Jeffereys and Son Booksellers.

Sargeson, Oil Man.

Opera Arcade.

Lumley and Green, Wine Merchants.

6 Hodgson and Graves, Printsellers.

7 Scottish Widows' Assurance Society.

8 Metcalf, Seal Engraver.

Longman, Engraver to Her Majesty.

9 Bolton, Mr.

9 Andrews, Helmet Maker.

10 Pressley and Taylor, Chemists.

11 Young and Co.

The Athenaeum Club House.

Waterloo Place.

The United Service Club House.

13 Sharpus China and Glass Warehouse.

14 Oliphant, Hatter.

15 Harborough and Acock, Hosiers.

18 Dare and Stark, Ironmongers.

17 Bayley and Co. Perfumers.

18 Colly, Saddler and arnes Maker.

19 Pratt, Trunk Maker.


21 Newman, Grocer.

117 Humbly and Son, Boot Maker.

118 Calkin and Budd, Booksellers.

119 Gibbs, D. Tea Dealer.

120 Clarke, Hosier.

121 Donaldson, Watch Maker.

122 Grindle, Chemist.

123 Barber, Tailor and Draper.

124 Fribourg and Punters, Tobacconists.


1 Hand in Hand Insurance Office.

2 Bell's Weekly Messenger Office,

3 Licenced Victuallers' Protection Society.

4 Bignold, Pulley and Mawe.

Bride Court.

5 Allen, W. J. Stationer.

6 Hope Life Assurance Company.

8 Roper's Patent Waterproof.

9 Taylor, J. Surgeon.

Bride Lane.

10 11 Radley's Hotel.

12 Littlewort, Surgeon Dentist.

13 Holding, Surgeon

14 Bridewell Hospital.

Rock Life Assurance Company.

15 Roberts and Rowe, Solicitors.


10 Le Blanc's and Cook.

19 Spicer, J. E. and Sons, Wholesale Stationers. Gas Light and Coke Company.

20 West of England Fire and Life Office.

21 Fox, Surgeon Dentist.

22 Forkington, Mr. Off ices.

23 Ware, Mr.

William Street.

24 25 Attwood and Smith.

26 Tyrrel, Doctor.

Equitable Assurance Office.

Earl Street.

28 Pritchard, Mr. Solicitor.

26 Alex and Jones, Dentists.

27 Hartley, Mr.

28 Curtis, H. J.



31 Roberts, Doctor.

32 Kennington.

33 Crown Life Assurance Office. (See Vignette.)

34 Economic Di.


36 North, Simpson, Graham and Co. Grocers and Tea Dealers.

37 38 The Standard and St. James's Chronicle Office.

Union Street.


39 Quartermain and Lovegrove, York Hotel.

41 Purser, Chemist.

41 Wix, H. Bookseller.

42 Albion Life Assurance Office.


1 Newman,Noximan and Sewell.

2 Royal Humane Society.

3 Reeves, C.

4 De Lane.

5 Bolt.



8˝ Davis, A. Auctioneer.

9 Promoter Assurance Company.

10 European Assurance Company.

11 Home Missionary Society Office.

12 Family Endowment Assurance Company.

13 General Life and Invalid Assurance Office.


1 Clutterbuck, Doctor.

2 Fryer, W. Fancy Woollen Warehouse.

3 Eagle Life Office.

Burt and Gibson, Surgeons.

Crescent Place.


5 Mc Whinnie, Mr. Surgeon.

6 Norwich Union Fire and Life Office.


1 Docking, Basket Warehouse.

2 Daniell, Bookseller.

3 4 Jones, Hotel and Coffee House.

5 Dicks, Boot Maker.

6 Turpin, W. Wine Vaults.

7 Pike, Linen Draper.

8 Stevenson, Carpet Warehouse.

9 Heath, Engraver.

10 Crossley, Toy Warehouse.
11 Ellis, Silversmith and Jeweller.

12 Carroll, China and Glass Warehouse.

13 Wilkinson and Mayse, Linen Drapers.

14 Knight, Tailor.

15 Sherlock and Co. Button Makers.

16 Leggett, Furniture Dealer.

17 18 Small, Paper Tea Tray Maker.

Bedford Street.

Lonsdale and Tyler, Gold and Silver Lacemen.

