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Virtual Apollo
by Scott Sullivan
with an introduction by Tom Hanks

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With this book, for the first time the public can become acquainted with the Apollo spacecraft in detail and learn the story of its design and construction. Full color drawings in exacting detail provide inside and out views of the Command and Service Modules complete with details of construction and fabrication.The Apollo spacecraft is the most intricate and exacting machine ever built, and it had to be as near to perfect as it could be made, every time. With over 3 million components, a performance record of 99.9% would still leave 3,000 parts that could fail -- any one of which might result in the deaths of the crew. With the exception of Apollo 13, the spacecraft lived up to expectations on every lunar mission, and even Apollo 13, after a major explosion, managed to circle the Moon and bring its crew home safely. Virtual Apollo is a book long overdue; the care and completeness with which it has been created speak for themselves. Thanks to the dedication and hard work that have gone into this book, we can now truly appreciate the magnificent machine that was the Apollo spacecraft and marvel at the achievements of the many thousands of engineers and technicians who stayed on Earth but were on the mission every step of the way.

ISBN 1-896522-94-7
Paperback - 7" x 10" 128 pages in colour
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"An impressive display of down-to-the-washer draftsmanship." Air & Space Magazine Jul '03

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