Return to Snake River
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Return To Snake River
by Scott Truax

A sequel to Robert Truax's book American Rocketman.

Every father wants his son to follow in his footsteps. If nothing else, they want them to have big dreams and big ambitions. Of course the danger is that every son can become intimidated by a wildly successful father. Few would argue that building rockets is a big, but dangerous dream. Dynasties in rocketry are few.

By the 1970s Robert Truax already had decades of experience in the business of rocketry. It was at that time that he was approached by Evel Knievel, the most famous stuntman in the world, to build a rocket to carry him across one of the great canyons that pepper the landscape of the American West. Truax accepted the commission, which in 1974 led to one of the most captivating and high profile stunts to ever be televised. Unfortunately for all concerned, a problem developed and Knievel came perilously close to an abrupt end to his career. There were some who blamed Truax's design and it would take more than four decades to prove the critics wrong.

In 2016 Scott Truax constructed a replica of his father's rocket and sent, Eddie Braun, Hollywood's top stuntman, successfully across the Snake River Canyon.

In "The Return to Snake River" second generation rocketeer, Scott Truax takes the reader through his forty year crusade to exonerate his father. Told in the same engaging manner as his father's autobiography "American Rocketman", it is a story of sheer determination in which Scott Truax proves his bona fides as a member of American rocket royalty.

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