Space Toys of the 60s ISBN 9781896522378

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Space Toys Of The 60's

A Collector's Guide to Major Matt Mason, Mighty Zeroids and Colorforms Aliens.
Over 160 full color pages with hundreds of color photographs
SPACE TOYS OF THE 60’s is the space toy collector’s dream come true. Veteran collector and author James Gillam takes us through the entire story from its beginnings in the mid-60’s.

Complete with product catalogs, collector’s reminiscences, prototypes, company histories,all the toy details imaginable, and much, much more - if you’re a space toy collector, you’re going to love this book.

Mattel’s Major Matt Mason - All of the Man In Space figures, vehicles and buildings with complete descriptions, details of constructions and instruction sheets.

Ideal’s Mighty Zeroid Robots and STAR TEAM toys- The most imaginative and popular robots of their time described in meticulous detail including the many accessories and packaging variations.

Colorforms Outer Space Men - The often imitated roots of the fantasy space toy industry.

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