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New Moon Rising
The Making of America's new Space Vision by Frank Sietzen Jr. and Keith Cowing

Listen to The Space Show interview with Frank and Keith.

From the Team that Broke the Story
with a special foreword by Homer Hickam

New Moon Rising comes with a DVD-Video disc featuring President Bush's Space Initiative speech at NASA HQ, Vice President Cheney's visit to JPL, NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe's press conference in January 2004 and all of the latest animations from NASA showing some of the proposed ideas for the future exploration of the Solar System.

This summer Apogee Books will publish an exclusive look at the inside deliberations that led to President George W. Bush's space exploration initiative.

"New Moon Rising: The Making of America's new Space Vision and the Remaking of NASA" will be written by veteran space writer Frank Sietzen, Jr. and NASA insider Keith L. Cowing.

The team has been granted unprecedented access to senior policy makers as the plan was assembled during 2003 and 2004. Sietzen and Cowing will give exclusive details on the meetings between President George Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney, and senior members of the White House staff as the planning process began.

In addition Sietzen and Cowing will examine how policy was translated from paper into hardware designs including the first outline of the plan's new space vehicle and how the inspiration behind the architecture once used in the Apollo program was summoned back to guide 21st century space planners.

Sietzen and Cowing will describe how the Columbia accident and the political outcry for a new central goal for the U.S. space program gave rise to what would become the most far reaching change in U.S. space policy in a generation.

Readers will have the most comprehensive look available on what this new space vision will do for human exploration of the Solar System-and how nearly everything NASA does will change as a result.

New Moon Rising: The Making of America's new Space Vision and the Remaking of NASA, by Frank Sietzen, Jr. and Keith L. Cowing, to be published June 2004. The team broke the story on the space plan in the pages of the Washington Times and in the United Press International wire service. Portions of the book were serialized in the Times in a multi-part background article called "Why Some Said the Moon: The Exclusive Inside Story of the Bush Space Vision" published in January, 2004.


"It makes a very nice contribution to the history of space policy." Dr Paul Spudis

"Provides an excellent overall tapestry of the different forces presently shaping America's civil space program."

"The definitive account (of the new space vision)" Washington Post

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