19 Lilly, J. Bookseller.

20 Pearson, J. Tobacconist.

21 Statute, C. Tea Dealer.

22 Morris, Surgeon.

23 Hill, Hatter.

24 Lock, Bedding Mart.


26 Debenham and Storr, Auction Rooms.

27 Westminster Fire Office.

28 Payne and C. Fox's Patent Gambroon Warehouse.

29 George, Saddler.

30 Rogers and Co. Gold Lacemen.

31 Russell, Dealer in Curiosities.

32 Eauson and Beaman, Surgeous.

33 Mallam, Boot and Shoe Maker.

34 Cribb, Plate Glass Warehouse.

35 Garrick Club House.

36 White, Tailor.

37 Read, W. Engraver.

38 Stevens, Auction Rooms.

39 Scott, Wine Merchant.

40 Mc'Callan, Tailor.

41 Gliddon, Tobacconist.


1 Swears and Sons, Hosiers.


3 Lavell and Kirkland, Grocers.

4 Foster, Trunk Maker.

5 Inglis, Baker.

6 Bow Coffee House.

7 Terry, Confectioner.

8 Bailey, G. Tea Dealer.

9 Liles, Ham and Beef Shop.

10 Teller, Hosier.

Bedford Bury.

11 Milne and Co. Tea Dealers.

12 Simpson, Hosier.

13 Speed, Poulterer.

14 Moth, Coffee House.

15 Bowles, Fish monger.

16 Gould, Boot Maker.

17 18 Moseley and Son, Plane and Tool Makers.

19 Davis and Seward, Wine Merchants.

20 Grieves, Tallow Chandler.

20 Collins, Butcher.

21 Grieves, Cheesemonger.

22 Lewis, Root Maker.

23 Cogar and Son, Boot Makers.

24 Pearce, Boot Maker.

25 Dignam, Bell and Brace Maker.

26 Bennett, Boot Maker.

27 Kendall, Hat and Cap Maker.

28 Dear, C. Picture Dealer.

21˝ Goldsmith, H. Tobacconist.




Stephenson, Bookseller and Stationer, 12 and 13,

Parliament Street. (See Vignette. )

1 Nicholls, Wine Merchant.

1 Ginger's Hotel.

2 Procter, Stationer.

3 Mendham, Tobacconist.

4 Weatherly, Chemist.

5 Rush, Tailor.

6 Kier, Wine Merchant.

7 Seaton, Surgeon.

8 Banks, Grocer.

Cannon Row.

45 Assereti, Toy Maker.

46 Boning, Bonnet Maker.

12 Fortune, Baker.

24 Powel, Grocer.

33 Milns, Linen Draper, Haberdasher, &c. (See Vignette.)

14 Fendall Coffee House.

15 Gill, Glass Cutter.

16 Rowe, Glover.

17 Brown, Hotel.

18 Harris, Stationer.

19 Drew, Draper.

20 Lucors, Pastry Cook.

21 Paintter, Spirit Merchant.


23 Cole, Hatter.

24 Darke, Wig Maker.

25 Howard, Oilman.

26 Wybroo, Cheesemonger.

28 Manfield, Wine Merchant.


1 Hill, Ironmonger.

2 Stone, Silver Refiner.

3 Martin, Coffee House.

4 Goebbels, Toy Shop.

5 Woodgate, Tailor.

6 Parker, Tobacconist.

7 Benton, Saddler.

Belvidere Road.

Stangate Street.

7 Broadhurst, Spirit Merchant.

8 Taylor, Snuff Maker.

9 Hank's Dining Rooms.

10 Deighton, Lace Warehouse.

11 Cook, Confectioner.

12 Scott, Hair Cutter.

13 Macintosh, Wine Merchant.


1 Richards, Jeweller.

2 Smith, Dealer in China.

3 4 Sampson, Toy Warehouse.

5 Reeve. Tailor.

6 Harrison Jeweller. (See Vignette, and No. 6, in the Street View .)

7 Dennis, Milliner.

8 Richards, Wax and Tallow Chandler.

9 Wilson, Toy Warehouse.

10 Roisner, Music Seller.

11 Clarke, Philosophical Instrument Maker.

12 Clewell, Milliner.

13 14 Gallery of Practical Science.

