The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Motorhead ISBN 0969573626
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The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Motorhead

by Alan Burridge & Mick Stevenson

The Illustrated Collector’s Guide To Motorhead is an essential guide and companion for all collectors of Motorhead. The book features:A comprehensive illustrated discography of Motorhead LP’s, EP’s, singles and CD’s from around the world. Biographical information tracing the band’s early days through to the present.

Reproductions of rare concert posters, backstage passes and other memorabilia.A section on Motorhead in print which includes all of their fanzines, biographies and concert tour books.

A Motorhead ‘Family Tree’ which cross-reference to the band’s recordings.A discography of the various band members occasional solo releases and cameo appearances on other artists recordings.

A ‘Motorhead Diary’ featuring the band’s tours, TV and radio appearances and many other interesting facts. A ‘Complete As Possible’ listing of worldwide catalogue numbers of Motorhead album and single releases.

A complete listing of every recorded Motorhead song which is cross-referenced to the appropriate albums on which they are or were available, along with a guide to the key Motorhead recordings which the new fan should base their collection. "...a fine job of distilling their gritty powerful rock...(with)a splendid softcover book...." -The Island Ear

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