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Friendship 7
The NASA Mission Reports
By: Robert Godwin

Comes with a bonus Windows CDROM featuring a 57 minute NASA movie.

February 20th 1962 - After weeks of delays the fledgling National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States Of America sent a man into orbit around the Earth. From that day to the present, the name of John Glenn became synonymous with the hazardous new occupation of Astronaut.
The likeable Ohio family man with his cool determination, professional nature and calm resolve, would define a standard by which all of his successors would be measured.
Friendship 7 - The NASA Mission Reports takes a look at the first flight of John Glenn through the eyes of the people who made his trip possible. It also includes Glenn's own first-hand recollections of his journey as he reported them on his return.
In the days before Press Kits, NASA issued news releases to the media, and so reproduced here in its entirety is the rare official News Release for January 21st 1962. Also included is a transcript of the entire ground-to-spacecraft communications, as well as dozens of diagrams and photographs of the Mercury - Atlas space vehicle.
Friendship 7 - The NASA Mission Reports is taken directly from the NASA archives. It gives an unprecedented insight into the man, the team that supported him and the true nature of what it meant to have the "Right Stuff".

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