The Progressive Rock Files
ISBN 9781896522708

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$26.95 American
£17.95 UK
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The Progressive Rock Files
NEW EDITION! Features hundreds of new bands and listings!
by Jerry Lucky
If you’ve ever listened to bands like Yes or Genesis and liked what you heard...
If you’ve ever felt you had to hide your purchase of the latest Emerson Lake & Palmer CD...

If you’ve ever wondered how many other progressive rock bands are out there....The Progressive Rock Files is the book you’ve been looking for!

After years of research, musicologist and radio personality Jerry Lucky has created a definitive guide to Progressive Rock music. Everything from the history and the critical thrashing, to the complex development this musical genre has gone through from it’s beginnings in 1967 to the present day.

Included are definitions of virtually all popular musical styles and for the first time a definition of what Progressive Rock actually is...and it’s probably not what you think.

Also included is a comprehensive A-Z listing of over 1400 Progressive Rock bands each with a brief musical description and record discography to aid in your discovery of this challenging and adventurous musical art-form.

Jerry Lucky is a broadcaster and music historian with a love of Progressive Rock music. He has authored articles on such diverse interests as music, marketing and drag racing. His work on The Progressive Rock Files began in 1983 while hosting a Prog radio show called Exposure. He currently resides in Victoria, BC with his family and an ever growing collection of Progressive Rock albums and CDs.

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