Columbia Accident Report
Volume 1 + Supplemental Materials
ISBN 9781894959063

$33.95 Canadian
$25.95 American
£19.95 UK

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Columbia Accident Report
Volume 1 + Supplemental Materials
by Robert Godwin

Columbia Accident Report comes with a bonus Windows CDROM
featuring NASA movies, plus over 700 pages of additional material!
This Book includes all of the details of the Gehman Report on the Space Shuttle Columbia's final flight. It also includes the Administrator’s first press conference after the report was released.
This reproduction of the official accident report comes with many pages of additional documentation about the
flight of STS-107, including the original Press Kit, the official NASA response to the Gehman Report and NASA's
plan for implementing a return to flight. The book is bound and color throughout and the suggested RSP is $25.95 (US).

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