15 Morrick, Paper Stainer.

16 Remmish, Shoe Maker.

17 Lander, Glover.

18 Ward, Steel Pen Maker.

19 West, Shoe Maker.

20 McLean, Perfumer.

21 Lloyd, Milliner.

22 Ten, Paper Hanger.

23 Dowie, Emporium of Novelty.

24 Lord, Hosier and Glover.

25 Ehrar, Confectioner.


2 Stratton, Martin, and Holmes, Linen Drapers and Warehousemen.

3 Farrant, Tailor.

4 Pitt and Co. Hatters,

5 Eve and Phythian, Grocers.

6 Luxton, Wine Merchant,

7 Collins and Co. Tailors.

8 Fallon and Co. Hatters.

9 Bryant, J. Bookseller.

10 Robinson, Boot Maker.

11 Stewart, Bookseller.

12 Bohn, J. Bookseller.

13 Fowell, Budd, and Co. Foreign Wine Merchant.

14 Myers, Importer of Scotch Whiskey.

15 Bell, J. Boot Maker.

16 Flight, Organ Builder.

17 Liplastrier, Stay Maker to Her Majesty.

18 Lowesby, Terra Cotton Depot.

19 Opthalmic Hospital.

20 Phillips, Wine Merchant.

21 White, Chemist.

22 Abrahams, Tailor.

23 Netherclift, Lithographic Office.

24 Blake's Hotel. Lowther Rooms.

25 Obbards, Masquerade Warehouse.

26 Burrow, Cork Manufacturer.

27 Parker and Co. Depot for Dr. Warburgs Fever Drops.

28 Levy, Military and Naval Warehouse. Charing Cross Hospital.



1 Stencon, Bookseller.

2 Oakey, Pianoforte Maker.

3 Sargent, Artist.


5 Thackway, Tailor

6 Frego, Bookseller.

Windmill Street

7 Noble and Co. Wine and Spirit Merchants. (See Vignette, and No. 7 in the Street View)

7 Yates. Gilder


9 Tomlinson, Carver.

9 Taylure, Mrs. Milliner.

9 Hacker. Shoe Maker.

10 Hamnion, Stationer.

11 Mark, Surgeon.

12 Fountain, Wine Merchant.

13 Paternoster, Artist.

14 Boulnois, Upholsterer.

15 Dorman, Bottle Warehouse.

16 Vernham, Jeweller.

17 Dixon, Surgeon.

Colvil Court.

18 Featham, Dyer.

18 Mansbridge, Barber.

19 Pairotte, Shoe Maker.

20 Tozer, Fish Sauce Warehouse.

Goodge Street.

21 How, Tea Warehouse.

21 Gibbs, Surgeon.

22 King, Stationer.

22 Norman, Gilder.

23 Long, Cabinet Maker.

24 Ellis, Surgeon.

25 Rhodes, Wine Merchants.

Pitt Street.

25 Bowtell, Potatoe Warehouse.

25 Mathues, Plumber.

26 Cooper, Couch Maker.

26 Vickery, Shoe Maker.

27 Ginger, Dealer in Snuff.

Tottenham Street.

28 Gilbert, Dress Maker.

27 Renshaw, Mr.

28 Arthley, Smith.

29 Williams, Mr.


31 Michele. Surgeon.

32 Henderson, Mr.

33 Edeson, Surgeon.

34 Match, Surgeon.

35 Landen, Artist .

36 Prior, Mr.

North Place.

36 Drer, Mrs.

37 Cramer, Mr.

38 Seareri, Mr.

39 Dowse, Mr.

40 Busbell, Engineer



43 Streat, Mr.

44 Hatoudrez, Mr.

45 Carpue, Mr.

46 Hoist, Mr.

47 Foster, Mr.

48 Clark, Mr.

49 Watt, Mr.

50 Hume, Mr.

51 Thomson, Surgeon.

52 Ross, Gun Maker.

53 Booth. Artists.

54 Bradley, Artist.

55 Wilson and Co. Surgeons.

56 Does, Mr.

57 Holdernesse, Harp Maker.

57 Paul, Milkman.

58 Barber, Upholder.

59 Fisher, Cabinet Maker.

60 Noble, Mr.

61 Brown. Shoe Maker.

62 Beattie.

63 Weight. Upholder.

64 Hanhart, Printer.

65 Burford. House Decorator.

66 Granhall Surgeon.

67 Dennison, Carpenter.

68 Dobree, Silversmith.

Tottenham Street.

