Reference Guide to the International Space Station
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Reference Guide to the International Space Station
Cooperation In Orbit
By: Gary Kitmacher

The International Space Station is a unique exploit in international cooperation, an unparalleled technical and political achievement.  It is the latest step in humankind’s quest to explore and live in space. The results of research done on the ISS will enable us to improve life on Earth, and provide us with the knowledge and experience necessary before we can journey to other worlds.

As of mid-2006, the ISS has been continuously crewed for more than 5 years and is about 50 percent complete.  There are 16 station elements in orbit today, nine elements ready for launch at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and  another six elements in process at various international partner sites.  To date, there have been more than 50 flights to the ISS, including flights for assembly, crew rotation and logistical support.

The ISS is currently operating with a crew of three.  Its assembly will continue through the year 2010. and as it grows, its capabilities will increase, requiring a larger crew. Currently, 16 countries are involved designing, building, launching and manning the ISS.

This book is designed to provide a broad overview of the International Space Station’s complex configuration, design, and component systems.  As well, the sophisticated procedures required in the Station’s construction and operation are presented.

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