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The Making Of U2's The Joshua Tree
by Dave Thompson

The Making Of U2's The Joshua Tree is the first in depth examination of U2’s epochal fifth album, the record which catapulted the Irish band to the apex of the stadium rock world. Accompanied by three stunning singles, With Or Without You, Where The Streets Have No Name, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, each with it’s own memorable video. The Joshua Tree was an instant number one album on both sides of the Atlantic. It spawned two chart-topping singles and is still U2’s biggest selling record almost a decade later.

This exclusive book documents the recording of the album itself, a process born of both triumph and tragedy. A detailed track by track breakdown is illuminated with quotes from the group members, while a look into the world of record company promos unearths some of the rarest U2 records of all. Finally, a detailed study of the group’s 1987 world tour uncovers some of the finest in-concert recordings available of the tracks from this truly seminal album.

"....a successful analysis....genuinely gripping....:" Britain's Q Magazine

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