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Freedom 7
The NASA Mission Reports
By: Robert Godwin

Project Mercury, America's first manned space flight program, was orchestrated by NASA's Space Task Group and included suborbital and then orbital flights using the Redstone and Atlas boosters. The period from NASA's inception in late 1958 until Shepard's flight in the spring of 1961 was a time of concentrated activity, much of it breaking new ground, both technologically and medically. From concept to concrete results in a mere two and a half years - a truly remarkable achievement.
Alan Shepard was chosen from the "Mercury Seven" - the seven original astronauts selected from all applicants - to fly Freedom 7 into history. The professionalism and apparent confidence with which he performed made him anearly astronaut role model.
Freedom 7 - The NASA Mission Reports gathers together in one place the rare documents and drawings of the Mercury-Redstone 3 mission - the flight of Freedom 7. Presented herein are transcripts and documents from the NASA archives, from a time before the assimilation and reporting of mission data was a developed process.
INCLUDES: CD-ROM Featuring: The NASA video documentary Freedom 7, video from the Freedom 7 earth-sky camera, video of the Freedom 7 instrument panel, videos of post-flight press activities, and more.

Freedom 7 - The NASA Mission Reports comes with a bonus Windows CDROM featuring NASA movies, hundreds of images and more!
"I cannot recommend this book and the series highly enough." . . . Spaceflight - British Interplanetary Society - Jan '02
"Recommended as part of a complete series . . ." . . . CHOICE Mar '02

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