Black Diamond 2
The Collector's Guide To KISS
ISBN 9781896522364

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Black Diamond 2
The Collector's Guide To KISS
by Dale Sherman

You know the stories, now look at the evidence.....After disclosing the true history of KISS in BLACK DIAMOND: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF KISS, Dale Sherman presents the evidence that made the band famous, their music and their visual extravaganzas. Complete discographies for the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia are featured, with extensive details for each listing.

Also included are - Reviews of more than 160 bootleg albumsand a cross-referencing to a comprehensive list of KISS concerts that havebeen recorded on video and audio over the years. Detailed recording historiesfor each former and present member of KISS. An insightful look at the rip-offs,parodies and tributes to KISS. A videography of important television appearancesplus a listing of the numerous video-cassettes that have featured KISS.A detailed listing of KISS in print including books and comics. Packedwith more than 300 photos, BLACK DIAMOND 2 is the one reference guide KISS fans won’t want to be without....

"(Dale Sherman’s) diligence and attention to detailis remarkable, making BLACK DIAMOND the bible for the KISS army."Ken Sharp THE ROCK REPORT

"...the committed will lap it up..." RECORD COLLECTOR

"I do believe this is the best KISS book I have everread." KISS NEWS NETWORK

"In my opinion, this book is a straight forward, no holds barred, factual presentation of KISS." SHOCK ME

Dale Sherman, an Ohio-native, has been writing about KISSsince early 1984 when he helped co-create the short lived, but much soughtafter, KISS fan-magazine Strange Ways (once listed by Gene Simmons as hisfavourite fanzine about the band.) Dale has written articles about KISSfor other fanzines and his own KISS Forum as well, besides writing articleson other topics in and outside of the music industry. Dale currently livesin Columbus, Ohio with his wife Jill and their three cats.


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