Go For Launch
ISBN 9781894959438

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Go For Launch
An Illustrated History of Cape Canaveral
By: Joel Powell with Art Lebrun

From the first Bumper V-2 launch in 1950 to the Atlas V vehicles of today, more than 55 years of Cape Canaveral history is captured in this exhaustive collection of photographs celebrating the development and evolution of one of space exploration's most famous and significant facilities. Detailed maps and historical aerial photographs reveal the famous launch complexes and basic infrastructure of this storied base station, while missile and rocket tests are featured in never-before-seen images with descriptive captions. The bustling daily activity of thousands of employees at the Cape is captured on film, providing a behind-the-scenes look at rocket launches. Information on the current generation of space launch vehicles, trivia on various rockets and satellites that have flown out of Cape Canaveral, and amusing anecdotes are also included.


Paperback - 7” x 10” 320 pages, 728 photos, 64 pages of color



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