Settling Space
ISBN 9781989044162

398 pgs, Colour, 8.5 x 11

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Settling Space & Developing Space
by John Strickland with Sam Spencer

From John Strickland, a 40 year veteran space advocate and a Director with the National Space Society, with collaboration from Sam Spencer, a leading industrial development expert (a Process Development Expert at TechnipFMC ), who has been involved in asteroid mining and several innovative multi-billion dollar mega-projects, and Anna Nesterova, a talented digital artist, comes a detailed and practical account of how the future of mankind in space can evolve in the short term, and where it can aspire to in the long term.

Settling Space, the second book in a series (with Developing Space) has been specifically written (taking into account the actual physical and chemical characteristics of the asteroids, the moon, Mars and the galaxy) to construct an example of a realistic, holistic and accessible space development agenda for humanity’s initial expansion from Earth onto other worlds.

In Settling Space, the authors clearly and absolutely define what humanity needs to do to become a multi-planet, and eventually multi-system, species. This book includes sections on how humans can operate in the solar system, the settlement of Mars, asteroids as both a threat and a resource, building rotating settlements in space, terraforming Mars and other planets, realistic fusion-powered starships and future expeditions to terraform and settle exoplanets.

"John Strickland‘s two volume work on Space Development is monumental." – Peter Garretson – Co-Author: Scramble for the Skies

"Strickland’s genius is his gift for the nitty-gritty details." – Howard Bloom – Acclaimed Author of The Lucifer Principle

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