69 Allen, Baker.

70 Smith, Jeweller.

71 Turney, Dress Maker.

72 Rouge, Piano Forte Maker.

73 Wass, Brewer.

74 Coxon, Bookbinder.

75 Allaire, Dyer.

76 Strade, Engraver.

77 Tubb, Painter.

78 Penton. Currier.

79 Candey, Mrs. Dress Maker.

80 Sammerlin, Butcher.
Goodge Street.

81 Bull, Wine Merchant.

81 Palmer. French Corset and Stay Maker.

82 Jackson, Jeweller

83 Myers, Aeolophon Maker.

84 Rees and Co. Calico Warehouse.

85 Flook, Stationer.

86 Eamander, Toy Warehouse.

87 Black, Baker.

Bennett Street.

87 Murray, Engraver.

88 Viegelonlius, Tailor.

89 Bodington, Medicine Warehouse.

90 Keeling, Auctioneer.

91 Biristall, Painter.

92 Indermaur, Pianoforte Maker.

Percy Chapel.

93 Barnet, Wine Merchant.

93 Attenborough, Jeweller.

95 Robertson, Gilder.

96 Phillips, Dentist.

97 Blandford, Surgeon.

98 Gilpin, Artist.



1 Smith, James & John, Angel Inn and Hotel. (See Vignette.)

2 Great Western Railway Office, &c . (See Vignette.)

2 Jones. Jesse, Silk Mercer. (See Vignette.)

3 Becket and Young, Tea Dealers, and at 3, Well's Row. (See Vignette )

4 Love, Corn Dealer.

5 Todd, Cheesemonger.

6 Cherinton, Wine Merchant. Peacock Inn.

7 Chapman. Chemist.

8 Young, Oilman.

9 Middleton, Grocer.

10 Mayers, Baker and Confectioner.

11 Chappel, Hosier and Glover.

10 Hill, Tobacconist.

11 Barker, Hatter.

12 Gapp, Wine Merchant.

White Lion Street.

13 Braden, Tea Dealer.

14 Mc'Rae and Co. Haberdashers.

15 Jones and Son, Tallow Chandlers.

16 Gibson, Baker.

17 Hale, Hair Dresser.

18 Riley. Cheesemonger.

19 Deakin, Wine Merchant.

20 Edginton, Haberdasher.

21 Jackson, Hair Cutter.

22 Cooper, Wine Merchant.

23 Collins, Butcher.

24 25 Jobson, Silk Mercer.

26 Blott, Baker.

27 Young, Tea Dealer.

28 Bolton, Butcher.

Liverpool Road.

