Irwin Toys The Canadian Star Wars Connection ISBN 9781896522388

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Irwin Toys The Canadian Star Wars Connection

120 full color pages with hundreds of color photographs

Irwin Toys The Canadian Star Wars Connection is the first book ever published on the subject of rare Canadian Star Wars toys.

Canadian expert collector James McCallum has assembled pictures and the history of some of Star Wars rarest toys. The book details uniquely Canadian Star Wars Toys. With more than a decade of experience in dealing with Canadian Star Wars toys, McCallum shares with us his extensive knowledge. And not just the details of the toys themselves but also how and why they came to be; their availability in the collecting world; and of course, their current market vales; and all done with full color pictures! Also included are historical statements from Mac Irwin the man in charge of Kenner Canada, the place where these uniquely Canadian Star Wars toys were produced.
This book is the ONLY book on this subject.
Over 120 pages and 230 color pictures!

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