Lightcraft Flight Handbook ISBN 9781926592039


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Lightcraft Flight Handbook
by Leik Myrabo and John Lewis

This book takes a somewhat uncommon approach to revealing future flight technology to the general public - by casting it into a "flight manual" format, with a comprehensive index. Essentially, the book conveys the "rules of engagement" for the next generation of military (and commercial) BEP flight technology. The level of treatment is highly detailed, covering all aspects of the LTI-20 ship and its technology: e.g., vehicle structures, beamed energy propulsion, human factors and crew support functions, flight operations, command and control systems, emergency systems, etc. The Lightcraft revolution will ultimately replace today's commercial jet airlines with hypersonic BEP craft, able to transport passengers to the far side of the planet in less than an hour - at competitive prices. Such craft will fly on microwave and laser energy beamed from satellite solar power stations, eliminating the dependency upon limited fossil fuels. BEP flight technology will enable passengers to call for a Lightcraft flight, much like a cab is hailed today - and within minutes their flight will arrive at the local community "LightPort" to speed them to their destinations. This radical new technology is clearly an emerging subject.

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