1 Drew, Pawnbroker.

2 Hallows, Chemist.

3 Kirton, Ironmonger.

4 Rawlings, Porkman.

5 Coppers and Co. Silk Mercers.

6 Barns, Varnish Manufacturer.

7 Stanley, Hatter.

8 Donaldson, Baker.

9 Hillir and Nowlson, Silk Mercer.

10 Brown and Co. Linen Drapers.

11 Armstrong, Shoe Maker.

12 Hodgell, Wine Merchant.

13 Thurston, Tailor.

14 Cobey, Shoe Maker.

15 Dillon and Co. Chemists.


17 Crouch, Hair Dresser.

18 Elt. Bookseller.

18 Andrews, Tobacconist.

19 Gurney, Wine Merchant.

20 De La Court. Fancy Needle Work.

21 Warman, China Warehouse.

22 Hentsch, Furrier.

23 Emery, Shoe Maker.

24 Weatherley, Stove Manufacturer.

25 Mason, Brush Maker.

26 Morgan, Tailor.

27 Cook, Silk Mercer.

27 Sparley, Milliner.

28 Partington, Confectioner

29 Clark, Silk Mercer and Haberdasher.

30 Luke, Shoe Maker.

31 Wild.

32 Wallis, Fancy Repository.

33 Thatcher, Seedsman.

34 Woodward, Silk Mercer and Haberdasher.

35 Tucson, Butcher.

36 Bennett, Laceman.

37 Ebben, Watch Maker.

38 Fisher, Laceman.

39 Baker, House Agent.

40 Downes, Jeweller.

41 Lee, Linen Draper.

42 Barker, Milliner.

43 Noble, Wine Merchant.

44 Watkins, Dealer in Foreign Wines.

45 Tebbut, Broker.



16 Dare, Coppersmith

17 Bayleys, Perfumer.

18 Colley, Saddler

19 Pratts, Trunk Maker

20 Green and Co. Silversmith

23 Colnaghi and Puckle, Printsellers and Publishers to the Queen and Prince Albert. (See Vignette.)

Pall Mall East

13 Hooper, Bookseller

14 Paul and Co. Printsellers

17 Mailings, Silk Mercer

18 Raymound

Pall Mall Court

1 Ransom and Co. Bankers



4 Currey

Suffolk Street

4 University Club

5 Paxton and Co. Wine Merchants

6 Procter

7 Bears, Engineers

Dorset Place

8 Hebbert, Army Clothier

9 Lavell and Co. Wine Merchants

10 Curr

10 Pilliner, Fruit Warehouse

11 Cuff, Saddler

11 Crouder

12 London Gas Light Company

12 Comble Shoe Maker

9 Prosser, Army Clothier

10 Ameline, Confectioner

11 Roberts, Ham Warehouse

12 Levinson, Hosier and Glover.

13 Noble, Hot Oil Lamp Manufacturer

14 Clowes and Co. Printing Office

15 Reid, Bookseller

16 Place, Tailor

17 Stubbing, Butcher

19 Salarnan, Tailor & Breeches Maker, (See Vignette.)

20 Key, Musical Instrument Maker

Craigs Court

21 Byfield, Account Book Manufacturer.

22 Cutter, Toy Warehouse

23 Edmonds, Dairyman

24 Wright Coffee and Chop House

25 Torris, Wine Merchant

26 Knight. Fishmonger

27 Oram, Baker

28 Jackson, Wine Merchant


30 Egerton, Bookseller

31 Sparrows, Tea Warehouse

32 Tomlin, Carpet Warehouse

33 Grove, Fishmonger

34 Thomas, Wine Merchant

35 Gill, Chemist.

Great Scotland Yard.

Buckingham Court.

37 Tatham, Gun Manufacturer.

38 Wiss, Water Closet Manufacture.

39 Mitchell and Co. Booksellers


41 Salopian Hotel

42 Saloplan Coffee House

43 44 Cox and Co. Banking House

45 Hill, Ship Coffee House

47 Sutton, Hat Manufacturer

48 Easton, Tea Dealer and Grocer.


1 Gundry and Sons, Shoemakers to the Queen.

2 Curtis, Mr.

3 Kirkman and Son, Pianoforte Makers

4 5 6 7 The Bazaar

8 Ely, Manufacturer of Gold and Silver

9 Flint, Ray, and Glaister, Silk Mercers. (See Vignette.)

10 Arrowsmith, Map Publisher

11 Grosjean and Co. Harp Makers

12 Hayes, Surgeon Dentist

Charles Street

13 Dobbs and Co. Stationers and Engravers

14 Joseph, Artists' Colourman

15 Spilbury's Patent Antiscorbutic Drops Depot

16 Herrman, Dealer in Paintings

17 Walker and Son, Publishers

18 Pickersgill

19 Burroughes and Co. Billiard Table Makers

20 D'Almaine and Co. Music Sellers

21 Crosse and Blackwell, Fish Sauce Warehouse

Sutton Street

21(a) Shade, Publisher of Music

21 Weippert, Professor of Music



24 Newman. Artists' Colourman and Pencil Maker


26 Wilkins's Coach Builders

27 Browne, Pianoforte Maker

Greek Street

28 Murray, Captain J.


30 Hinton, Mr. and Mrs School Ceiverness, Family and Clerical Agency

31 Marshall, Upholsterer

Frith Street

23 Linnean Society

33 Green's Music Warehouse (See Vignette.)


35 Helley's Glass Shade Warehouse

36 Downes, Edward

Bateman's Buildings

27 Dulau and Co. Booksellers.



7 Globe Insurance Office

8 Letts and Son, Map Sellers and Stationers

9 10 Silver, S. W. and Co. Shirt, Stock, Brace and Dressing Gown Makers.

11 Grosvenor, Chater & Co. Wholesale Stationers

12 Burnand and Co. Stock Brokers.

13 Taylor. James, Hosier and Outfitter.

14 Savory, A. B. and Sons. Goldsmiths.

15 Birch and Co. Confectioners.

16 Allison Knight and Co. Tailors.

17 Relfe and Fletcher, Booksellers.

18 Viney, J. Tailor.

Pope's Head Alley.

