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Kids to Space: Mission Plans An Educator's Guide
by Lonnie Jones Schorer and Barbara Sprungman David
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Science museums are successfully demonstrating that a critical key to remembering and understanding is involving children in scientific and mathematical concepts via hands-on, problem-solving activities. Education is no longer just memorizing facts. It's about processing information and understanding concepts. How do we turn kids' questions into educational hands and minds-on activities suitable for the classroom? And via these activities, how do we as parents and educators connect the present to a highly competitive global future?

For use in the classroom or for home study, Kids to Space Mission Plans: An Educator's Guide is an inspirational source for all who believe that imagination and dreams lead to new realities! In leading students into the future, educators have the opportunity to encourage and help students aim high and make the link between imagination and possibility.

Educators are fully tasked, with little time to search for and review activities that support classroom studies. Spiral-bound for ease in copying plans, the Guide gathers science and math, language arts and technology plans into one volume. The plans are not just about space. They are about engaging students and giving an overview. They are about integrating studies of Earth with an introductory understanding of space.

Divided into three units of study: Planning to Go to Space, Visiting and Living in Space, and Exploring Space, the Mission (lesson) Plans in this Guide correspond to the 94 chapters in the book Kids to Space: A Space Traveler's Guide (Apogee Books, May 2006), a book generated by 18,000 student questions and 83 experts' answers about space. Some of the Guide's lesson plans are original. Some are 'the best of'. All are aligned with five National Education Standards for grades 5 - 8. Standards are listed with each Mission Plan. A matrix included in the Guide leads educators to the Mission Plans where each standard is addressed.

Who Are The Contributors? As an educators' reference, paragraphs about each of the Guide's contributing educational organizations and individuals include the contributors' websites and information about what they offer to educators.

Tucked into a pocket in the back of the guide, an accompanying CD-ROM is loaded with articles, information, resources, videos and even more lesson plans in support of each chapter.

Kids to Space Mission Plans: An Educator's Guide may be used alone, but using it with Kids to Space: A Space Traveler's Guide provides teachers and students with a unified resource.


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Kids To Space A Space Traveler's Guide


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