The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook
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The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook (Paperback)
by Robert Godwin

A Pictorial History of Lunar Vehicles by Robert Godwin - 224 pages full color with over 750 illustrations. The book comprises over 200 3D Wire-frame texture-mapped models of Lunar Vehicles. This includes over 80 Lunar Landers, 80 Rovers and Mobile Laboratories, and more than 50 Lunar Flying Vehicles designed between1938 and 1972.

Astronaut (Command Module Pilot - Apollo 12) Richard Gordon just about sums up the whole publication with his comment " This book should be on the desk of everyone working on the next lunar lander"

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In his latest book, The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook, noted editor and writer Robert Godwin, has distilled years of research into an unprecedented look at the many machines considered by the United States for lunar exploration.

“This book offers a fascinating visual history of an endeavour that challenged and occupied some of the finest minds of the 20th century.” ...Sir Arthur C. Clarke (BIS Lunar Committee and Author 2001 A Space Odyssey)

"I was both impressed and amazed clear through to the last page!"...Ron Miller (Bonestell Space Art)

"A marvelous example of research and detective work."...Frederick Ordway III (Manager Space Systems Information NASA/MSFC, 1960-1963)

“A comprehensive archive...Engineers planning to return astronauts to the Moon need look no further than the pages in this book for answers to their questions.”...Don Beattie (USGS Apollo Training Program and NASA Apollo Applications Program 1968)

"Very interesting. It is the most complete selection of lunar vehicles I have seen." ...Dr. Hermann Koelle (NASA/MSFC, Director - Future Projects Office, 1960-1965)

“It fills a notable gap in the literature and deserves a place in every scientific library. There is nothing else like it, splendid and carefully researched. Strongly recommended.” ...Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS (BBC Sky At Night)

"Rob, your 'Lunar Exploration Scrapbook' is a treasure for the serious student of space exploration and for historians following the twists and turns of creative designs for space vehicles. Thank you for all the effort." ...Edgar Mitchell

“A fascinating and fun book...the perfect gift.” ...Tom Hanks (Actor / Executive Producer - From The Earth to the Moon)

“Engineers planning to return astronauts to the Moon need look no further than the pages in this book for answers to their questions.” ...Don Beattie (USGS Apollo Training Program and Apollo Applications Program 1966)

"Very good... an important record.” ...Senator Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17 Lunar Module Pilot/Geologist)

"This book should be on the desk of everyone working on the next lunar lander. It is full of history and lessons learned." ...Captain Richard Gordon (Apollo 12 Command Module Pilot)

"A unique blend of history and imagination." ...News & Notes, NASA History Division Office of External Relations.

"A fascinating overview...A supremely well-illustrated and interesting book, Apogee has provided a public service." ...

" A fascinating record of the Space Age that never was." ...Sky & Telescope

"This is a flat out fun book...exceptional, extraordinary look at Moon machinery." ...Coalition for Space

"This is a wonderful book that you will want in your library." ...Space Times

"Copies of this book should be handed out to Moon mission planners." ...Astronotes

"A vibrant collection." ...Launch Magazine

"A fantastic collection...A tremendous undertaking... A must have." ...Quest magazine

"Definitely worth having in your collection." ...Spacebookspace

"A terrifically fun book." ...BoingBoing

"A book anybody interested in the future of civilization and mankind should buy." ...Spaceflight

"The only thing more fun than reading science fiction's past and present fantasies of Lunar exploration is to leaf through this collection."

"One of the more original books from this genre." ...Astronomy Magazine

"This scrapbook is great fun." ...Universe Today

An amazing collection...a rich resource indeed!" ...Out of the

"Beautiful...fascinating...a labor of love." ...National Space Society

"A comprehensive encyclopedia of all the moon missions that never flew...a fun book." ...Smithsonian Air & Space

"A virtual cornucopia of visual stimulation of lunar spacecraft and design...a perfect gift for the space nut in your life." ...Today in Space History

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