19 Garratt, Umbrella, Parasol & Stick Manufacturer.

20 Thomas and Sons, Patent Ledger Warehouse.

21 British Fire Office.

22 Griffin and Hyams, Jewellers.

23 Richardson, J. M. Bookseller.

Change Alley.

24 White, Thomas, Chemist and Druggist, Post Office. (See Vignette.)

25 Goy and Co. Linen Warehouse

26 Norwich Union Life Assurance Society.

27 Marine Assurance Company.

28 Warner and Co. Seedsman.

29 Curries and Co. Bankers.

30 Barber and Sons, Late of the Royal Exchange.

31 Tom's Coffee House

32 McCabe and Co. Chronometer, Watch and Clock Maker.

Cowper's Court.

33 Maund and Co. Woollen Drapers.

34 Waghorn and Co. Egyptian Offices.

35 British Commercial Assurance Office.

Birchin Lane.

36 Wiltshire and Son, Silversmiths.

37 Ablett and Co. Outfitters.

38 Lowcock, G. Razor Maker and Cutler.

Ball Court.

39 Mann, G. Bookseller.

40 Norville, W. Hatter.

41 Barrauds and Lund. Clock and Watch Makers.

42 Farthing. J. Desk Maker.

43 Hunter and Edwards, Watch and Clock Makers.

44 Challis, W. Tailor.

45 Bond, E. and W. Gun Makers.

46 The British Paper Warehouse.

47 Savory, Thomas Cox, Gold and Silversmith.

48 Viney, J. Trunk Maker.

49 50 Barnard Dimsdale and Co. Bankers.

51 L'Ange A. Watch Maker.

52 Nicholson, J. Ironmonger.

53 Nicholson, John, Gold and Silversmith.

Saint Peter's Alley.

54 Savory, Watch Maker.

55 Maclaren, J. and Son, Boot Makers.

56 57 Lund, T. Cutler.

60 Dever, R. Confectioner.

Gracechurch Street.

Bishopsgate Street.

61 Carter, J. Chronometer Watch and Clock Maker.

62 Jones, F. and Son, Goldsmiths.

63 Puckle, Costeker and Co. Woollen Warehouse.

64 Green, F. and Co. Ship Brokers.

White Lion Court.

65 Smith, Elder and Co. Booksellers.

66 67 Silver, S. W. and Co. Shirt Makers and Outfitters.

68 Johnson, R. Patent Medicine Warehouse

69 Berdoe, W. Tailor.

70 Asylum Life Office


72 Milroy and Sons, Saddlers and Harness Makers.

73 Schofield, W. T. Boot and Shoe Maker.

74 Titterton, G. Stationer. Henry, Filter Office.

75 Nash, China Warehouse

76 Harris, C. Watch Maker.

77 Gamble, John, Provision Merchant.


79 Leggett, Publisher.

80 French. J. M. Chronometer Watch and Clock Maker.

Finch Lane

81 Union Fire and Life Office.

82 Harrison and Sons. Stationers.

83 Bailey, A. H. Bookseller.

Freeman's Court.

84 Fullers and Co. Bankers.

101 Sun Fire Office

102 104 Thomas, Samuel, Dealer in Foreign Coin.



37 Hull, W. Glove and Brace Maker.

38 Munday, J. Fancy Warehouse.

39 40 41 Munt & Brown. Straw Hat Manufacturers.

42 Bailey and Son, Auctioneers.

43 Davies, E. Chemist and Druggist.

Addle Street

44 Watson, John and Co. Carpenters.

45 Martin. F Gold Lacemen.

46 47 48 Leaf and Co. Warehousemen.

50 Fielding, T Wholesale Hosier.

51 Bisset, Sarah, Silk Dyer.

52 Packwood, J. Ironmonger.

53 Ramsey, R.S. Fringe Manufacturers.

54 Bradbee, R. Silk Fringe Manufacturers.

55 Payne, E. R. and Co. Merchants.

56 Shieldknight, C. Furrier.

56˝ Davis, John, Silk Manufacturer.

56˝ Ansell, A. and Co. French Importers.

