The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Led Zeppelin ISBN 9781896522420

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The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Led Zeppelin
by Robert Godwin

'...A monumental reference work that should be considered truly essential by any serious Zeppelin collector
...there's no denying that the guide becomes more impressive with each new release.'

The United States GOLDMINE magazine.

Since it's inception in 1984 The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Led Zeppelin has been
unanimously praised by music critics and collectors alike.
The book has been constantly in print for over a dozen years and has been responsible for unearthing many lost facts.

Robert Godwin has finished the sixth edition of his unique guide. This book includes everything released in the last two years with over six hundred new titles from around the world and many new and interesting facts revealed for the first time in print. It also features a twenty five year tribute to bootleg Led Zeppelin cover art with 32 pages in color featuring over 1200 bootleg album covers.

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