License to Orbit ISBN 9781894959988



License to Orbit
The Future of Commercial Space Travel
by Joseph Pelton and Peter Marshall

Two leading experts on space systems with decades of experience in the field provide important and current insights as to: - The Billionaire Players: The lives, ambitions and struggles of the billionaires who are funding and supporting the new commercial space industry. - The Global Perspective: Who are the global participants in the commercial space business and their strengths and weaknesses. - Comprehensive Review: A wide-ranging review and assessment of the various launch systems, the ever expanding number of spaceports and even proposed private space habitats (also known as space hotels) - Public Space Agencies vs. Private Space Industries: What is the nature of the strained relations and the alternative goals of space agencies versus private space flight industry. - Future Space Technologies: Descriptions of the amazing new technologies that could revolutionize space exploration and space industries in coming decades and how commercial systems might accelerate new trends. - Strategic Concerns with Private Space: What is the strategic nature of commercial space initiatives and the possible shifting US policy in this area - Interdisciplinary Perspective: The evolving interdisciplinary nature of commercial space in terms of launch technology, safety concerns, insurance, laws and regulation, financial requirements, and marketing strategies.

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