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Psychedelic Rock Files

By Jerry Lucky
The psychedelic sixties was all about experimenting... the clothes...the lifestyles...the attitudes...and most certainly the music. The sixties changed the way we heard and saw everything in the world. The Psychedelic Rock Files is a look back at the trippy sixties and explores in detail how psychedelic rock music came into being and the impact it’s had on future generations. The book also establishes a workable definition for the psychedelic genre. No easy task given the wide spectrum of influence on the posters, the lightshows and the changing face of music venues. Also included is a comprehensive A-Z listing of over 700 psychedelic bands and artists each with a mini biography and selective discography. The Psychedelic Rock Files is the second in a series of handy reference volumes designed to aid both the novice and the more accomplished record collector in discovering new and exciting musical finds. Jerry Lucky is a broadcaster, music historian and author of The Progressive Rock Files with a passion for adventurous music. He resides in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with his family and an even more expanded and ever growing collection of progressive rock and psychedelic albums and CDs.

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