The Making of Pretty Hate Machine & the Downward Spiral
ISBN 1896522319

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Pretty Hate Machine & The Downward Spiral
by Alan Cross

The house was a nightmare. Stephen Parent had been shot in his Rambler near the front gate. Coffee heiress Abigail Folger had finally died of her stab wound out on the lawn. A short distance away Voytek Frykowski was found, shot twice, beaten over the head thirteen times and stabbed fifty-one times. In the living room, the corpses of actress Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring were discovered, joined at the necks with a long white nylon rope draped over the rafters. And on the front door, in big letters, printed in Sharon’s own blood was the word "PIG". It was the work of the Manson Family.

So what was a nice kid from Mercer , PA. doing in a place like this? Recording an album. This is the story of Le Pig, Trent Reznor’s temporary home and the birthplace of The Downward Spiral, the ground breaking industrial album that solidified Trent Reznor’s reputation as one of the most creative and important musicians in the world today. It’s also the story of how a quiet kid from Pennsylvania saw his career evolve from a keyboard salesman to an alt-rock superstar.

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