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Project Apollo: Exploring The Moon
Pocket Space Guide #6
by Robert Godwin

This complex framework of technology is so thoroughly compounded it is all but impossible to isolate one event without accounting for innumerable others. Space travel would not have been possible without the endless chain of contributors dating back to the beginning of history, but there are clearly defined moments in the record when someone, or something, intervenes and provides the impetus to propel us to unforeseen heights. Such was the case with America’s Apollo program.

As has been outlined in this book’s companion volume (Project Apollo – The Test Program) the moon landings of the 1960’s and 70’s would not have been possible without an improbable chain of events culminating in the exhortation of a young President, calling his nation to greatness. Long after many of the 20th century’s great litany of achievements are forgotten, people will remember Tranquillity Base and they will recall the names of the heroes who risked their lives to make their species the first in four billion years to venture into the cosmos. In a very, very long list of human achievements, Apollo is extraordinary.

Facts and images for Apollo missions 12 through 17 are covered in this concise guide to the program's essentials—mission objectives, dates, flight plans, astronauts, space suits, and vehicles—for collectors, educators, space enthusiasts, and those just discovering the history of the space program

"Not only is this Pocket Guide jammed with information, it's also got a great collection of Apollo photographs, beautifully reproduced. I'm really knocked out by the black and white ones Rob Godwin has colorized, like the panorama of Dave Scott working at the rover on the slopes of Hadley Delta peak. No Apollo fan should miss this book!"
-- Andrew Chaikin, author of "A Man on the Moon"

"Attractive and well produced."

"Makes a great refresher, a handy reference or a possible hook for an eager young mind." Universe Today


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