57 Buxton, T. Colton Manufacturer.

58 Woodcock, T. R. Rose and French Horn Inn.

59 Hearen, John, Silk Dyer.

60 61 62 Crocker, J. Reel Cotton Manufacturer.

London Wall.

Hart Street.

63 Saddington, S. & W. D. Brush Manufacturers.

69 Knight J. Coffee Rooms.


66 Grottick, Samuel. Furrier.

67 Hutchinson. W. S. Ivory Turner.

68 Liggens, J. W. Wholesale Hosier.

69 Ford. W. Leather Seller.


Fell Street

71 Wartnaby and Robinson. Warehousemen.

72 Brass, W. Builder.

73 Larnder, W. M. Warehousemen

74 Brett and Co. Warehousemen.

75 Elliott and Cook, Commission Agents

76 Dale, R. Coppersmith.


78 Ratliff and Diekins, Silk Manufacturers.

79 Dalmas, J. & M. Child Bed Linen Warehouse

80 Crosse. D. Hosiery Agent.

81 Shannon, M. Bridcage Inn.

Silver Street.


83 Butterworth and Sons, Flannel Warehouse.

84 Parish Clerks' Company.

85 Roulston, J. The Shears Inn.


87 Gough, J. The Bell Inn.


89 Ward and Co. Wholesale Hosiers.

90 91 92 Sturt and Sharp, Warehousemen.

93 Lorimer, W. Watch Maker.

Bull's Head Passage.


1 Finden, R. Baby Linen Warehouse.

2 Mason, J. Plumber.

3 Vyse, T. Straw Hat Manufacturer.

4 Evans and Lescher, Wholesale Druggists.


6 Deacon and Co. Carriers.

7 Cumming &Co. Waterproof Cloth Manufacturer.

8 Coulshaw, W. Tailor.

9 Stevenson, J. and J. Cutlers.

10 George, Elizabeth, White Horse Inn.



1 North of Scotland Life Assurance Company.

2 Williams,B. Bank of Australia.

3 Commercial Bank of London.


5 May, H. and Co. Outfitters.

6 Baber, B. Boot and Shoe Maker.

King's Arms Yard.

7 Union Bank of London.

9 Catleys and Carr, Russia Merchant.

10 Huth and Co. Merchants. Great Bell Alley.

11 Webster, W Pastrycook and Confectioner.

12 Edkins and Mayo, Outfitters.

13 Clark, J. Stationer.

14 London Cloth Hall.

White's Alley.

15 Taylor's Dining and Coffee Rooms.


17 Davie, Boot and Shoe Maker.

18 Haynes and Co. Carpenters.

19 Gould. W. E. Plate Glass Warehouse.


21 Bacon, J. Chemist and Druggist.

Great Swan Alley.

22 Pearse, J. and B. and Co. Army Clothiers.

23 Pallister, R. Saddler

24 Faulkner. W. Stove Manufacturer.

25 Rait, G. Tailor and Draper.

Coleman Street Buildings.

26 Le Cren, Plumber and Glazier.

27 Caledonian Life Assurance Company.


29 Taylor, J. C & Co. Tailor and Breeches Maker

30 Hunter, W. and Son, Furniture Warehouse

31 Peabody Riggs and Co.

32 Roberts, Hat Manufacturer. Johnson, R. and Son.

London Wall.

Albion Chapel.

35 Powell, C. and Co. Printing Office.

36 Nicol. B. Tailor.

37 Fenton, Berlin Wool and Francy Repository.

38 Robinson, H. Carver and Gilder.



41 Bentley, Chemist and Druggist.

42 Reynolds. Mr. H. Surgeon.

43 Butler, C. Tea Dealer and Grocer.


45 Wolf, R. and Co. Piano Forte Manufacturers

46 Joseph, J. A. Tea Dealer

47 Marquis, Hair Dresser.

47 Swinfin, Coffee House.


Great Swan Alley.

51 Fryer, F. and Co. Stove Grate Manufacturers

52 Haw's Coffee House.

53 Johnston, T Stationer.

54 Witcomb. W Tailor.

White's Alley.

55 British Australasian Bank.


57 City of Glasgow Assurance Company.


60 Good, H. and W. Stationers.

Great Bell Alley.

61 Rawson Norton and Co. Merchants.

62 Bank of Asia Offices. King's Arms Yard.

63 Amadio, F. Optician.