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Edison's Conquest of Mars
by Garrett P. Serviss with Introduction by Robert Godwin

       In 1897 H.G. Wells created one of the greatest science fiction masterpieces ever written-The War Of The Worlds. The story was serialized in newspapers across America and proved to be so popular that the Hearst newspaper group commissioned a sequel, to be written by their own science editor - Garrett Putnam Serviss. This sequel appeared in February of 1898 and quickly entered into the annals of science fiction history. It is one of the rarest and possibly one of the most important stories ever to appear in the genre. Serviss procured the cooperation of the famous inventor Thomas Edison and wove a totally distinct and astonishing tale of humans invading Mars. Whereas Wells had composed a story of human suffering, Serviss invented the space techno-thriller. This book contains the first space battle to ever appear in print. It is the first alien abduction story. The birthplace of the hand-held phaser-gun. It has asteroid mining and the first truly functional spacesuits. It is a cornucopia of technical ingenuity. The hero of the story is Edison himself. This is the first time this story has appeared, complete and unabridged with the original illustrations since the winter of 1898. First appearance ever outside the USA. The book that inspired Robert Goddard! Comes with a 13-page essay by editor Robert Godwin and original cover art by Tom Miller.

"What a treat! Garrett P. Serviss's _Edison's Conquest
of Mars_ is a wonderful romp that should appeal to
fans of Wells, fans of Mars, and fans of fast-paced
action-adventure storytelling. Apogee Books has done
a great service bringing this forgotten gem back into
print -- let us hope it's only the first of many
science-fiction rediscoveries to be reissued by the
master chroniclers of the space age."

-- Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of

Review by John Kelly Florida Today:

"Edison's Conquest of Mars." This is a very short novel, written more than a century ago by Garrett P. Serviss, that was billed as a sequel to H.G. Wells "The War of the Worlds." It's a unique story of the turn-around of Wells' account, a human invasion of the red planet.

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