Space Trivia
ISBN 9781896522982

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Space Trivia
by: Bill Pogue

Listen to The Space Show interview with Bill.

What city turned its lights on and off to signal an astronaut? Which astronaut was born in China? Who got the first haircut in space? Which Shuttle never made it into orbit? According to their psychologist, what one thing did the first seven astronauts fear? "Trivia" spans the period from the Mercury project of the early 1960s right up to the current Shuttle/Space Station era. Curious and surprising, obvious and obscure facts provide the basis for Space Trivia. Have fun with this book of 800-questions (and answers). Comprehensive Index. Colonel William R. Pogue flew a combat tour in Korea, performed as slot pilot with the USAF Thunderbirds aerobatic team, and was a test pilot with the RAF and USAF before joining NASA as an astronaut in 1966. After serving on the support crews for Apollos 7, 11 and 14, Bill was assigned to fly as Pilot on the third and final visit to the Skylab space station (1973-74). Bill and his crewmates set eight space records in distance and duration categories during their 84-day flight. From 1984 to 1998 Bill provided contract technical support to the Boeing Company, working on Space Station Freedom and the International Space Station program.


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