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Sigma 7
The NASA Mission Reports
By: Robert Godwin

Sigma 7 - The NASA Mission Reports comes with a bonus Windows CDROM

Featuring NASA movies and images and an exclusive interview with Sigma 7 pilot Walter M. Schirra!
At 7:15 a.m. on October 3, 1962, Project Mercury Astronaut Walter M. Schirra, Jr., in his Sigma 7 spacecraft, was launched into space and orbited the Earth six times, completing another step in the grand U.S. program to send a man to the Moon and then return him safely to the Earth.

Now for the first time commercially available read the details of America's first long duration space voyage. The book includes the overall details of the Mercury Atlas 8 mission, the overall Mercury gameplan, the surface to air transcripts and an exclusive interview with the pilot, Wally Schirra.

"Wally Schirra's Mercury mission -- the original 'textbook flight' -- is one of those episodes in space history that deserves to be told well.  This book answers that need with the most detailed account of Sigma 7 available."
Andrew Chaikin, author of "A Man on the Moon."

"Recommended as part of a complete series . . ." . . . CHOICE Mar '02

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