The Making of the Cure's Disintegration
ISBN 9781896522241

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The Cure's Disintegration
by Dave Thompson

The Making Of Disintegration - As The Cure prepared to release their latest album in the summer of 1989, the English group was still a well kept secret, intimately known to it’s legion of fans, but to the rest of the world, a mystery. And then came Disintegration, the record which blew that secret wide open, and set The Cure on course to become what they are today, one of the biggest bands in the world.

Peppered with quotes from band members Robert Smith and Simon Gallup, The Making Of Disintegration takes the reader inside the world of The Cure, as they pieced together some of their best loved songs and videos, Love Song, Fascination Street, and the eerie Lullaby. An exhaustive collector’s guide documents rarities from around the world, and there is also an exclusive interview with The Cure themselves, conducted during recording sessions for their album ,
Wild Mood Swings.

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