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Apollo 11 Vol 2
The Nasa Mission Reports
by Robert Godwin

Apollo 11 - The NASA Mission Reports comes with a bonus CDROM
Since the historic flight of Apollo 11 space historians and enthusiasts around the world have wondered what it was like to be aboard Eagle and Columbia. Apollo 11 - The NASA Mission Reports Volume 2 features reports declassified especially for this book, reports which have finally been released to the public. After the initial flurry of Press activity in 1969, the crew of Apollo 11 returned to their lives and interviews became less and less frequent. Journalists the world over followed Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins and tried to squeeze every last piece of information from them about their adventure but, as is often the case, some stories had to be withheld. Now Apogee Books is proud to announce the first ever publication which will take you inside Apollo 11 as it journeyed to the moon, as told by the men who made the trip. This is the real story, nothing held back, taken from transcripts on July 31st 1969. It is often technical, it is sometimes surprising and amusing — but it is always educational and inspiring. This is the story of three men who travelled into the unknown, relying on each other and the hard work of the people back on Earth. Three men who pushed the envelope to a new limit. Taken from the crew’s own words Apollo 11 - The NASA Mission Reports Volume 2 will be informing people for generations.
  Also included in this historic package is a CD-ROM which features almost two and a half hours of video of the complete unedited moonwalk and a unique and exclusive hi-resolution Quicktime panorama of Tranquillity Base never seen before. And as a special bonus an hour-long exclusive video interview with Dr Buzz Aldrin.

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