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Progressive Rock Handbook
By Jerry Lucky

Detailed and comprehensive, this guide covers all aspects of progressive rock across decades of music history. Old and new fans will delight in the extensively researched, alphabetical listing of more than 3,200 bands and artists, which includes biographical information, a description, band history, and a discography for each entry, providing quick-and-easy access to a wealth of information on lesser-known bands and forgotten favorites. Further information is provided in helpful listings of fan and band websites, books, and music festivals that bring fans of the genre together, making this the ultimate guide to prog rock. Jerry Lucky is a broadcaster and music historian. He is the author of 20th Century Rock & Roll-Progressive Rock, The Progressive Rock Files and The Psychedelic Rock Files. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

Comes with a bonus CD of Progressive Rock, including music by: Rocket Scientists, Third Ending, Chinese Firedrill, Frameshift, Sylvan, Amaran's Plight, Invisigoth, Ghost Circus, Expedition Delta, Soul Secre, Jim Gilmour, Project Creation, Under The Sun.

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