The Making of Soundgarden's Superunknown
ISBN 1896522335

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Soundgarden's Superunknown
by Mary Elizabeth Hargrove

The Making Of Soundgarden's Superunknown In The Spring of 1994 it debuted on the Billboard charts at #1. It outsold Nirvana, Candlebox, and even the Rolling Stones. Superunknown’s fifteen pristine tracks travelled almost every musical road from Pop to Psychedelia.

It was controversial, as listeners and reviewers tried to decode the intricate musical messages of each song.

It’s name was appropriate, for such is the nature of the Superunknown.


The Making Of Superunknown follows the odd journey of an unusual, and perhaps epic, band called Soundgarden, as they created what might be one of the most important rock albums in history. From Heart’s Bad Animals Studios to the haunted corridors of Jimi Hendrix’ Electric Lady Studios, they pursued their own personal odyssey in the search for new musical territory. On tour with Neil Young, or headlining their own shows around the world, they shattered sound barriers and public opinion as, with love and pain, they birthed Superunknown. The summit of their achievement, the album Soundgarden have been striving for since the beginning of their careers, it has changed the sound of rock music forever.

"....worthily studious....:" Britain's Q Magazine

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