Apollo OVER the Moon in Perspective
ISBN 9781989044131


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Apollo OVER the Moon in Perspective
Created by Dr. Ronald A. Wells

In a sequel to his book "Apollo on the Moon in Perspective", author Ron Wells now brings a totally unique look at the moon as seen through the J-Mission photography from the Apollo program. Using cutting edge photogrammetry techniques he has created hundreds of views of some of the most distinctive features of the moon seen from angles never before possible. This book also includes a multitude of 3D anaglyphs created painstakingly by the author including features from the lunar far side.

Also included in this glossy book is a DVD which includes flybys over many of the lunar features derived from the 3D models and a brand new unique movie narrated by Dr Harrison Schmitt of Apollo 17 describing his flight over the Taurus Littrow valley where he would spend three days as the only scientist to walk on the moon.

"I wish everyone could see this book, it might help spark renewed interest in returning to the moon." - Dr Michael D. Griffin, previously NASA administrator.

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