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Beatles Undercover
by Kris Engelhardt

"Kris Engelhardt knows more about us than we do!"
Levon Helm (The Band)

"This history of The Beatles’ musical contribution to other artists’ recordings is my guidebook for the All-Starr Band Concept."
David Fishof (producer for Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band Tours)

"Kris’ book shows that a less publicized part of The Beatles’ greatness was their ability to influence and inspire (and assist) other artists with their professional careers."
Tony Sheridan

"I love Kris’ book so much it makes me want to come back in the next life as one of the surfing Beatles."
Bruce Johnston (The Beach Boys)

"This book stands alone as the last word on The Beatles’ work for other artists. The research and attention to detail are astounding."
Roy Cicala (John Lennon’s recording engineer)



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