The Making Of Led Zeppelin IV

ISBN 9781894959902


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The Making Of Led Zeppelin IV (Updated Edition)

by Robert Godwin

The Making Of Led Zeppelin IV is a fascinating and detailed look at the creation of the fourth biggest rock album of all time compiled by Robert Godwin author of Led Zeppelin - The Press Reports.

Crammed into 72 pages is everything a Led Zeppelin fan would need to know about the conception of this masterpiece album, told by the musicians and engineers who produced it.

Learn the details of how "Stairway To Heaven" was created through interviews with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and how it came to be the most famous song in radio history.

Discover many unique new facts including the secrets of the mysterious symbols and cover artwork - a song by song analysis tracing the composing and performance history of each track-concert dates-press reviews-rare and promotional versions of the album-and see the legendary stairway with the unique acoustics that was responsible for the album's incomparable sound.

" excellent summary...supremely detailed....:" Britain's Q Magazine

" does an excellent job compiling and organizing all the information, quotes and data there is to be found on this particular album." Proximity Magazine


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