Hubble Space Telescope
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Hubble - Space Telescope
Pocket Space Guide #7
by Steve Whitfield

Hubble’s“Job Description” has been listed as:

  Explore the solar system.

  Measure the age and size of the universe.

  Search for our cosmic roots.

  Chart the evolution of the universe.

  Unlock the mysteries of galaxies, stars, planets, and life itself.

From its unique vantage point 600 kilometers above the surface of the Earth, the Hubble Space Telescope looks out into space to capture dazzling images from distant stars which would be impossible to obtain from the ground.  The Hubble Space Telecope is mankind's eyes on the universe.

The dazzling vistas that the Hubble Space Telescope has recorded since its launch in 1990 are presented, along with the explanations of what exactly Hubble has seen during it's years in orbit. It tells the complete Hubble story - from the program's shaky start to the extraordinary success that followed, inspiring bigger and better successors in the years to follow. Line drawings of its hardware offer a supplementary understanding of Hubble's technological development.

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