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Interstellar Travel & Multi-Generational Spacecraft
by Yoji Kondo and the members of the AAS

This remarkable AAAS symposium represents the present best thinking of the best minds of this generation on what is arguably the single most urgent question facing our species. ("How shall we outlast our star?") Dr. Kondo and his associates combine impressive scientific and technical expertise with extraordinary prose skills to explain in clear simple terms why we must go to the stars, how we'll probably go about it, and some of the ways doing so may change us. It is of incalculable value to anyone interested in the future of the human race.
--Spider Robinson
author of CALLAHAN'S CON

Instead of blindly following popular preconceptions and biases about matters that we have not yet had the chance to test or verify, examined in this volume is our current state of knowledge, as well as our present state of ignorance, on subjects related to interstellar travel. The science and technology of the future that would be available for building interstellar space ships would indeed be quite different from those imagined from the perspectives of the early twenty-first century. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to start thinking what it will take to mount such an undertaking so that we can begin exploring various scientific and engineering possibilities now -- rather than wait endlessly for 'the right time' to come.

1. Contents 2. Dedication - The dedication to Sheffield and Bob Forward. 3. Preface - Preface by the Editors 4. Overview by Y. Kondo 5. "Fly Me to the Stars' by Sheffield 6. Acknowledgements 7. "the Ultimate Exploration.." by G. Landis 8. "Colonizing Other Worlds" by J. Haldeman 9. "Why we must go" by D. Beason 10. "Kin-based Crews.." by J. Moore 11. figure for article by Moore (in Powerpoint) 12. "Genetic Considerations..." by D. O'Rourke 13. Glossary for O'Rourke article. 14. "language Change..." by S. Thomason 15. "Looking for Life.." by F. Dyson 16. "Remembering Charles Sheffield " by Y. Kondo 17. "Reminiscences: Bob Forward" by Landis 18. Untitled Contribution by Bob Forward

“It is of incalculable value to anyone interested in the future of the human race.”
“Its an extraordinary book.” . . . Spider Robinson – author of CALLAHAN’S CON

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